eCairn - Webinar 11-18-09


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These slides correspond to our November 18th Webinar.

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eCairn - Webinar 11-18-09

  1. 1. Mastering Communities and Social Influencers Marketing Laurent Pfertzel Co-Founder and COO eCairn 1 Presentation title in footer 1 July 2009
  2. 2. Agenda  Who is eCairn?  Social media: market opportunity?  How to identify and engage with key influencers?  How to understand conversation?  How to measure conversation?  5 take-away and next steps  Q&A
  3. 3. Speaker Co-founder and COO 20+ years in Management, Engineering and Marketing
  4. 4. About eCairn • Located in Los Gatos, CA, eCairn brings science to social media engagement with eCairn Conversation™ • On-demand collaborative solution to identify, understand and measure social communities
  5. 5. Introduction Social Media opportunity is expanding From marketing as selling to marketing as education Influence Relevance Targeting Nurture relationships Open Beyond Brand Monitoring to Attention Management Positioning From Shouting to Dialogue From your product and services to their needs Be where they are Added Value Less is More honest Relevant Content From passive to active From company-driven purchase decision to people driven.
  6. 6. 4 key steps to develop Attention Strategy? Find Communities Identify Influencers Understand Measure the Results Conversation Content Participation Integrated Plan *lithium technology tp://
  7. 7. Identify the influencers Unless you target relevant people, your can't allocate your resource for best ROI “x millions bloggers” “Find a few relevant ones” Search List Relevance Social Rank “Map the community” Top influencers Cross-reference Long Tail
  8. 8. Identify influencers  550 blogs on Cloud Computing  Highly connected community  35,000 conversations Network view List view
  9. 9. Understand the Conversation Unless you know what is discussed, you can't join the discussion “River of conversations” Brand B Topic B - What's HOT idea Filter - What's NEW Topic A - My Brand and Competitors insight - Relevant Topics for me idea idea Brand Z idea Understand People Text Analytics
  10. 10. Understand the Conversation Example: Cloud computing = 35,000 conversations overall 2,500 conversations on Security
  11. 11. Grow brand awareness Content Focus Marketing Brand + Recognition Buzz Relevance (Selective) + Referral Outreach (Selective) First-mover Advantage Private Web + Community Traffic Actionable Advertising
  12. 12. Measurement 3 key metrics 1. Share of Mind Share of mind is defined by the percentage of people that have talked about a brand vs the total number of people in the target community. 2. Share of Voice Share of voice is defined by the number of mentions of the Amazon brand in conversations taking place in the Cloud Computing community . 3. Share of Conversation The degree to which a brand is associated with the problem or need that it is setting out to help with Measure your attention level from Influencers and within relevant Conversations
  13. 13. Measure: Share of Mind Share of Mind 350 300 286 Track your brands 250 penetration # of influencers 200 161 150 100 Compare against your 50 16 50 32 competitors 12 0 Influencers (17 total) Magic Middle (55 total) Long tail (474 total) Amazon Microsoft  Find out who's talking the most about you.
  14. 14. Measure: Share of Voice  Understand your brand share of voice Compare with your competitors  Understand how it trends over time
  15. 15. Measure: Sentiment xyz Sentiment on HP 14 13% 24% 12 10 8 6 4 63% 2 0 May May Apr Apr Mar Aug Aug Aug Jul Jul Jun Jun Sep Sep Positive Neutral Negative + - • Financial results  Green • Products  Layoffs • Latest product campaign  Board director involvement in xyz • Company history
  16. 16. Measure: Share of Conversation  Understand your share and trend in selected conversations  Compare against your competitors
  17. 17. Take-aways 1. Now is the opportunity to invest in attention development 2. Focus on your core influencers 3. Understand what matters through their lens 4. Build trust through focused and relevant engagement and content 5. Measure and benchmark against your competition and focus on your core competences
  18. 18. Next Steps Order your Industry Influence Report Example: one brand, one community, one conversation topic: $1,500 Sample reports available: LendingClub in personal finance: Amazon in Cloud Computing: Lancome in Beauty/Cosmetics: Contact us at
  19. 19. Q&A Thank you for your attention. Any questions?