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The sea set on fire


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Science supports the Prophet Hadith on sea bed fissures filled with fire.

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The sea set on fire

  1. 2. O nly a few decades ago geophysicists became sure that the floor of some sea is carpeted with volcanic basalt rocks. T he story began when expeditions teams were sent to search the world seas for minerals to balance the decrease in the world mineral reservoirs.
  2. 3. T o their amazement, they find long volcanic ridges ( 65000 Km long and 1500 Km wide) in the mid of most oceans and seas. M ore studies proved that the floor of the sea is bisected by a along rift, these are filled with volcanic fissures from which magma and lave and other derbies spout out abundantly and violently. T he outcome of lava and magma feed the ridges making the sea expand bilaterally
  3. 4. S ome of these ridges may rise high enough over the water forming island or mountain hills M ore studies and deep sea explorations were conducted and the results were: "Most of the current volcanic activity at the bottoms of seas and oceans has been going on for the past 20-30 million years, although some have persisted in their activity for 100 million years or even more (e.g. the Canary Islands).
  4. 5. T he scientific statement in the Holy Quran God says in the Holy Quran what means “ And the sea set on fire… ” T he verse starts by an oath by God by the sea set on fire, God doesn't need to swear to prove something but this is just a way to draw our attention to the significance of the subject matter.
  5. 6. The Arabic word " Masjour " which means" afire" also means" being heated on fire" when we put a piece of metal on fire till it turns a little dark, we call it" A masjour plate"
  6. 7. S ince Mohammed was an illiterate who could not write nor could he read, he must have received these facts from Allah , the C reator of the universe. N ote that humanity didn't reach these facts till 1927 . Also, Prophet Mohammed never sail any sea in his life.
  7. 9. I s there water under these fires( the volcanic basaltic floor of the sea) I t has been notices that the lava and magma erupted from the earth third layer contain water, so the earth layer that is under the sea and under this fire contain water.
  8. 10. S o this scientific finding is also compatible with the second statement in the Hadith, i.e, under the fire there is water. I t is noteworthy saying that all the scientific statement in the hadiths or the Holy Quran implies prophecy that such a fact will be found one day.
  9. 11. S cientific statement in the Holy Quran and the prophet's words strengthen faith in the believers heart and also prove that Islam is a true religion to non-Muslims. It is also addresses the atheists and gives them proofs to the existence of God