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EDI Webminar: Opportunity for Big Data Innovators and Entrepreneurs


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Opportunity for Big Data Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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EDI Webminar: Opportunity for Big Data Innovators and Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. v Opportunity for Big Data Innovators and Entrepreneurs Dr. Diego López-de-Ipiña González-de-Artaza Project Coordinator – University of Deusto/DeustoTech @edincubator
  2. 2. 2 Project Fiche 1st January 2018 – 30th June 2021 7,721,340.00 (cost) – 7,142,856.76(EU contribution) 20 partners from 10 countries
  3. 3. 3 EDI infography
  4. 4. 4 Context • Big Data has been identified as one of the main trends in technology for the past years • Big Data has the potential to transform businesses and industries and to unlock tremendous value – Look at Amazon or Google success • EU data economy value will increase to EUR 643 billion by 2020, representing 3.17% of the overall EU GDP – DO YOU WANT TO BE AN ACTIVE AGENT IN EUROPEAN BIG DATA ECOSYSTEM?
  5. 5. 5 Why is EDI made for you? • We are looking for Big Data innovators and entrepreneurs to solve real industry challenges provided by various EU corporates and data providers across a wide range of sectors, or to develop independent data solutions utilizing the available datasets – Energy & Environment – Cross Sector – Internet & Media – Smart Cities – Retail – Industry 4.0
  6. 6. 6 What do we offer to Big Data Innovators & Entrepreneurs?
  7. 7. 7 Partners No. Participant organisation Name Short name Country 1 (CO) University of Deusto DEUSTO Spain 2 Zabala Innovation Consulting S.A. ZABALA Spain 3 F6S Network Limited F6S UK 4 Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spA ENG Italy 5 Etventure Startup Hub GmbH ESH Germany 6 MigrosTicaret A.S MIGROS Turkey 7 Jot Internet Media España SL JOT Spain 8 Automobil Club Assistencia S.A. RACC Spain 9 Virtual Power Solutions SA VPS Portugal 10 Sonae Center Serviços II, S.A. SONAE Portugal 11 Yapı Kredi Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi YKT Turkey 12 Agencia EFE, S.A. EFE Spain 13 UBIMET GmbH UBIMET Austria 14 Elektro Ljubljana Podjetje Zadistribucijo Elektricne Energije D.D. ELEK-LJ Slovenia 15 Volkswagen Navarra S.A. VW Spain 16 Via Verde Portugal, Sistemas Electrónicos de Cobrança S.A. VIAVERDE Portugal 17 De Vlaamse Radio en Televisieomroeporganisatie NV VRT Belgium 18 Energa Operator SA ENERGA Poland 19 Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla S.A. EMASESA Spain 20 Technical University of Berlin TUB Germany
  8. 8. 8 • Early involvement of 15 data providers (finance, retail, energy, transport & logistics, media & Internet ) as catalysers to promote sub-granted experiments solving proposed challenges – EDI foresees the inclusion of additional 10 different data providers from non-covered sectors in the 2nd and 3rd open calls • Start-ups/SMEs will count with a set of technical and business services offered by EDI incubator: – Dedicated coaches and mentors, a technical infrastructure with a set of tools ready to be used (Big Data analytics ), a different set of training modules on Big Data and personalized business development support EDI Highlights (I)
  9. 9. 9 EDI Highlights (II) • Each sub-grantee reaching the Experiment phase will have to meet a set of KPIs that will monitor the progress of the work and result in funding – Each start-up/ SME will be assigned one coach - either from eSH or from DEUSTO - who will have regular coaching sessions with the teams regarding their development – ENG and DEUSTO will be responsible to provide teams with a supporting technical environment and Big Data expertise to enable the Experimentation phase activities – Funding is not under a traditional administrative-justification system, but results-driven • €5M (70%) of the funds requested will be directly invested in the SMEs as equity free funding – Funds will be divided in two paths: a) domain specific challenges and b) the cross- domain challenges • The project will be active for 42 months, whilst open call winners will have 8 months to develop their projects through the EXPLORE (2 months), EXPERIMENTATION (4 months) and EVOLVE (2 months) phases
  10. 10. 10 EDI’s Open Call Funnel Approach Selection of winning start-ups will follow a funnel approach, helping the consortium to focus on the top projects along the incubation programme
  11. 11. 11 Incubation Process in 3 iterations The incubator will be based on a 4-phase process (repeated for three batches): Open Call > Explore > Experiment > Evolve
  12. 12. v Thanks a lot! This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779790