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Moving from Project Portfolio to Innovation Funnel


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Published in: Technology, Education, Business
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Moving from Project Portfolio to Innovation Funnel

  1. 1. Dave Rochlin1November 2012Institute for Business InnovationUC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
  2. 2. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012 “If you want a leading indicator of what yourorganization will look like three to five yearsfrom now, where would you look?" “Where you will be is typically reflected in yourproject portfolio. Its the truest measure oforganizational intent."2Cathy Benko – Vice Chairman , Deloitte
  3. 3. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/20123VS
  4. 4. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012IT portfolio practices are often inconsistent with an innovation mindsetPortfolio/PPM Practices Risk/reward payback Existing systemsperspective Rigid gates Pass/fail grades Capacity constraints Solution focusInnovation Practices Learning Multiple approachesexplored Experimentation Rapid prototyping Cross boundary Problem focus4The Problem
  5. 5. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/20125UnmetNeedsWhiteSpaceEmergingOpptys.
  6. 6. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Case Study - Web Team (50+) What they were working on Keeping the lights on○ Basic site upkeep and maintenance○ Ensuring online transactions running smoothly○ User research, surveys, and usability testing○ Acquisition campaigns/marketing Incremental improvement○ Inbound functionality requests (backlogged)○ Re-design for CMS○ Data schema updates○ Keeping front end in synch with backend○ Etc.6
  7. 7. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012The Big Picture Areas for Innovation Only 20% ofcustomers use webservices Significantcustomer churn Low loyalty Low perceivedvalue Lag competitors inonline offerings7
  8. 8. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012You can stay alignedandsend out expeditions.8
  9. 9. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012The Enemy of Innovation9
  10. 10. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/201210
  11. 11. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/201211
  12. 12. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Innovation at UC Berkeley Haas Ambitious Innovation Leadership Developmentagenda Through IBI, one of the largest dedicated effortsto study and advance the art and science ofinnovation○ Lester Center – Entrepreneurship○ Fisher center - CIO leadership○ Garwood Center – corporate innovation Center for Open Innovation Berkeley Innovation Forum Haas @ Work12
  13. 13. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/201213Via Haas@Work, an applied innovation program offeringcompanies the opportunity to partner with students andfaculty to address a significant business challenge.Substantial Hands-On Industry Experience13
  14. 14. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012 A 16 week course is built around a specific companyopportunity or challenge. Innovation/consulting agency model, with a definedframework, structure, and faculty oversight.1414Haas@Work
  15. 15. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Experi-mentation15The Innovation FunnelInsight based ideagenerationConceptdesign.ModelingInnovationInsight generation andopportunity assessment.
  16. 16. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/201216
  17. 17. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Experi-mentation- Customers are switchers- 100+ nationalities in Dubai- Average order time 6 Min- Nothing in fridge= pizzaInstant store specificordering tool.Push of a button, atfridge, info/preference pre-shared.Expect xx% increase<< ACTUAL 500% >>Fast and inexpensive($9K), with measurementand feedback.17Insight based ideagenerationConceptdesign.ModelingInnovationInsight generation andopportunity assessment.How this would look through the funnel
  18. 18. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Traditional Portfolio Rejection Triggers Integration into existing systems and multi-unitfootprint issues = big project Complex issues with supporting multiple customerenvironments Other post-implementation customer and storelevel support issues Unknown business case and impact18
  19. 19. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/201219
  20. 20. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Lean Startups Mindset“Focus on having more swings at the bat or shots on goal,or whatever the metaphor is…the goal isn’t to fail fast, butto succeed fast. We can do that by iterating rapidly.”- Steve Blank In other words: If you try 5 pizza buttons one will work, but you may needto try it 5 times. Also worth noting: Successful innovation are built on a platform of deep andnovel insight.20
  21. 21. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/201221
  22. 22. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Thoughts on Creating a Funnel Mentality22
  23. 23. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Embrace The Duality of the CIO Role23
  24. 24. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Problem Find Before Problem Solve24 Insight identification rather than data gathering Agree on what you are solving before solving
  25. 25. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Insight vs Data250%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%2010 2012 2014(proj)Android/ChromeIOSWindowsData Insight:Find the“why behind the what”
  26. 26. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Beware of What You Know You Know "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk? H.M. Warner, Warner Brothers “With over fifteen types of foreign cars already on salehere, the Japanese auto industry isn’t likely to carve out abig share of the market.” Business Week “640K ought to be enough for anybody.” Bill GatesJumpstart innovation by rethinking what you know aboutusers and customers.26
  27. 27. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/2012Process, Resources, and Organization No Free Lunch – dedicated group or resource set-aside Not stage gates, but a process for each step Partner with business owners and other stakeholders27
  28. 28. Innovation@ BerkeleyRochlin 11/201228
  29. 29. 29THANK YOU! Dave