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Open house[1]

  1. 1. I am married to Roy Woods, a teacher. We got married lastNovember! I graduated from LSU with a Master’s degree in ElementaryEducation in 1997. This is my 15th year teaching and my 6th year at Bonne Ecole. I believe that learning starts with my students feeling like they arean important part of our classroom “family” and giving them the powerto be in charge of their own learning
  2. 2. Prepare your child for fourth grade! Teach them to use and be comfortable withtechnology Give them the skills they need to beindependent learners Learn to respect their classmates as well asthemselves Teach them to be responsible and organized Encourage them to find the answers to theirown questions
  3. 3. We use the school wide PBS expectationsof being positive, safe, responsible, andrespectful as our classroom rules Students are rewarded for following theseexpectations Consequences are given when they havefailed to follow them
  4. 4. Starbucks – School WideBINGO numbersSpecial PrivilegesSpecial TreatsCertificates and Awards
  5. 5. Punch Card SystemNote or Phone Call HomeLoss of RecessLoss of PrivilegeWhite SlipReferral to the Office
  6. 6. PLEASE sign the agenda everyday. This means that you knowabout any special notes from me about your child’s homework orupcoming events at school.If you need to contact me or just let me know about somethingquick, you should also write a note in the agenda.CONFERENCING- phone and/or in personIf you need to speak to me personally, call the office and leave me amessage. I try to return them that same day, or at least by the next.You can send me an e-mail if you need a quick answer to an easyquestion. I may choose to call you back for some questions though!Let’s work together for the best interest of your child!
  7. 7. • Allows you to see your child’s grades and attendance record at any time• Passwords will be mailed home from Central Office• Beginning with the 2nd quarter, the automated system will contact parents for absences, tardies, major discipline issues and failing grades
  8. 8. • Note from you or the doctor with a reason within 2 days = excused• After 10 unexcused absences, the following missed days must be made up with “seat time” hours done outside of the regular school day• More information can be found at
  9. 9. Your child’s agenda and BEE foldercontain the most accurate day to dayinformation. Classroom Website Graded papers will go home onWednesday night. Please sign and returnthem.
  10. 10. Please send a healthy snack with your childeach day if possible. Only water is acceptable for drinking in theclassroom unless it is a special occasion like abirthday or holiday Students will have a snack and bathroom breakwhile they work at around 10:00 each day. No peanuts! Students are not allowed to share snacks Please do not send high sugar or candy type ofsnacks
  11. 11. 8:06 WBEE, Morning Meeting8:25 Spelling8:40 Social Studies/Science9:25 Writing/Grammar10:05 Reading11:25 Literacy Workstations Specials Schedule11:50 Lunch Monday: 12:30-1:00 P.E.12:30 Specials Tuesday: 12:30–1:10 Art1:00 EDC/Math Log Wednesday: 12:30–1:00 Library Thursday: 12:30-1:00 Music1:26 Math Friday: 11:20-11:50 Music2:45 Pack up/Agenda 12:30-1:00 P.E.
  12. 12. Your child will have the opportunity to use many types of technology this year to create projects, complete assignments, learn in workstations. We have: iPod Touch devices Desktop Computers Laptops Voice Recorders Web Cams Digital Cameras FlipCams Promethean Board
  13. 13. Fund Raiser information went home on Monday ~Spirit cups 4/$15.00 Great opportunity to use other people’s money tohelp out your child’s classroom and school50% of the profits go directly to our room!Use the money to purchase supplies and equipmentfor the classroom Possible purchases: iTunes gift cards, maybeanother iPod Touch!
  14. 14. Volunteers are always welcome! You can help by working with students,making copies, or preparing materials We will need at least 4 parents to help atclassroom parties Would love to have a room parent! Please fill out the volunteer sheet if youwould like to help
  15. 15. St. Tammany Parish Absence PolicyGrading Scale has changed:93-100 A85-92 B75-84 C67-74 D66-0 FPBS Star Buck Student Stores are now held every other month. On theopposite months, students will have the opportunity to purchase aprivilege.Safety- Office check-in, afternoon pick up is not allowed from inside theschool building.UniformsTickets- Don’t forget to turn in your tickets to the Office Foyer when youleave!