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Animal report ruiz

  1. 1. Black Rhinos Carla Ruiz
  2. 2. Table of Contents Habitat Food and Water Daily Behaviors Family Structure Interesting Facts Bibliography
  3. 3. Habitat  South and Eastern Africa  Namibia, Zimbabwe  Sudan  Savannas of Africa  Central Africa  Southern Africa  Southern Asia  Hot places  Small trees  Really green  Hides deep in the forest
  4. 4. Food and Water  Eat leaves  Herbivores they only eat plants  Will eat anything to survive  Like to be near water to drink  Eat in the mornings or evenings  Very large stomachs  Eat for 12 hours a day  Eat branches  Eat twigs
  5. 5. Daily Behaviors  Sleep in the middle of the day when it starts to get hot  Eat in the morning and evening  Enemies are hyenas  Don’t have any pray they eat plants, leaves and grass  Female takes care of its young  Males fights with other males to defend their territory  Other enemies are humans because they want their horns
  6. 6. Family Structure  The female takes care of the calves  When the female rhino moves to find food only take their calves  Calves' stay with mother until they are about 2, 3, or 4 years old  Mothers teacher their calves how to avoid danger  Most male rhinos live alone  If female has new baby she, pushes away the older one to take care of the new born  When the female is pregnant the male leaves before the birth  Young female rhinos don’t become adults until they are about seven years old  The female has 15 months of pregnancy  Male aren’t fully grown until they are about 12 years old  Every 3 years a female may give birth to a calves
  7. 7. Interesting Facts  Just black with no other colors  Horns are made of the same thing hair and fingernails are made out of  Chinese people cut off their horns to make medicine, magic  If the people didn’t cut off all of their horns to make something, it grows back  Have one baby rhino every three years  Have little bugs that ox-peckers eat on the skin  Two horns one is big another is small  Sometimes charge at things that aren’t really there  Very bad eyesight  Great hearing
  8. 8. Bibliography  The Students Discovery in Encyclopedia Wildlife and Plants. Chicago: 2005