The making of don3


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The making of don3

  1. 1. The Making of Don 3… The Saga continues..
  2. 2. Here begins the story of a legend from a small town in God’s Own Country..
  3. 3. At the very early stages, she began to reach for the stars… trying to emulate the SUPERSTAR… But of no avail 
  4. 4. She tried the Puss in boots thingy , that didn’t work either
  5. 5. Then she tried the Romantic Role.. But that did not work either 
  6. 6. She even tried modeling* in commercials… * Through Recommendation of Lungi Ali
  7. 7. But Someone else got it through laterals
  8. 8. Sad.. She was mentally and physically hurt in the process 
  9. 9. Depression almost consumed her life and she was about to give up!
  10. 10. But then… She knew.!. She had it in her.. to become what she was destined to become …. And she rose to the challenge!
  11. 11. And with a few helping hands…
  12. 12. The Real Don finally emerged!!
  13. 13. Is Don to pakadna na mushkil hai balki mumkin hai!…. Date: 28 th Dec Venue : A – Base Dress Code : anything with a pair of slippers…