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Donaldson Orientation


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Donaldson Orientation

  1. 1. Donaldson Elementary Kindergarten Mrs. Campbell & Mrs. Cartisser
  2. 2. Preschool Common Core Standards
  3. 3. Beginning of Year Kindergarten Readiness ChecklistSocial • Able to play, take turns, and share with others • Able to take care of self in bathroom • Able to put on coat, tie shoes, etc. Emotional • Able to separate from parents • Able to adjust to new situations School Skills • Able to sit and listen to a short story • Able to listen while others are speaking • Able to color in the lines • Able to hold scissors and start to cut on the lines • Able to recognize colors • Able to listen to two or three step directions • Able to organize belongings in a folder • Able to focus on a task for at least 10 minutes Carpool • Able to open and close the car door • Able to buckle the seatbelt
  4. 4. Readiness Skills for Success in Kindergarten • Name 15 letters (capital & lower case) in random order • Identify and produce corresponding letter sounds for 15 letters • Say the beginning sound of words • Say words that rhyme • Clap the syllables in words • Tell what happens in a story that is read to them • Print first name (1st letter should be capital and the rest should be lower case) • Know the difference between letters and numbers and letters and words • Count in order to 20 • Count objects to find how many (up to groups of 10) • Recognize four basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  5. 5. Foundational Skills • Recognize & print all capital and lower case letters • Recognize corresponding letter sounds, including long and short vowel sounds • Read 8 color words with automaticity • Read 40 sight words with automaticity • Read CVC word families (kit, bit, sit) • Read CVCe words (kite, bite, site) • Demonstrate comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts Kindergarten English Language Arts Curriculum
  6. 6. Kindergarten English Language Arts Curriculum Writing • Capitalize first word in sentence and pronoun I • Recognize and use end punctuation • Spell simple words phonetically • Use drawing, dictating, and writing to compose narrative, informative, & opinion texts • Participate in research projects
  7. 7. Kindergarten English Language Arts Curriculum Phonemic Awareness is a recognition that spoken words are composed of several individual sounds. Phonemic Awareness focuses on sound units (phonemes). • Recognize & produce rhyming words • Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words • Blend and segment onset and rime of single-syllable spoken words • Isolate and pronounce the first, medial vowel, and final sound in CVC words Note: Phonemic Awareness can be done in the dark!
  8. 8. Kindergarten Math Curriculum • Recognize & construct 2 and 3 dimensional shapes • Count, recognize, name and print numbers 0-20 • Identify numbers 0-30 • Count to 100 by ones and tens • Compare numbers and sets of objects • Identify place value for numbers 11-19 • Solve addition equations within sums of 10 (memorize facts 0-5) • Solve subtraction equations within differences of 10 (memorize facts 0-5)
  9. 9. Donaldson Kindergarten Supplies Please do not put your name on... * 4 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons (please make sure they are Crayola brand) * 4 large glue sticks *1 box of tissues * 1 box of sandwich size ziploc bags *1 box of one gallon ziploc bags *One bottle of hand sanitizer Please put your name on... *Folder(needed daily) * Pencil Box(5in x 8in)(will remain at school) * Large Backpack(needed daily) Paint Shirt-will remain in backpack for Art Days
  10. 10. Kindergarten Information • Carpool • Conferences (November & April) • Snack • Parties/birthdays • Parent helpers • Absences and vacations • Homework
  11. 11. Thanks for coming!