Sophomore Presentation - Eastwood High School


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Sophomore Presentation (Fall, 2012)

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Sophomore Presentation - Eastwood High School

  1. 1. WELCOMESophomores Class of 2015
  2. 2. Purpose of this Program *To explain the importance of the 10th grade year *To tell you about programs and opportunities *To encourage you to make the most of this school year
  3. 3. Guidance Mrs. Schuessler- A-K  Office to the right past Mrs. Blausey Mrs. Maas- L-Z  Office to the left past Mrs. BlauseySee your counselor with individual concerns
  4. 4. Where is this located?
  5. 5. How to see counselor Sign Up Blue Sheet in Guidance Study hall, before/after school, AA Class time – check with teacher
  6. 6. Why do Students come toGuidance? Personal/Social Issues Academic/Career Issues Applications/Information/ Connections
  7. 7. Academic/Career Issues To have each and every one of you graduate To help each of you maximize your academic achievement & your opportunities To provide you with sound information to help you decide whether to attend the Penta Career Center, PSO and/or Dual Enrollment options To explore possible college options and career tracks
  8. 8. Are You On Track for Graduation? How many credits do you need to be on track for graduation?  4 English 4 Math  3 Science 3 Social Studies  ½ Health ½ P.E.  ½ Fin. Literacy  2 (3)* Foreign Lang. (College Prep)  1 Fine Arts (College Prep) Eastwood Requirements 21.5 Total  Minimum Community Services Hours 16 Total  Minimum
  9. 9. Your Sophomore YearStrategies: Believe in Yourself: “To succeed, you must first believe that you can!” Be organized: Makes day run smoothly and saves you time; be on top of your classes Planner: Look at daily and see what you need to do so you are ready for the day Keep locker/backpack neat: Easier to find neat what you need Supplies: folders, pens, pencils, paper, books Manage your time: (24 hours) (168 hours) Positive attitude! Attendance: #1 school success factor
  10. 10. PLAN Test For all 10th graders Wednesday, October 10th $11.25 to Mrs. Blausey by Friday, October 5th Practice ACT (American College Test) for 10th Has an interest inventory component-helps you think about careers Predicts how you will do on the real ACT-lets you start to match your academic abilities with college admission requirements
  11. 11. HOBY Youth leadership to inspire and develop community service and innovation EMPOWER – LEAD – EXCEL Pick up application from Ms. Dubois Chosen by Luckey Kiwanis
  12. 12. Previous HOBY Recipients Jasmyne Brewer“Life changing, puts everything in a different perspective such as: the way you treat others, volunteering more out of the goodness of your heart, not to get something and made many new friends.”
  13. 13. Opportunities to Know aboutPenta: Penta Career Assessment One-day @ Penta October 12 Penta Informational meeting November 7 Explore Penta Day December 3 Penta Open House 6:00pm Jan/Feb. Tech Tuesday Visits to Penta Eastwood Students Mrs. Zilba - Penta Counselor Apply as early as possible after the Explore Penta Day. The application will be available on-line.
  14. 14. Facts about Penta They are on a block schedule PSO Owens classes still an option (based on GPA) Yes, you can still be involved in Eastwood activities while at Penta like band and athletics You CAN go on to college from Penta You still graduate from Eastwood with an Eastwood diploma
  15. 15. Ohio Graduation Test March 11th-15th Test Schedule  Monday – Reading  Tuesday – Math  Wednesday – Writing  Thursday – Science  Friday – Social Studies
  16. 16. More Opportunities Post Secondary Educational Options Program  Must meet GPA requirements  Owens 3.00*  BGSU 3.25*  Findlay 3.20*  Meeting March 4th 7:00pm in study hall Owens College Preview Night  March 6th (more info to come)
  17. 17. And Finally ….we encourage youto be positively involved Set your personal/academic goals for this year. Balance between studying hard and enjoying friends, family & activities. Join clubs, attend events, make time for family & friends. Have a great sophomore year!