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Updated list of eCairn's List of Virtual Communities as of Jan '11.

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List of Virtual Communities

  1. 1. List of Social Virtual Communities As of 11/29/2010eCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  2. 2. Beauty/ Costmetics Real EstateHigh Tech Beer RunningAgile Beverages – all except wine SeniorsAjax Java and XML SW Dev Biking ShoeBPM Books SkiiingBusiness Intelligence Celebrities TeaCIO & IT strategist Chocolate and Candy TennisCloud Computing Cocktail ToysCMS/KM Coffee WeddingCRM/Call Center Craft WineeCommerce DaddiesEmerging Technology Creative-Type DadEnt. Resource Planning (ERP) Deco- Style (Home) MarketingEnterprise 2.0 Diet BloggingHigh Tech Expecting Mother eCommerceInformation Architecture Fashion – Bag EmailingInnovation Fashion- Overall Internet MarketingIT Ops/Outsourcing/BPO Fishing SEO/SEMJoomla Fitness Food – BBQ Social Media MarketingLinuxMobile Comp (Laptop, tablet) Food – Cheese Web AnalyticsNetworking Food – ChefOpen Source Food – OverallPerl SW Dev Food – Pizza B2BPersonal Electronics Food – Vegetarian/Vegan AccountingPython SW Development Football ArchitectureRich Internet Application Football (Soccer) EducationSales Performance Mgt Frugal EnergySecurity Gardening Human ResourceSoftware Dev – Ruby on Rails Geeks Law-EmploymenntStorage Generation X Law-GeneralSustainable/Green IT Golf Leadership-ManagementSW Dev General Guitar Make Money OnlineSW Development (Adobe) Health Sales ManagementSW Development (Microsoft) Home – Green Small BusinessSystem Admin Hunting SustainabilityTelecom Jewelry VC/EntrepreneurUnified Communication KnittingUX/UE LatinoVirtualization LuxuryWeb 2.0 Men – Fashion and Skincare B2CWireless/Mobile Microsoft Career Mommy Investing MotorbikeRetail Movie Personal Finance PokerBaby Boomers Movie Industry PoliticsAfrican American Music Real EstateApple Organic LivingAutomotive Outdoors TravelBaby Parenting Kids Yoga and MeditationBaking- Dessert Parenting TeenBaseball PerfumeBasketball PeteCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  3. 3. High TechAgile: 107 sources included. Scope: agile Cloud Computing: 404 sources 4. Emerging Tech | ZDNetdevelopment included. Scope: Cloud Computing, with 5. NextGenLog1. LeadingAgile some flavor of SaaS and SOA too2. NOOP.NL Ent. Resource Planning (ERP): 1. Data Center Knowledge: Data centers, 51 sources included. Scope: Enterprise3. Agile Development Made Easy | All design, power, cooling Resource Planning (but not CRM) About Agile Software De... 2. Software as Services | ZDNet4. LitheSpeeds LitheBlog: Exploring Lean 3. CloudAve 1. Irregular Enterprise | ZDNet and Agile 4. Rough Type: Nicholas Carrs Blog 2. Between the Lines | ZDNet5. Agile Development Blog: Scaling 5. All Things Distributed 3. A Software Insiders Point of View Software Agility 4. AccMan CMS/KM: 61 sources included. Scope: 5. The Enterprise System SpectatorAjax Java and XML SW Dev: 113 content management and knowledgesources included. Scope: software management in the context of the Enterprise 2.0: 199 sources includeddevelopment mostly around Ajax, Java and enterprise Scope: enterprise 2.0, social networkingXML and web2.0 in the enterprise. 1. Knowledge Jolt with Jack 1. Enterprise Web 2.0 | ZDNet1. Javalobby | The heart of the Java 2. CMS Watch evaluates WCM / CMS, Web 2. The FASTForward Blog: Enterprise 2.0 developer community Analytics, and Collabo... Blog: News, Coverage...2. Ajaxian 3. Green Chameleon 3. E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside3. developerWorks : IBMs resource for 4. Knowledge Jolt with Jack The Inbox by Luis ... developers and IT pro... 4. Portals and KM 5. Mathemagenic — Lilia Efimova on4. Arun Gupta, Miles to go ...: Arun Guptas personal productivity in ... 5. Library clips Weblog CRM/Call Center: 106 sources High Tech: 316 sources included.5. Kohsuke Kawaguchis blog | Scope: gaming, both consoles and games. included. Scope: Customer RelationshipBPM: 127 sources included. Scope: Management, including call centers and 1. Kotaku, the Gamer’s GuideBusiness Process Management and to customer service oriented blogs.some extent Business Process Outsourcing 2. Joystiq 1. PGreenblog 3. PlayStation Blog : The official PlayStation Blog for news...1. Column 2 : BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and 2. crm intelligence & strategy technology trends in b... 4. VG247 3. Beagle Research Group, LLC | CRM2. Jim Sinur — A member of the Gartner market analysis and insi... 5. - For Gamers. By Blog Network Gamers. * 4. Brian Vellmures CRM Strategies Blog3. On Collaborative Planning | Empowering 5. Mitch Lieberman – A title would limit my Information Architecture: 148 office workers to ... thoughts sources included. Scope: discuss and share4. BPMS Watch best practices, product reviews or5. Adam Deane eCommerce: 112 sources included. guidelines around the topic of information Scope: eCommerce, e-retailing; covering and enterprise architectureBusiness Intelligence: 201 sources technology and business.included. Scope: Business Intelligence, 1. Todd Biske: Outside the BoxData mining/warehousing and dashboard 1. Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog « Get 2. James Governors Monkchips » An Elastic Ecommerce Blog industry analyst blog loo...1. Visual Business Intelligence 2. Resources for Online Business Owners | 3. On IT-business alignment and related2. Chris Webbs BI Blog - Windows Live Practical eCommerce things3. Oracle Business Intelligence OBIEE 101 3. Welcome to E-Commerce Times 4. Column 2 : BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and4. BI Questions Blog 4. eCommerce, Marketing, SEO & Usability technology trends in b...5. Frank Buytendijk Blog Articles | eCommerc... 5. Application Platform Strategies Blog 5. FutureNows Marketing Conversion RateCIO & IT strategist: 100 sources Optimization Blog: ... Innovation: 107 sources includedincluded. Scope: CIO, IT strategist and Scope: innovation (across the board) butanalyst or about strategy management in Emerging Technology: 26 sources with a spin on technologythe context of IT included. Scope: future technology and 1. - Where ideas and trends people meet | Fast Company1. Enterprise Irregulars: Smart Thinking for 2. Change This - Were on a mission to the Smart Enter... 1. Technology Review: The Authority on the spread important idea...2. Future of Technology 3. Seths Blog3. AccMan 2. Popular Science | New Technology, Science News, The Futur... 4. Innovating To Win4. deal architect 3. 2020 Science — Providing a clear 5. Creative Think5. Software as Services | ZDNet perspective on developin...eCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  4. 4. IT Ops/Outsourcing/BPO: 125 1. Groklaw - Digging for Truth 3. Beagle Research Group, LLC | CRMsources included. Scope: outsourcing 2. - The Standards Blog market analysis and insi... 3. 451 CAOS Theory - A blog for the 4. On-Demand Sales Performance1. The IT Skeptic | A sceptical view of ITIL, Management CMDB and whate... enterprise open source c...2. Horses for Sources | Analyzing new 4. | Community plumbing 5. Sales Management 2.0 | Home Performance Thresholds... 5. tecosystems - because technology is just Security: 666 sources included. Scope:3. Cotés People Over Process » One foot another ecosystem product review, best practices and in the muck, the ot... Perl SW Dev: 121 sources included. experience on the topic of security,4. The Outsourcing Blog: Horses for including endpoint, network and enterprise Scope: software development with a focus Sources security. on the Perl language5. Spend Matters 1. - blogging the onion 1. Krebs on SecurityJoomla: 36 sources included. Scope: 2. Planet Perl Iron Man 2. Schneier on SecurityJoomla . 3. Modern Perl Books, a Modern Perl Blog 3. TaoSecurity1. The Joomlashack Team Blog 4. Shadowcat Systems Limited 4. SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network Security ...2. Joomla tips, How-to Joomla tutorials, 5. dagolden Joomla training and... 5. Securosis3. Blog - Personal Electronics: 633 sources included. Scope: preview, review, speculate Software Dev – Ruby on Rails:4. Joomla Blog, Joomla Tutorials and News 136 sources included on and give usage tips about personal - Alledia electronics and gadgets. 1. Riding Rails5. Joomla4Web - All blog entries 2. Ruby Inside: The Ruby Blog 1. Engadget 3. Professional Screencast Tutorials forLinux: 130 sources included. Scope: 2. Gizmodo, the Gadget GuideLinux operating system Web Developers and ... 3. TechCrunch 4. Railscasts - Free Ruby on Rails1. | The source for Linux 4. Boy Genius Report Screencasts information 5. SlashGear - Feeding Your Gadget and 5. Katz Got Your Tongue?2. Mark Shuttleworth Tech Obsessions3. jonobacon@home | At home with Jono Storage: 118 sources included Bacon, Community Manag... Python SW Development: 47 1. StorageRap sources included. Scope: share experience,4. [Phoronix] Linux Hardware Reviews, 2. Storagezilla best practices, product information about Benchmarking, & Gaming 3. The Storage Architect development on the Python language5. Welcome to [] 4. - The weblog of an IT 1. The Voidspace Techie Blog pro specializing...Mobile Comp (Laptop, tablet): 73 2. Agile Testing 5. StorageMojo — Data storage info &sources included. Scope: mobile computing 3. - python, programming analysis(laptop and tablet) but not with a focus on and other thingscell phones and smartphones. Sustainable/Green IT: 58 sources 4. Ian Bicking: a blog included. Scope: shared experience, best1. Liliputing — Compact Computing 5. be Groovie practices and discuss the overall issue of2. The Pulse of Mobile Tech - Technology Rich Internet Application: 229 making IT green and sustainable. News and Views from...3. Technology, Gadgets, Mobile Phones, sources included. Scope: share 1. Data Center Knowledge: Data centers, iPad, DVR, GPS, Camer... experiences, product review, best practices design, power, cooling about development on rich internet 2. Greener Computing News, Resources,4. CrunchGear application framework such as and IT Tools | Computi...5. jkOnTheRun flex/flash/silverlight. 3. TreeHuggerNetworking: 401 sources included. 1. theFlashBlog 4. ecoIron - All these whirring boxes.Scope: networking, mainly enterprise. May 2. Adobe - Flex Developer Center 5. Green (low carbon) Data Center Blogcontain security networking blogs too. 3. Mike Chambers SW Dev General: 228 sources1. Packet Life 4. Ryan Stewart – Rich Internet Application included. Scope: experience and best2. Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks: Mountaineer practices on software development and the Internetworking perspectives ... 5. gBlog: News and views on technology that goes with it.3. Etherealmind - Human Network Flash, Flex, and A... Infrastructure - When too mu... 1. Joel on Software4. CCIE Pursuit Blog Sales Performance Mgt: 44 sources 2. Coding Horror included. Scope: sales performance 3. CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need to5. » A technical CCIE management. Code Better! Blog to help you beco... 1. LeapComp - Sales Performance 4. Martin Fowlers BlikiOpen Source: 177 sources included. Management and Incentive Com... 5. Object Mentor BlogScope: open source ecosystem. 2. Dave Steins Blog for Sales LeaderseCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  5. 5. SW Development (Adobe): 89 products or services for the telecom 1. Yellow-Brickssources included. Scope: experience, best industry. 2. Virtual Geekpractices and product for development on 3. - The weblog of an IT 1. VoIP WatchAdobes platform pro specializing... 2. CEO Alec Saunders’ blog — Calliflower1. theFlashBlog 3. Skype Journal 4. RTFM Education2. TUAW -- The Unofficial Apple Weblog 4. Disruptive Telephony 5. | News digest about3. Raymond Camdens ColdFusion Blog 5. Wireless Industry, Wireless Technology, virtualization te...4. ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Web Wireless Companie... Web 2.0: 113 sources included Technology Trends, Social Ne... Scope: web2.0 mostly on the technology Unified Communication: 1055. Ryan Stewart – Rich Internet Application side and not so much on enterprise2.0 sources included. Scope: experiences, Mountaineer 1. TechCrunch trends, companies and products aroundSW Development (Microsoft): 204 Unified Communication. 2. Social Media News and Web Tips –sources included. Scope: about Mashable – The Social Me... 1. CEO Alec Saunders’ blog — Calliflowerexperiences, best practices and product for 3. ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Webdevelopment on Microsoft software 2. Unified Communications Strategies - An Technology Trends, Social Ne... industry resource ...platform. 4. — Learn How Human 3. Skype Journal Business Works - Beyond...1. Home - MSDN Blogs 4. FREE VoIP Information | Smith On VoIP2. ScottGus Blog 5. Search Engine Land: Must Read News 5. Telepocalypse by Martin Geddes About Search Marketing...3. Scott Hanselman4. CodeBetter.Com - Stuff you need to UX/UE: 213 sources included Wireless/Mobile: 572 sources Code Better! Scope: experiences, best practices, included. Scope: trends, companies and5. youve been HAACKED companies and products for design/user product/services in the wireless/mobile experience/user interface. industry - not telecom and mostlySystem Admin: 193 sources included. 1. Six Revisions - Web Development and cellphone/smartphone.Scope: system administration or Design Informationtechnology but written by a system 2. Web Design Resources and Tutorials - 1. Boy Genius Reportadministrator Webdesigner Depot 2. MobileCrunch 3. A List Apart 3. IntoMobile - Cell Phone News1. Standalone Sysadmin 4. Noupe Design Blog2. 4. SlashGear - Feeding Your Gadget and 5. Blog.SpoonGraphics Tech Obsessions3. My SysAd Blog -- Unix Virtualization: 365 sources included. 5. Unwired View » Wireless news, views4. Planet Sysadmin and reviews Scope: experiences, best practices,5. Everything Sysadmin companies and products for theTelecom: 117 sources included. Scope: Virtualization marketplaceexperiences, trends, companies and 3. Black Entertainment and Sports, African Automotive: 165 sources included. American News, Cu... Scope: the automotive industry, brands and 4. BV Black Spin products.RETAIL 5. Clutch Magazine: 1. Autoblog — We Obsessively Cover The Auto IndustryBaby Boomers: 778 sources included. Apple: 234 sources included. Scope: 2. Jalopnik: Obsessed With The Cult OfScope: about baby boomers and/or from Apple business, rumors, products and Carsbaby boomers, male or female. products running on the Apple platforms 3. Autoblog Green — We Obsessively (iPad/Mac) Cover The Green Scene1. The Boomer Chronicles 1. Mac Rumors: Apple Mac Rumors and 4. Green Car Advisor2. Time Goes By - What its really like to get older News You Care About 5. Automobiles - Wheels Blog -3. Cultural Travel Hole In The Donut 2. TUAW -- The Unofficial Apple Weblog NYTimes.com4. Gen Plus 3. AppleInsider | Apple Insider News and Baby: 186 sources included. Scope: best5. LifeTwo | The Midlife Resource | Midlife Analysis practices for baby parenting, health and Crisis, Reassess... 4. Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod childcare and associated products.African American: 121 sources Reviews, Help, Tips, a... 1. Booster Shots - latimes.comincluded. Scope: all aspects of African 5. Apple - Press InfoAmericans and/or from African Americans. 2. Musings of a Distractible Mind 3. Parenting, Children and Parents -1. theGrio | African American Breaking Motherlode Blog - NYTim... News and Opinion 4. Doctor Anonymous2. The Young, Black, and Fabulous | Celebrity Gossip Never L... 5. Dr. WeseCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  6. 6. Baking- Dessert: 144 sources including products, brands - everything 4. Adventures of a cocktail enthusiast » Ohincluded. Scope: baking, deserts, sweets, except wine. Gosh!candy... 5. Kaiser Penguin 1. The Cocktail Chronicles1. smitten kitchen 2. Coffee: 119 sources included. Scope:2. David Lebovitz 3. Jeffrey Morgenthaler coffee passionistas and coffee shop owners3. 4. Brookston Beer Bulletin | Jay R. Brooks with reviews, tasting and everything around4. Tartelette on Beer coffee.5. Cupcakes Take The Cake 5. A Good Beer Blog 1. Home Coffee Roasting Supplies - Sweet Biking: 226 sources included. Scope: MariasBaseball: 157 sources included. Scope: 2. Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea |baseball, team, players and everything biking industry, including brands, product reviews, ranging from lifestyle biking to race Intelligentsia Coffee & Teaaround baseball. coverage. 3. Counter Culture Coffee | Coffee Driven1. MLB News | News 4. Coffee Kids -- Working with coffee-2. Baseball Prospectus 1. Bike Snob NYC farming families to im...3. 2. Fat Cyclist 5. Gimme! Coffee - Home Page4. MLB Rumors - 3. Cyclelicious 4. Jill Outside Craft: 138 sources included. Scope:5. Beyond the Box Score - A Saber-Slanted 5. Urban Velo crafts, includes scrapbooking and DYI Baseball Community crafts.Basketball: 187 sources included. Books: 161 sources included. Scope:Scope: basketball, team, players and reviews and talk about authors. 1. blogeverything around basketball. 2. How About Orange 1. Beth Fish Reads 3. whip up1. Where amazing happens. | NBA.COM 2. My Friend Amy 4. decor82. Breaking news, real-time scores and 3. Bermudaonions Weblog daily analysis from S... 5. not martha 4. She is Too Fond of Books ... and it has3. NBA Team News, Scores, Standings, addled her brain Daddies: 326 sources included. Scope: Schedules, Stats & Tran... Daddy bloggers describing what life is as a 5. Devourer of Books4. Blazersedge - For Portland Trail Blazers daddy; includes review and life experience Fans Celebrities: 507 sources included. sharing.5. Bright Side Of The Sun - For Phoenix Scope: celebrities, gossip, news and brands Suns Fans they use. 1. DadCentric | Join The Movement 2. RebelDad | Putting Fatherhood UnderBeauty/ Costmetics: 579 sources 1. Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | the Microscopeincluded. Scope: beauty and cosmetic Celebrity News | ... 3. Daddy Typesindustry, including brands, product reviews 2. Celebrities | Entertainment News | 4. A Family Runs Through It — A Stay-At-and best practices. Celebrity Gossip | Cel... Home Dad writes abou...1. Eye Makeup, Makeup Tips, How-to Apply 3. 5. Creative-Type Dad Make Up, MAC Cosmet... 4. E! Online - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip, Celebri... Deco- Style (Home): 300 sources2. All Lacquered Up - A Nail Polish included. Scope: home decoration, style; Fanatics Resource 5. Dlisted | Be Very Afraid covers everything in the home; includes3. Beauty Tips, Product Reviews, and News Chocolate and Candy: 90 sources review, advice and best practices. from Total Beauty included. Scope: people who are4. Makeup and Beauty Blog: Makeup passionate about chocolate and candies, 1. Design*Sponge Reviews, Beauty Tips and D... includes reviews and best practices. 2. Apartment Therapy5. Blogdorf Goodman 3. Restyled Home 1. Candy Blog: Photos and reviews of 4. The Lettered CottageBeer: 280 sources included. Scope: beer candy from around the w...industry, including reviews, brands. 2. Candy Yum Yum! 5. The Inspired Room | Inspiration for creating a beautiful ...1. Brookston Beer Bulletin | Jay R. Brooks 3. ZOMG, Candy! - on Beer 4. Chocablog: The Chocolate Blog Diet: 191 sources included. Scope:2. A Good Beer Blog diet/weight loss with reviews, tips, shared Cocktail: 468 sources included. Scope: experiences and best practices.3. Appellation Beer: Beer From a Good passionistas, bartenders that talk about Home 1. Kath Eats Real Food — making, tasting cocktails and the4. Seen Through a Glass ingredients that go within. 2. Healthy Tipping Point5. The Craft Beer News Leader 3. Eat, Live, Run 1. The Cocktail Chronicles 2. Jeffrey Morgenthaler 4. Carrots N Cake - A Blog Devoted to aBeverages – all except wine: 1089 Healthy Balancesources included. Scope: beverages, 3. 5. Oh She GlowseCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  7. 7. Expecting Mother: 116 sources Scope: barbeque specialist; includes best Football: 161 sources included. Scope:included. Scope: women sharing their practices, reviews and more. football, team, players and everythingexperience before during and after 1. The BBQ Grail around football.pregnancy. 2. WhiteTrashBBQ 1. Every Day Should Be Saturday - The1. dooce® 3. livefire Reviews Are In! "Holy ...2. Celebrity Babies – Moms & Babies – 4. 2. Dawg Sports - For Georgia Bulldogs 5. Ulika Food Blog Fans3. ParentDish 3. Burnt Orange Nation - For Texas4. Parenting tips that work | Parent Hacks Food - Cheese: 85 sources included Longhorns Fans Scope: cheese passionistas; includes 4. Black Shoe Diaries - For Penn St. Nittany5. Cool Mom Picks - the coolest gifts and reviews and experience sharing. gear for parents Lions Fans 1. Cheese Underground 5. Black Heart Gold Pants - For IowaFashion – Bag: 36 sources included. 2. Culture: the word on cheese Hawkeyes FansScope: bags/handbags 3. CurdNerds | the cheese blog Football (Soccer): 143 sources1. The Bag Snob: Reviews of Designer 4. Cheese by Hand included. Scope: soccer, team, players and Handbags, Authentic Des... 5. Cheese + Champagne everything around soccer.2. Designer Handbag Reviews – PurseBlog Food – Chef: 37 sources included 1. Pitch Invasion | A soccer blog featuring3. Bag Bliss Designer Handbag & Purse Scope: chef sharing their view on essays, news and... Blog - Purse Deals, Ce... everything around food. 2. Match Fit USA4. Purseuing - The purse and bag blog. 1. The Wednesday Chef 3. Kickette – Soccer/football gossip, hot5. Latest Designer Handbags and Purses 2. The Wednesday Chef players and the WA... Reviews 4. World Cup soccer store, forums, scores 3. Chef Tom Cooks !Fashion- Overall: 563 sources & blogs - BigSoccer 4. - Chef Recipes,included. Scope: fashion passionistas; Restaurant Jobs, Food Photo... Frugal: 755 sources included. Scope:includes reviews, insights and shared 5. Chefs Widow experience and thoughts on living a frugalexperiences. life Food – Overall: 2356 sources1. The Sartorialist included. Scope: Big list of food 1. Frugal Hacks2. The Cut: New York Magazines Fashion passionistas sharing their experience, 2. Wise Bread | Personal Finance and Blog reviews and more. Frugal Living Forums3. Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, 1. smitten kitchen 3. Frugal Dad | A frugal perspective on Designers, Runway Sho... 2. 101 Cookbooks - Healthy Recipe Journal money, career and fa...4. Independent Fashion Bloggers 3. Recipes, Menus, 4. A Money Blog: Personal Finance and5. Business in Silicon Va... Cooking Articles & Food G... 4. Chocolate & Zucchini 5. Free Money FinanceFishing: 126 sources included. Scope:fishing passionistas sharing their fishing 5. David Lebovitz Gardening: 130 sources included.experiences, providing reviews and more. Scope: gardening; includes reviews, best Food – Pizza: 32 sources included. practices and more.1. Fishing Jones Scope: pizza specialist; includes best practices, reviews and more. 1. Garden Rant2. Fly Fishing | Blog | Photos | Podcasts | 2. Cold Climate Gardening — Hardy plants Travel | Gear | ... 1. Slice - Americas Favorite Pizza Weblog! for hardy souls3. Singlebarbed 2. Blog Pizza Italian Pizza Blog 3. Gardening Gone Wild —4. buster wants to fish fly fishing blog 3. The Rochester NY Pizza Blog 4. May Dreams Gardens5. Trout Underground - Fly Fishings Fun, 4. | Best Pizza and Worst Pizza Reviews 5. Mr. McGregors Daughter Independent Voice 5. I Dream Of Pizza: A New York City Pizza Geeks: 115 sources included. Scope:Fitness: 270 sources included. Scope: Blog geeks, includes reviews of geek; includes shared experiences,reviews and more. Food – Vegetarian/Vegan: 107 1. Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide sources included. Scope: vegetarian or 2. Engadget1. MizFitOnline | Because Fitness Isnt vegan, includes reviews and shares 3. TechCrunch About Fitting In | H... experiences. 4. Kotaku, the Gamer’s Guide2. Marks Daily Apple 1. FatFree Vegan Kitchen | Sinlessly 5. Boing Boing3. Health and Wellness - Well Blog - Delicious Recipes 1. Vegan Lunch Box Generation X: 59 sources included.4. Fitness, Health & Well-being | FitSugar 2. BitterSweet Scope: generation X and or from generation X bloggers.5. Diet Blog: Eat Right, Get Healthy 3. have cake, will travel | 1. are you there, God? its me, generationFood – BBQ: 69 sources included 4. Notes from the Vegan Feast Kitchen/ X. 21st Century TableeCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  8. 8. 2. Latchkey Man 1. JCK | Jewelry Industry Authority 1. 5 Minutes For Mom3. junkdrawer67 2. Fair Trade Jewelry 2. The Secret to Success is Support4. GenerationXpert 3. house of raquel 3. Mom Blogs at MomDot (Trisha Haas)5. Generation X Finance 4. Flora Art Jewelry 4. Mom Bloggers Club: Connect With Over 5. let the beauty we love be what we do 10,000 Mom BloggersGolf: 130 sources included. Scope: golf,courses, players and everything around Knitting: 165 sources included, Scope: Motorbike: 104 sources knitting, sewing; includes reviews, best Scope: motorbiking industry, including1. Waggle Room - For Golf Fans practices and more. brands, product reviews and motorbike2. Golf Girls Diary 1. Wendy Knits: Adventures with sticks and lifestyle.3. ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG string. 1. Road Captain USA.com4. GolfDash Blog | Golf Instruction, Online 2. b r o o k l y n t w e e d 2. GLIDER RIDER Golf News, Best ... 3. Knitting Patterns Knitspot - Anne Hanson 3. a motorcycle blog5. Hooked On Golf Blog Knitting Pattern... from a womans persp... 4. Mason-Dixon Knitting 4. KT DIDGuitar: 113 sources included. Scope: 5. Through the Loops! 5. ―Keep The Rubber Side Down‖guitar industry or from guitar teacher.Includes reviews, best practices and more. Latino: 90 sources included. Scope: all Movie: 340 sources included. Scope: the aspects of Latinos and/or from Latinos. movie industry, including studios, reviews,1. Guitar Noize - guitar news & reviews2. I Heart Guitar 1. La Jornada en Internet actors and more.3. Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Gear Blog Site 2. Latina Lista 1. Cinematical 3. Redireccionando 2. Blogs - indieWIRE4. Guitar Blog 4. Gizmologia 3. GreenCine Daily5. Guitar tabs,electric guitars,acoustic guitars 5. The Mex Files 4. Entertainment News | Movie News | Hollywood NewsHealth: 443 sources included. Blogs Luxury: 40 sources included. Scope: luxury industry. Includes reviews and more. 5. /Film | Blogging the Reel WorldScope: living a healthy lifestyle; includesshared experiences, best practices and 1. Luxury News from Luxist - Fine Living, Movie Industry: 130 sources includedmore. Dining, Apparel, T... 1. Cinematical 2. A Luxury Travel Blog 2. Blogs - indieWIRE1. Marks Daily Apple 3. Born Rich: Cruise to the luxury lifestyle 3. GreenCine Daily2. WebMD - Better information. Better health. 4. James Spotting: The JamesList blog of 4. /Film | Blogging the Reel World all things fine3. The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl 5. Roger Eberts Journal 5. Fashion News Trends on Splendora4. Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef Style and Culture radar ... Music: 1098 sources included5. Escape from Obesity Scope: music industry, including bands, Men – Fashion and Skincare: 63 song reviews and more.Home – Green: 142 sources included sources included. Scope: Men fashion, 1. Indie Music News, MP3 Downloads,Scope: what it means to have a green grooming and more; includes reviews and Music Videos, Reviews - ...home. Includes reviews, shares tips.experiences, best practices. 2. 1. The Sartorialist 3. BrooklynVegan1. TreeHugger 2. Mens Fashion Tips and Mens Style2. Green design will save the world | 4. Aquarium Drunkard Guide : Inhabitat 5. Pitchfork: News 3. A Continuous Lean.3. Grist | Environmental News, 4. Kempt | world of mens style / fashion / Organic Living: 79 sources included. Commentary, Advice grooming Scope: organic living. Includes tips, shared4. Jetson Green 5. Mens Fashion Blog - SmartGeezer experiences and more.5. Worldchanging: Bright Green 1. TreeHugger Microsoft: 86 sources included. Scope: 2. http://hautenature.blogspot.comHunting: 98 sources included. Scope: Microsoft products: Software, hardware,hunting passionistas sharing their hunting 3. Organic and Green Mom Blog | Organic peripherals, licences and etc.experiences, providing reviews and more. Mania 1. - Where unprofessional 4. EnviroMom1. Outdoors With Othmar Vohringer journalism looks better 5. greenUPGRADER | Sustainable2. SimplyOutdoors 2. TechNet Blogs products, ideas & DIYs to hel...3. Deer Camp Blog 3. All About Microsoft | ZDNet4. The Hog Blog - The Hog Hunting Blog 4. Ars Technica Outdoors: 75 sources included. Scope: 5. istartedsomething outdoors in general, includes product5. The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles reviews and best practices.Jewelry: 71 sources included. Scope: Mommy: 3191 sources included. Scope: 1. Utah Skiing Blog – Ski Bum Poetjewelry industry, crafting jewels and more. mommy blogs on every subject. 2. Gear & Outdoor Industry BlogeCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  9. 9. 3. Peas & Love For Us Real Estate: 84 sources included. 5. Homeboy Ski Blog - Ski Gear, Ski4. Outdoor Gear Coupons Scope: real estate market. Some blogs are Resorts, Interviews, Rev...5. CAMPNPOST from local real estate experts. Tea: 216 sources included. Scope: tea 1. Sellsius real estate marketing, socialParenting Kids: 165 sources included passionistas and tea shop owners with media, tech, web 2...Scope: parenting kids (5-12 ish). Includes reviews, tasting and everything around tea. 2. | National realtips, best practices and reviews. estate marketing and ... 1. The Half-Dipper1. || ZRecommends: Consumer research, 3. AgentGenius – Real Estate News 2. Tea Masters consumer advocacy, and... Magazine 3. CHA DAO2. Kids Activities from Woo! Jr. - A Network 4. Future of Real Estate Marketing 4. The Mandarins Tea of Websites for... 5. The Phoenix Real Estate Guy — Phoenix 5. MattChas Blog3. SafeMama™ | The Original One-stop real estate | Searc... child safety, product r... Tennis: 105 sources included. Scope:4. Printables for Kids Running: 172 sources included. Scope: tennis, including brands, product reviews running, including brands, product reviews and best practices from experts.Parenting Teen: 73 sources included and best practices from experts.Scope: parenting teens (13-18ish). 1. Down the Line!Includes tips, best practices and reviews. 1. Peak Performance | Amby Burfoot 2. GOTOTENNIS - Tennis blog. Tennis1. Preteen and Teen Channel, 2. Runblogger | A Running Blog Providing news. Tennis gossip. preteenagers, teenagers, raisin... Thoughts and Tips o... 3. On the Baseline Tennis News2. Single Parents - Help, Support, and 3. Mile Markers with Kristin Armstrong 4. tennis served fresh Encouragement for Sin... 4. Footloose | Amby Burfoot 5. Xtreme Tennis News3. Parenting Special Needs Children 5. Ask Coach Jenny | Runners World4. Teenagers Today - Toys: 96 sources included. Scope: toy Seniors: 85 sources included. Scope: all market. Includes reviews and more.5. iParenting - preconception, pregnancy aspects of seniors and/or from seniors and baby articles, ... 1. TOYSREVIL 1. Caring for Aging Parents - The New Old 2. PlushYou!Perfume: 116 sources included. Scope: Age Blog - NYTimes... 3. Plastic and Plush | Designer Toy Newsperfume industry or from perfume experts. 2. Senior Housing, Aging Services & Long- and ReviewsIncludes reviews, tips and more. Term Care from Ecum... 4. Culture:Japan - Your portal to Japan 3. Midlife Crisis Queen: Its never too late to1. Perfume-Smellin Things Perfume Blog 5. Vinyl Pulse|Daily News About Designer find out who...2. Perfume Posse Toys 4. Contemporary Retirement Coaching Blog3. The Non-Blonde Wedding: 277 sources included. Scope:4. Perfume Shrine Shoe: 110 sources included. Scope: shoe the wedding industry, including brands,5. Now Smell This :: Perfume reviews and passionistas; includes brands, reviews, reviews and tips. fragrance news shared experiences. 1. Style Me Pretty - The Ultimate Wedding 1. Manolos Shoe Blog: Shoes, Fashion, BlogPet: 718 sources included. Scope: the pet Celebrity, and Manolo!industry. Includes reviews, tips, shared 2. snippet & ink: daily wedding inspiration 2. Shoes, Clothing | Freeexperiences. 3. Once Wed | Wedding Ideas, Used Shipping1. Daisy the Curly Cat Wedding Dresses, and Weddi... 3. Shoe Blog - Comfortable shoes meet2. Cat Blogosphere 4. Wedding Blog by Weddingbee fashion and trendy sho...3. DERBY and DUCKY 5. Elizabeth Anne Designs: The Wedding 4. Shoebunny - Celebrities & Shoes Blog - Wedding Ideas ...4. Victor Tabbycat and Nina Torbie 5. Shoewawa: High heels, flipflops, flats,5. Meezer Tails wedges and wellie... Wine: 837 sources included. Scope: wine passionistas about the industry, includingPhotoblog: 316 sources included. Skiiing: 31 sources included. Scope: ski brands, reviews and best practices.Scope: photography and photo blogs industry; includes brands, product reviews1. A Photo Editor - Former Photography and best practices from experts. 1. Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog Director Rob Haggart 2. Dr Vinos wine blog 1. - The Backcountry Skiing Blog2. Digital Cameras: Digital Photography 3. News on Food, Wine, Restaurants and 2. – Backcountry Skiing Review, News, Review... Recipes - Diners Jo... & Beyond3. Strobist 4. Good Grape: A Wine Blog Manifesto 3. Ski Diva: The Blog for Women Who Ski4. PDN Pulse 5. Home | Wine Spectator 4. New England & Northeast Skiing - Ski5. Scott Kelbys Photoshop Insider Blog » Resorts, Ski Areas, ... Photoshop & Digita...eCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  10. 10. MARKETINGBlogging: 372 sources included. Scope: 2. Online Marketing Blog 5. Search Engine Roundtable ::: The Pulsehow to create and run a blogs, includes how 3. Copywriting and Content Marketing Of The Search make money online with a blog Strategies from Copyblo... Social Media Marketing: 9581. Blog Tips to Help You Make Money 4. Internet Marketing Blog | HubSpot sources included. Scope: social media Blogging - ProBlogger 5. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | marketing; includes best practices, tips and2. Copywriting and Content Marketing Social Media, Web Marke... reviews. Strategies from Copyblo...3. Daily Blog Tips Internet Marketing: 151 sources 1. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang |4. Chris Garrett on New Media — the included. Scope: digital marketing, such as Social Media, Web Marke... business of blogging and... affiliate, advertising and more - not about 2. — Learn How Human5. BloggingPro SEO/SEM nor Social Media Marketing Business Works - Beyond...eCommerce: 107 sources included. 1. Lammo Affiliate Marketing Blog 3. Brian SolisScope: eCommerce; includes best 2. UK Affiliate Marketing Blog - Kirstys 4. Logic+Emotionpractices, reviews and tips. Affiliate Marketin... 5. Seths Blog 3. Word to the Wise - Email, Delivery, Spam1. Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog « Get and more Web Analytics: 152 sources included Elastic Ecommerce Blog Scope: measurement. Includes reviews of 4. Keiths Affiliate Marketing Blog2. Resources for Online Business Owners | providers, best practices and tips. 5. Copywriting and Content Marketing Practical eCommerce 1. Web Analytics Blog | Occams Razor by Strategies from Copyblo...3. eCommerce, Marketing, SEO & Usability Avinash Kaushik Articles | eCommerc... SEO/SEM: 365 sources included. Scope: 2. Google Analytics Blog4. Welcome to E-Commerce Times SEO and SEM; includes best practices, tips 3. immeria::an immersion in web5. FutureNows Marketing Conversion Rate and reviews. analytics::Stephane Hamel Optimization Blog: ... 1. Search Engine Land: Must Read News 4. Web Analytics, Behavioral Targeting and About Search Marketing... Optimization by A...Emailing: 192 sources included. Scope:emailing; includes reviews of email service 2. Online Marketing Blog 5. Visual Revenue | Analytics, Media and Marketing blogprovider, best practices and tips. 3. SEO Blog | SEOmoz Blog Featuring Search Engine Marketing ...1. MarketingProfs: Marketing Resources for Marketing Profess... 4. SEO & Search Engine News : SEJeCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  11. 11. B2BAccounting: 224 sources included. 3. Evil HR Lady 4. Lammo Affiliate Marketing BlogScope: 4. Punk Rock HR 5. Keiths Affiliate Marketing Blogaccounting; includes best practices and tips 5. BusinessWeek - Business News, Stock. Market & Financial Ad... Sales Management: 114 sources1. Roth & Company, P.C. included.2. Verasage Institute Law-Employmennt: 100 resources Scope: sales management; includes included. advices, reviews and best practices.3. The Exuberant Accountant - Scott Heintzelman Scope: employment, both from an employer 1. Sales and Sales Management Blog and employee standpoint. 2. Jonathan Farringtons Blog4. CPA Success 1. Connecticut Employment Law Blog : 3. The Pipeline5. AccMan Connecticut Employment ... 4. Selling to Consumers | Sales TrainingArchitecture: 118 sources included. 2. HR Lawyers Blog : San Antonio Blog by Skip Anderson Employment Discrimination ...Scope: architecture and urban architecture. 5. The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino —1. BLDGBLOG 3. Employment Law Lawyer & Attorney : Adventures in the... Sheppard Mullin : Labo...2. Archinect - Making Architecture More 4. New Jersey Employment Lawyer & Connected (since 1997) Small Business: 456 sources Attorney : Steinberg Law F... included.3. Green design will save the world | 5. Washington D.C. Employment Law Scope: creation and operation of small Inhabitat business activities. Includes best practices Update : Washington D.C. E...4. A Daily Dose of Architecture and shared experiences.5. Dezeen architecture and design Law-General: 855 Sources Included. 1. Small Business News, Tips, Advice - magazine Scope: law in general. Small Business Trends 1. Iowa Law Blog : Iowa Lawyer & Attorney 2. Seths BlogEducation: 550 sources included. : Sullivan & Ward ... 3. Small Business and Small BusinessScope: education in general; includes 2. Real Lawyers Have Blogs : Law Blogs, Information for the Ent...discussions on trends, best practices and Social Media, Twitter 4. - Where ideas andhow technology changes education. people meet | Fast Company 3. White Collar Defense and Compliance :1. Weblogg-ed New Jersey White Co... 5. OPEN Forum :: American Express OPEN2. Moving at the Speed of Creativity Forum 4. My Shingle — Great Things Come in3. Dangerously Irrelevant | Ruminations on Small Practices Sustainability: 317 sources included. technology, leade... 5. Corporate Securities Law Blog Scope: sustainability and corporate4. Cool Cat Teacher Blog responsibility.5. 2¢ Worth Leadership-Management: 60 1. TreeHugger sources included. 2. Climate ProgressEnergy: 80 sources included. Scope: leadership and management; Scope: energy marketplace; includes includes shared experiences, best practices 3. Worldchanging: Bright Greendiscussions on trends, alternative energy and tips. 4. RealClimateand more 1. tompeters! management consulting 5. Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit1. The Oil Drum | Discussions about Energy leadership training deve... and Our Future 2. Three Star Leadership Blog VC/Entrepreneur: 245 sources2. Green Car Congress included. 3. Seths Blog Scope: VC, startup and enterpreneur world.3. Peak Energy 4. All Things Workplace Includes best practices and shared4. Energy and Environment - Green Blog - 5. How to Change the World experiences. 1. TechCrunch5. Cleantech Blog Make Money Online: 186 sources 2. A VC included.Human Resource: 107 resources Scope: make money online through blogs, 3. GigaOMincluded. 4. Tech News | Innovation News | Money small online business.Scope: human resource management; 1. UK Affiliate Marketing Blog - Kirstys News | VentureBeatincludes best practices, shared experiencesand more. Affiliate Marketin... 5. peHUB1. The HR Capitalist 2. Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger2. Fistful of Talent 3. Inside AdWordseCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  12. 12. B2CCareer: 121 sources included 4. Bargaineering: personal finance blog with 1. Calculated RiskScope: career management for anecdotes, advi... 2. Bubble Meter - A housing bubble blogprofessionals. Includes best practices, 5. The Simple Dollarshared experiences and tips. 3. Housing Doom1. Penelope Trunks Brazen Careerist 4. Piggingtons Econo-Almanac | San Diego Housing Market New...2. Career Advice, Personal Branding & Job Poker: 87 sources included Search Help from T... Scope: about the poker world. 5. The Housing Bubble Blog3. Organize my Job Search 1. Tao of Poker: Dr. Paulys WSOP Poker4. tompeters! management consulting Blog Travel: 581 sources included leadership training deve... 2. Pokerati | Texas Holdem and Las Vegas Scope: reviews of countries and places,5. Alexandra Levits Water Cooler Wisdom WSOP Poker Blog service providers, as well as best practices 3. Party Poker Blog and tips.Investing: 704 sources included 4. Hard-Boiled Poker -- Existentialist 1. Lonely Planet Travel Guides and TravelScope: advices, tips on investing. musings of an online ... Information1. Stock Market News, Opinion & Analysis, 5. This Is Not A Poker Blog | Always read 2. Gadling | travel blog | news, stories, Investing Ideas --... something that wil... deals, and tips.2. BusinessWeek - Business News, Stock 3. Nomadic Matts Travel Site Market & Financial Ad... 4. Travel Blog - TravelPod™3. The Big Picture Politics: 349 sources included 5. Everything Everywhere | Around the Scope: discuss policies, government and4. The Kirk Report all aspects of politics. world travel blog5. zero hedge | on a long enough timeline, 1. Breaking News and Opinion on The the survival rate... Huffington Post Yoga and Meditation: 121 sources 2. Politics, Political News - includedPersonal Finance: 974 sources 3. Daily Kos: State of the Nation Scope: yoga and meditation.included. 4. Talking Points Memo | Breaking News 1. Everything YogaScope: personal finance. and Analysis 2. YogaDork1. Get Rich Slowly - Personal Finance That 5. The Corner - National Review Online 3. lindas yoga journey Makes Cents 4. Grounding Thru The Sit Bones2. Free Money Finance Real Estate: 281 sources included 5. its all yoga, baby3. A Money Blog: Personal Finance and Business in Silicon Va... Scope: real estate market in general or locally. If you are looking for a custom community, we charge $500 onetime fee for each community. Please contact us at conversation@ecairn.comeCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  13. 13. List of French Social Virtual Communities As of 11/29/2010eCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  14. 14. Hightech Retail Mode - Style MusiqueGeek Animaux PhotoJeux Video Automotive Regime/Fitness/Sante Cinema Star/People Deco VinMarketing Droit Voyage Beaute - CosmetiqueMarketing- Web 2.0 Economie Environnement FootballB2C Gastronomie LiteraturePolitique MamanseCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  15. 15. HightechGeek: 275 sources included Scope: Liste de blogs autour de la beaute 3. Blog foot - Panenka : Ligue 1, vidéos,Scope: Liste de blogs autour de la high tech et de lindustrie des cosmetiques. résultats, classement. Blog footballet de la culture geek. 1. Caly Beauty | Recettes Home Made, collaboratif Recettes Naturelles et Biologiques 4. Football - actualité et vidéos de foot -1. Presse-Citron – Geek, High Tech 2. Potions et Chaudron Footiz 3. L’antre Du Lutin 5. e-foot - Blog Football - Jeu, analyse et2. Korben- Actualite informatique high tech 4. Only happy in the sun - Blog beauté tactique3. ReadWriteWeb France 5. Mam zelle Emie | L’essentiel pour être4. Blogmotion | Culture web et nouvelles belle et bio! Gastronomie: 2175 sources includedtechno Scope: Liste de blogs sur la gastronomie et5. Fredzone, carnet de bord sur le web et Deco: 175 sources included lalimentation en generale.les nouvelles technologies Scope: Blogs autour de la decoration - 1. Recettes de cuisineJeux Video: 226 sources included maison 2. Blog appétit - lactualit 1. Le blog deco, Décoration intérieur, 3. French Food1. Gohanblog : Blog jeux vidéo, cinéma, mobilier et objet designhigh-tech, manga, test et critique 2. Blog Esprit-Design : Tendance Design / 4. Au Jardin des Délices...2. Deco 5. La cuisine de Mercotte :: Macarons, 3. Blog Déco-Design Verrines, … et chocolat3. 4. Made In Design : Mobilier Contemporain,4. Le Blog de Tidi Luminaire et Décoration tendance pour Literature: 741 sources included.5. Blog Jeux Vidéo, Cinéma, Playstation 3, maison et jardin Scope: yoga and meditation.Xbox 360, Blu Ray... 5. Ma decoration : blog decoration, design 1. Mon coin lecture 2. Bric à BookRetail Droit: 115 sources included 3. Happy Few Scope: Liste de Juriblogs. 4. Le blog de keishaAnimaux: 1046 sources included. 1. Journal dun avocat 5. Cuneipage1. PalomaStory, le blog du chat qui parle 2. Maître Môavec moi 3. Chroniques judiciaires - Blog Mamans: 1366 sources included.2. Cest comme chat ! Scope: Liste de blogs de e-mamans3. Mon chat ma dit.... 4. Le blog Droit administratif couvrant tout les sujets pertinents au statut4. Le blog de Rouky 5. [DRÔLE DEN-DROIT] de mere.5. Le blog de Mamounette 1. On va voir si je my tiens! 2. Les 4 rats ...Automotive: 75 sources included. Economie: 179 sources included 3. Lola AddictBlogs sur les voitures et lindustrie au 4. La Châtaigne 1. Olivier Bouba-Olgatomobile 2. Blogizmo 5. Tu las lu(stucru) ?1. Blog Automobile 3. Rationalité Limitée2. M6 : actualité automobile, forum 4. Optimum, le seul blog véritablementauto, photos, vidéos ... - optimal Mode: 459 sources included3. Automobile Propre - Blog auto sur la 5. Telos | Agence Intellectuelle Scope: Liste de blogs autour de la mode, lhabillement.voiture électrique, voiture hybride, GNV,biogaz, hydrogène 1. Punky bs fashion diary4. Autodeclics : voiture occasion, achat Environnement: 358 sources 2. Garance Doréauto, vendre voiture, entretien, annonces, included. 3. The cherry blossom girl Scope: Liste de blogs sur la protection deessais, assurance automobile lenvironnement et lecologie en general. 4. Le Blog de Betty : Blog mode, blog5. Autobuzz, Au Coeur de lActualité et des tendances, photos de mode 1. Ecolo-InfoInnovations Automobiles 2. Quotidien Durable .Com 5. Sushi Pedro 3. Terra ecoCinema: 404 sources included. Scope: 4. ADEMEBlogs traitant de lactualite Photo: 815 sources included. 5. Effets de terre | Des nouvelles de la Scope: Blogs damateurs de photographiecinematographique planète1. Le blog de Dasola 1. Promenades2. Rob Gordon a toujours raison 2. Bruno Fromentiere3. In The Mood For Cinema Football: 102 sources included. 3. Joel lintz photographie - Alsace4. Laterna Magica Scope: Blogs parlant de foot. 4. Lumières de seine et dailleurs5. Tadah ! Blog - Carnet de route culturel 1. Hourrafoot(cinéma, musique, gay, séries) 5. Le havre et ailleurs vu par Tce76 2. Pourquoi Foot | Le blog de foot qui vous dit pourquoi ! Regime/Fitness/Sante: 62 sourcesCostmetique: 607 sources included included.eCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.
  16. 16. Scope: Blogs parlant de fitness, de sante, 3. 1. Presse-citron - Geek, high-tech, socialde regime et de comment rester mince media, web mobile 4. Chateauvin1. De lOr et de lArgent pour la vie ! 5. Vins du Monde 2. FredCavazza.net2. Malene aux fourneaux 3. MediasSociaux.com3. Le blog de lespetitsplaisirsdedoro.over- Voyage: 99 sources included. 4. Grégory Pouy - Echanger ses idées ! 1. Tour du monde et blog sur le voyage 5. TechCrunch France4. So-Crazy dun jeune globetrotter5. Jour après jour avec Dukan 2. Allervoir les carnets de voyage dAnne BRONNER couleurs et croquis vousStar/People: 37 sources included.Scope: Blogs sur lactualite des stars attendant 3. Le tour du monde de François et Sylvain B2C1. Du buzz et des gens ! - Buzz and people : Billet davion, budget, blog, carnet de2. Du coq à lâne | Blog dActualité Buzz voyage, préparatifs Politique: 476 sources included.Cinéma Humour People Musique Sport et 4. 360 in 365 – Joachim voyage autour du Scope: Liste de blogs sur la politiqueSexy monde 1. Rue89 | Site dinformation et de débat3. Stars TGP - toutes les stars nues ! 5. Le tour du monde dun jeune Français! sur lactualité, indépendant et4. Stars : toute lactu des stars - Gala 2. Partageons mon avis 3. SARKOFRANCE5. LeMag VIP : Le RDV Actualite TV, stars,cine et musique Marketing 4. | le site de lhebdomadaire MarianneVin: 447 sources included Marketing- Web 2.0: 253 sources 5. de tout et de rien, surtout de rienScope: Liste de blogs autour du vin. included. dailleurs1. Le blog dOlif Scope: Liste de blog sur le marketing et le web2.0 dans sa composante business.2. Patrick Dussert-Gerber If you are looking for a custom community, we charge $500 onetime fee for each community. Please contact us at conversation@ecairn.comeCairn Inc. 2010 – All right reserved.