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Crisis in our land wilsey


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Crisis in our land wilsey

  1. 1. By Rachel Wilsey
  2. 2. Click on the bullet to view a chapterChapter One: Latin AmericaChapter Two: Sub-Saharan AfricaChapter Three: Middle EastChapter Four: EuropeChapter Five: AsiaChapter Six: Australia/New ZealandChapter Seven: North America
  3. 3. CHAPTER ONE Destination: Natal, Brazil
  4. 4. The AmazonRainforest, hometo many naturalwonders... Is quickly disappearing.
  5. 5. When the forest iscut, the areasurrounding thecut loses moisture.This area of thethe forest diesquickly. Click mouse to move on
  6. 6. Most of thedeforestation isdone through slashand burntechniques.Sometimes thesmoke from thesefires is so thickthat schools haveto be closed andflights have to bedelayed orcanceled. Click mouse to move on
  7. 7. Tribal life is disappearing. Thepeoples and cultures of the amazon arebeing wiped out or assimilated.It is not uncommon for ranchers toterrorize, kill and force the removal ofIndians. Once they have done so, theybulldoze the land to erase the evidenceof the Indians presence.This pattern of genocide has yet to beinvestigated by the police, although thegovernment grants “equal protection”to indigenous peoples under theconstitution. Click mouse to move on
  8. 8. Women, the last hope for the Ecuadorian Amazon? The Atlantic Richfield Oil Co. has begunconstruction of a pipeline through the PanshpanshuBiological reserve in Ecuador. If this project is allowed tocontinue, it will destroy the ecosystem and end the naturalway of life for the Shuar and Quichua peoples. They will beforced to either live on the petroleum contaminated, clearcut “dead zones” or migrate to the city. While the men of these indigenous communitiesfall into the trap of corporate deceit, the women demand thattheir voices be heard. They organized the First Congress ofWomen of the Amazon in 1996. They continue to providebi-cultural and bi-lingual education for their children.These remarkable women have even created a NaturalIndigenous University where foreign students are able toexperience natural living and health restoration traditions. Click mouse to move on
  9. 9. One half the species on earth live in the rainforest, and they too are loosing their homes. If nothing is done to prevent it, By the year 2035, all the tropical rainforests in the world will be gone.Click mouse to move on
  10. 10. To see more, click on an icon. Radar map of the Letter home amazon Action alert «—» Distance H Currency and Master Travelouge other souvenirs i•Bibliography •Back to table of contents
  11. 11. Dear Mother Earth, I am currently in Brazil visiting your amazing Amazon rainforest. It is soshocking to learn what is going on here. So much of the forest is gone, it has been cut down for its natural resources; for the tropical hardwood, oil, gas, uranium, gold, iron, diamondsand for farming. It’s amazing to think Brazil has more remaining rainforest then any other country, when I see so much being destroyed. They tell me that if the current rate of deforestation continues, there will be no tropical rainforests left in the world in a mere 35 years. What will we do when the “lungs of the earth” are gone? You give usnatural wonders to sustain our life, and we destroy them. It angers me that people slash and burn to clear the land for agriculture. Farming in the Amazon is not even efficient. Once the land has been cleared, it can sustain intensefarming for two to three years. After that, soil erosion renders the fields unusable. Think of all the different species of plants and animals that will become extinct. And what about all the indigenous people, they are having their way of life ripped out from under them. They are faced with an ultimatum, abandon their homes and way fo life to move to the city or die. It saddens me to see us throw away such a wealth of life and culture. Today’s society allows affluent, “civilized” people to determine the fate of the indigenous peoples. No human being on this earth has the right to hold the welfare and life of another human in their hands. Being here has made me more aware of the problem. But it has also made me more aware of the solution. This is not a problem of the distant future, something for my children’s, children to deal with. Now is the time for action to prevent any further destruction. There are many things that an individual can do, such as write letters and petition the government. To see some current issues and find out what you can do to help,see the action alert page. Love your daughter, Rachel Wilsey Back to link page
  12. 12. This space radar image of a tropical rainforest in westernBrazil shows the rapidly changing and use. The pinkareas are pristine tropical rainforest. The blue and greenareas have been cleared for agriculture. Back to link page
  13. 13. Distance between Denver, Colorado, United States and Natal,Brazil, as the crow flies:5361 miles (8628 km) (4659 nautical miles)Initial heading from Denver to Natal:east-southeast (107.6 degrees)Initial heading from Natal to Denver:northwest (312.5 degrees) Back to link page
  14. 14. Area City Chosen Miles Days Present Cost of Salary Bonus NewVisiting traveled Traveled Bank Travel Earned Drawn Balance long/lat Cum. Cum. Balance (Subtract) (Add) (Add) NatalLatin 5361 1 0 0AmericaSub-SaharanAfricaMiddleEastEuropeAsiaAustralia/New ZealandNorthAmerica
  15. 15. Area City Chosen Miles Days Present Cost of Salary Bonus NewVisiting traveled Traveled Bank Travel Earned Drawn Balance long/lat Cum. Cum. Balance (Subtract) (Add) (Add) Natal,Latin Brazil 5361 1 0 0 $15America Khartoum,Sub-Saharan 10316 SudanAfricaMiddleEastEuropeAsiaAustralia/New ZealandNorthAmerica
  16. 16. Area City Chosen Miles Days Present Cost of Salary Bonus NewVisiting traveled Traveled Bank Travel Earned Drawn Balance long/lat Cum. Cum. Balance (Subtract) (Add) (Add) Natal,Latin Brazil 5361 1 0 0 $15America Khartoum,Sub-Saharan 10316 SudanAfricaMiddle Baghdad, Iraq 1799EastEuropeAsiaAustralia/New ZealandNorthAmerica
  17. 17. Picture of Capoeira, a traditional form of dance/martial art Silver butterfly earrings from the Galeria 10,000 Cruzeiros Soho Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66 album. Mendes is a renownedPortuguese: Bom dia (good morning) BrazilianSpanish: Hola keyboardist
  18. 18. ABC World Book, http://www.theodora.comAmazon, the green inferno,’s currency, coins and collectables, http://www.currencyandcoins.comBrazil, Online Rainforest, One, Bazaar, http://www.iconbazzar.comLonely Planet, Web, http://abayala/ American Tree Farms, Back to link page