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The Happy Prize Company Overview

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The Happy Prize Company Overview

  1. 1. Extraordinary Experiences Connecting brand to customer & employee to organisation
  2. 2. It’s all about brand. If you have a vision, we’re here to make it happen. If you’re still in the planning process, we’ll help you shape your idea into an inspiring campaign. And if you’re not really sure what you want to do, we’ll have plenty of suggestions for you. Wherever you begin, the end result will be one that weaves together all you want to offer – and nothing you don’t. Everything we do is entirely original. The experience doesn’t exist until we create it for you. And afterwards, it will live on in the stories your winners will tell and the memories they’ll share of what the brand did for them. We go deeper. Behind the scenes, off-grid, deep into culture and meaning. For us, creating experiences means being life-enriching, where winners will get to learn more about the world, connect with other people and even better understand themselves. All because of you, the brand and agency behind it all. Every moment counts. Our job is to ensure they’ll enjoy the richest possible experience, and because time is precious, we’ll ensure they feel that it couldn’t possibly have been better spent any other way. We handle everything. From the research, through to planning, to communications with you and the winner, every step of the way. We’re fully bonded too, so everyone involved is in very safe hands. We leave nothing to chance. Everything is possible and if it doesn’t exist, we create it. If it hasn’t been done, then it’s time we did it for you. And if people say it’s impossible, we set out to prove them wrong. The Happy Prize Company stands for creativity, good ethics and excellence. Give us a try and see what you’ve been missing.
  3. 3. “We have to make sure we deliver meaningful experiences that capture value for clients & stakeholders in our new digitized society” The European Centre for the Experience Economy
  4. 4. We’ll either create ideas from scratch, or we’ll turn yours into reality. Our purpose is to create exceptionally powerful experiences that help fulfill your campaign objectives. Whether you have £100 or £100,000, we use our expertise and experience to make your life easier. Leveraging our relationships formed over 20 years, the benefit of using us is simple. We’ll save you 1.TIME 2.ENERGY 3.MONEY (and we win awards for our creativity too)
  5. 5. travel prize campaigns out on shelf & in the media
  6. 6. Pladis Merry Biscuits Grotto Christmas Campaign Win a luxury trip to Lapland plus 1000 family adventure days
  7. 7. Original Source on-pack ‘#Packmorein’ in UK, Germany, Australia & Indonesia Shark Diving South Africa, Bungee Jumping in Austria, Extreme Watersliding in Spain
  8. 8. Doritos scratch card ‘Eliminate One Flavour’ Flavour themed breaks & experiences in Mexico & New York ELIMINATE ONE FLAVOUR FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN A TRIP TO MEXICO SCRATCH ONE BAG TO SEE IF YOU’RE A WINNER!* *Terms and Conditions apply. See reverse for details. NEW YORK OR 01 105mm (w) x 74mm (h) N/A 3mm 4 colour litho Cyan C Terry 01/07/2016 C Terry 07/07/2016 100% None. Magenta Yellow Black N/A N/A N/A N/A Pepsico WALUK0575 Doritos A vs B Scratchcard Front
  9. 9. Pandora walk-in upsell ‘Win Tickets to El Classico’ VIP tickets & travel to the Greatest Football Match In The World
  10. 10. Bulova VIP Group Sales Incentive Trip to NYC
  11. 11. PepsiCo Quaker Porridge Oats on-pack ‘Blast Off To Florida’ Fly with an Astronaut at Kennedy & Stargazing Breaks in the UK
  12. 12. Naked Juice Win A Personalised Weekend Wellbeing Escape
  13. 13. non-travel prize campaigns out on shelf & in the media
  14. 14. P&G Always ‘Meet Laura Trott’ Meet & Greet at the Charlotte Street Hotel, London
  15. 15. Pladis McVitie’s Sweeter Together Prizes included 5 x Dream Family holidays 20 x Weekend Breaks, 500 x Family Days Out vouchers & 1,500 x pairs of cinema tickets
  16. 16. supersavvyme LEGOLAND family passes with brand association
  17. 17. Gillette Venus Win 1 of 100 Virgin Experience Days
  18. 18. P&G various media campaigns featuring Topshop vouchers, goody bags, M&S gift cards
  19. 19. The Post Office £10k holidays, £2500 National Gardens vouchers, National Trust memberships & hotel voucher stays
  20. 20. P&G Gillette World Cup 2018 Prize bundle including: 5 x Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart 65 Inch TV 5x SONY Wireless Cinematic Sound Bar 5 x Sony Playstation 500GB + Fifa18 5 x PSVR V2 5 x Amazon Echo 2nd Gen 5 x NOW TV Box with 1 Month Sky Cinema
  21. 21. Naked Juices on-pack ‘Free Rides for Free Spirits’ campaign Bespoke, custom-made bike & workshop experience from Brick Lane Bikes for 5 winners
  22. 22. Naked trips to Berlin including street photography workshops
  23. 23. PepsiCo Quaker Porridge Oats on-pack ‘Blast Off To Florida’ Fly with an Astronaut at Kennedy & Stargazing Breaks in the UK
  24. 24. Naked Juice Win A Personalised Weekend Wellbeing Escape
  25. 25. We also like creating life-affirming experiences for the brands & agencies we work with
  26. 26. Emotional Wellbeing Year of life coaching Year of Nutritionist Year of Massages Year of online access to wellbeing workshops Access to the Wake Up! app Experiences Training for a Ted Talk A Wake Up! retreat in Dorset A weekend at the Do Lectures A day at Mark Hix’s home in Dorset learning to cook Leica: 1-1 street photography Home & the heart A year of house cleaning A year of mortgage repayments A year of flower deliveries A year of organic food deliveries A Feng Shui home consultation Life-changing trips A Wilderness Adventure in Alaska or Africa Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa Galapagos Safari Camp Stay With A Nomadic Tribe Ananda Retreat in Himalayas Body Year of nutrition sessions Year of massages Year of personal trainer Year’s gym membership Year’s access to online yoga Learn Learn to surf in Cornwall Learn to play tennis lessons Learn to code lessons Learn to meditate sessions Learn to make classes (pottery/woodwork/art) Fun 2 bespoke hand-made bikes A comedy night out for 4 Festival passes for The Good Life A wood-fired hot tub Weekend at Europe’s biggest waterpark Outdoors A weekend for 6 in forest cabin A weekend foraging workshop An outdoor survival weekend Wild swimming lessons A state-of-the-art tent & all the gear Shopping & Sport An ethical designer shopping experience with £2k spends VIP tickets to El Classico, Spain VIP tickets to Wimbledon Life lessons with a British Olympic athlete We hope you can appreciate that all our prize concepts are the property of us, The Happy Prize Company, and should not be replicated or copied without our consent. Thank you for adhering to this request .
  27. 27. Bespoke Disruption Workshop _________________________ How to create an innovation culture. And why it matters. Really matters. Companies rarely change too early. They almost always change too late. The trouble with success is it puts you in a mind set that it will always be that way. But Nokia is a cautionary tale. So how do you create a ‘never stand still’ culture. Because right now your biggest competitor is in his underpants, with his headphones on, eating a bowl of Cheerios, while writing a piece a code that will turn your industry upside down. So how do become nimble, agile, and fast. This workshop with Mark Shayler, author of Do Disrupt, will show how you think and behave to help you disrupt your business, in order to ensure your company's biggest successes are in the future, and not in the past.
  28. 28. Breakthrough: The Life-Changing Magic Of Sorting Your Sh*t Out _________________________ You keep telling yourself that you are stuck. You are not. Old habits just require new strategies. You have convinced yourself you are too late for change. You are not late for anything. You keep telling yourself you have to find your passion. But only 20% of us have a single passion. So for 80% of us that just leads to more frustration. You keep telling yourself a story that is almost guaranteed to limit your success. Why do we do that? This day is challenging. As it should be. But, it is a very supportive environment.
  29. 29. Sensory Wilderness Experience, Wales ____________________________________ A one-night, one-day programme led by entrepreneur and founder of the Do Lectures (the UK’s alternative to Ted) Andy Middleton & coach Andy Shipley to uncover the stories, histories and relationships that can drive or prevent open, constructive and appreciative dialogue when it comes to executing new projects and ideas. Starting with introductions and a sharing of the current context over dinner on the first evening the day programme sees stakeholders exploring an appropriate natural environment through new senses, supported by someone who ‘sees’ differently to them before comparing notes over an extra-sensory lunch and afternoon of re- focusing shared challenges and outcomes with a clearer, more powerful lens.
  30. 30. Gorilla Trekking in Uganda (3 days) ____________________________ It’s only a lucky few who ever experience this once-in-a-lifetime brush with jungle royalty, the rare mountain gorillas who make the Impenetrable Bwindi Forest in Uganda their home. Permits are limited, and even once issued an encounter is hard-won, often requiring several hours of heavy hiking up steep and slippery slopes and through dense, humid vegetation. Once the troop is located, you’ll be given a precious hour to spend with the gorilla family, a strictly-monitored window that ensures minimal disruption to the primates. And what an hour it is… understanding communication in it’s most primal form. Worth every moment.
  31. 31. As well as creating experiences for promotional marketing campaigns, through our sister company The Life Adventure we also create & run talks & workshops to help brands & agencies with their creativity & problem-solving Here’s a few examples..
  32. 32. Gain Deeper Inspiration & Creativity (for marketing professionals) ________________________________ You work in brand and marketing because it’s about energy, creativity and communication – things that matter personally, that wake you up and make you feel engaged. You love it when you get a chance to bring new life to a brand or create a powerful idea to catalyse change. But all too often the inspiration goes missing in action, sidelined or forgotten in a rush to create something that is acceptable to the client, internally or externally. In this workshop, based on 20 years experience as a strategist, entrepreneur and author – Laurence Shorter will reconnect the team with what really matters about marketing: the generation of inspiring energy that attracts and mobilises customer communities.
  33. 33. Set Your Creativity Free In The Alps (for marketing folk) Break the monotony of office-based meetings and gain a new perspective in the snow. Think snowshoeing, fat wheeled electric snow biking, skiing and snowboarding the Grand Massif, ski touring in the back country, fondue in the forest, tree houses, Vin Chaud over mountain lunches and creative sessions around the log fire. Examples (all tailor-made, summer series also available, no experience necessary) Snow (Board) Break the monotony of board/office based board meetings and get a new perspective in the snow. One or two nights in a luxury chalet or hotel with a day out hiking on snowshoes to a remote farmhouse for a fondue lunch. 24 Hour Mountain People Low time and cost commitment but the full wild winter experience. From city bustle to deep back country solitude and back again. Mindful Snow Hosted in a beautiful mountain chalet, enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, guided meditation and as much or little coaching/facilitation tailored to your needs.
  34. 34. We’ve also teamed up with WakeUp! A wellbeing app developed in Silicon Valley. We’re looking for the right brands to collaborate with.
  35. 35. WakeUp! The app, event & experience for brands to jump on board ____________________________________
  36. 36. ¤ You send us a brief and we’ll turn it into amazing ideas. We’ll tweak and re-work it for you until it’s right. There’s no charge for these services. ¤ Once you’re happy with the final details, inclusions and price, we’ll confirm all the details back, ask you to sign off, invoice and wait for the winners/recipients to come through. ¤ All prizes, rewards & incentives include our dedicated management service including logistics for bulk fulfilment. We’re expert at this, with 18 years direct experience, which means you can leave winners in our very capable hands and you won’t have to worry about a thing. ¤ There’s quite a lot for us to do at this stage so we always provide a truly dedicated prize- winner/rewards/incentives manager to over see each winner/recipients’ experience throughout. We do this on behalf of your brand to really bring the whole experience alive. We believe this is a key part of ensuring that the winners have a great brand experience from start to finish. ¤ We’ll contact winners within 24 hours of receiving their details on behalf of the brand, to congratulate them and confirm their prize. We’ll keep your team informed of the booking progress and ensure that winners have the full brand experience from start to finish. ¤ Travel winners are ABTA/ATOL protected & will receive hand-held service and a 24hr contact for when they are away. ¤ For peace of mind, we are covered with £5m public liability insurance. How it works & what we include
  37. 37. PRIZES for Promotional Marketing Campaigns & REWARDS to INCENTIVISE employees, re-sellers & customers Extraordinary WE CREATE EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES
  38. 38. If you have a promotional or incentive campaign you’d like us to help you with, or perhaps you’re looking for inspirational rewards for an employee, customer or re-sellers programme you’re running. If so, we’d love to talk to you. Contact Justine Clement M: +44 (0) 7714 333418 E: Visit us online at Follow us on Twitter @happyprizeco The Happy Prize Company is part of The Life Adventure Group & backed by 50th Generation - a purpose-driven accelerator programme for innovative businesses.