"Getting Creative with Social Media" BlogPaws Presentation


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Presentation by The Tiniest Tiger and DogTipper at BlogPaws2012 on Getting Creative with Social Media.

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"Getting Creative with Social Media" BlogPaws Presentation

  1. 1. GettingCreative withSocial MediaJoanne McGonagleParis Permenter
  2. 2. Paris Permenter
  3. 3. Introduction: Before PetWriting
  4. 4. Previous specialty: travelwriting
  5. 5. Guidebook writing
  6. 6. Promotion through traditionalmedia: TV, radio, booksignings
  7. 7. 2008 brought change!
  8. 8. Change in direction meant: Need to define just what this new business would be in terms of audience, product, and promotion. Need to built a profitable site quickly. Need to reach brand representatives from our rural home. Need to reach a large audience…but on a very tight budget.The answer = social media
  9. 9. Joanne McGonagle & Gracey
  10. 10. Once upon atime….• An unplanned adoption changed two lives• We were redirected to follow a different path
  11. 11. And so it began…During nights of insomniaworrying about frozen food thestory of The Tiniest Tigerunfolded.
  12. 12. From Freezer to Field
  13. 13. From Hunting Trophies toHunting Snares
  14. 14. From MBA to ZoologistBig Cats and Save the Frogs!
  15. 15. Build a Platform!
  16. 16. Social Media Platform
  17. 17. Expand your platform.Use multiple accounts Twitter  @dogtipper  @cattipper  @HollywoodDogs  @EventBarkers  @parisandjohn Pinterest  Pinterest.com/parisandjohn
  18. 18. Grow Grow your accounts as a weekly task. Cross-promote your accounts. Present a common brand for your accounts through the account names as well as logos, colors, descriptions.
  19. 19. Learn new tricks
  20. 20. Growing importance of goodphotos in social media Pinterest has brought new emphasis on good photography in social media. Use tools to improve your social media photos:  Instagram  Instaphotofor Blackberry  Touch up your photos with online tools like PicMonkey before uploading to your social media accounts
  21. 21. Gracey Wins!Bissell MVP Photo Contest Winning Photo Cover Girl
  22. 22. Stand Out in a Crowd  Create a Signature  Cause  Company  Product  Event
  23. 23. #centexfires  RTd calls for help & offers of assistance, lost and found animals, etc.  Collected tweets in one central place on our blog for non-Twitter users  Promoted the link to that central help page
  24. 24. Lion Guardians Project  Maasai Warriors saving Kenya’s lions outside protected areas.  Promote & Sustain Coexistence between People & Wildlife  Tell the story and generate revenue to sponsor guardians.
  25. 25. Event Barkers  Partnered with Carrie Boyko of All Things Dog Blog to form company specializing in social media solutions for pet businesses.  One of our largest events has been #RedCarpetCat to promote the launch of The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag.
  26. 26. Triple T Studios  Creating Fashion with a Passion.  Our goal is to support global community based conservation programs.
  27. 27. Create Products andPromote via your Blog  Give press a reason to write about you through development of a product.  Monetize your blog by using it to support your own products.
  28. 28. Books  We leveraged the industry we already knew -- book publishing – as well as my educational background in Economics.  Upcoming books include coloring book featuring rescue, dog treat cookbook
  29. 29. The Tiniest Tiger Handbags & Accessories
  30. 30. Combine Your Efforts!Event Barkers & Red Carpet Cat Event
  31. 31. Red Carpet Cat Event
  32. 32. Use Your Imagination • Create a Story • Be Silly or Be Serious • Don’t Worry • Be Yourself!
  33. 33. Voice & Instinct  Listen to your own voice  Rely on your instinct  Define what makes you unique
  34. 34. Embrace & Be Bold!  Pick Your Passion  Learn & Share  Speak Your Mind  Your Unique POV
  35. 35. Follow Your HeartSpeak from your heart andothers will listen.