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Kenyans for Wildlife


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Presentation by Raabia Hawa and Ian James Saunders at the 3rd E-Tourism East Africa Conference- March 2012

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Kenyans for Wildlife

  2. 2. Background• What is Kenyans For Wildlife (K4W) ?• How does it work?
  4. 4. PAMOJA Konza City &The Malili Wildlife Rescue Cause: • Concerns raised by members of K4W on wildlife death and suffering occuring as a result of fencing for development of Konza CityZebra dead on impact on the ICT fence Action: • Members used the platform to rally for support and resources Results: •Over 50,000 bottles collected in 2 days from food courts, suppliers and recyclers • Total of 11km of fenceline covered to date, 4km remains.Bottles reflect and ‘warn’ wildlife • 25 children volunteered from Kivuko Primary • Joint effort with KWS, ACK, NYS and K4W membersUoN Travel & Tourism Mngmt. Students Effect: • Ongoing project that has brought Kenyans together for a hands-on approach in saving wildlife
  5. 5. PAMOJA Proactivity &Awareness • Cause: Concern on ‘shark finning’ on Kenya’s coastline raised on the site by members of K4W • Action: Members began taking photos of restaurant menus and products on local store shelves made using shark fin and shark products • Result: Members of K4W initiated e-mail action to raise awareness to concerned establishments that the use of shark products was not acceptable due to its unsustainable nature • Effect: Ongoing campaign that has brought together organisations and individuals to work for aFrom The Daily Nation and Africa Review common cause
  6. 6. PAMOJA Raising the bar on Responsible Tourism  Cause: Concerns raised on the site by K4W members on overspeeding in National Parks by tour operators and individual car owners  Action: Members begin posting photographs of any vehicle found speeding or going offroad within National Parks and respective KWS wardens Irresponsible tourism alerted on the site  Result: Respective tour operators are engaged constructively  Effect: Tourism industry is becoming more aware that there is now a public channel of awareness withIllegal wildlife products on sale in hotel boutique direct pipelines to KWS
  7. 7. PAMOJA Working TogetherThe Tsavo Snake Park Rescue and Release Concern: • Several snakes, tortoises and crocodiles being kept in filthy conditions • Animals had been starved and not received any vet care, one tortoise was in serious condition Results: • Members organised a clean up and fed the animals • KWS alerted and wildlife released safely • Once again, wildlife highlighted in local dailies
  8. 8. PAMOJA• Site used to raise awareness and support both financially and physically• Worked closely with KWS and the Mount Kenya Trust to put out fires in Chogoria
  9. 9. PAMOJA Confidential Information Sharing Case example:• Cause:K4W member submitted via email photographic evidence of illegal hunting parties in Kenya @kenyan4wildlife• Action:Members submitted similar information via email• Result:Relevant officers within KWS were alerted• Effect:K4W assists in chanelling information to relevant authority to aid the fight against wildlife crime
  10. 10. Today and Tomorrow• K4W has become the central point of information sharing for anything wildlife related online• K4W – a petition based approach• K4W as a platform hopes to raise substantial support for Kenya’s position at the CITES meeting in 2013 in a bid to ban all trade in Ivory and rhino horn PAMOJA