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Renew with DNN


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Driving Customer Success is Our #1 Priority
With a growing ecosystem, we want to provide you with more opportunities than ever: better websites, happier customers and the software and solutions providers to help you get there.

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Renew with DNN

  1. 1. DNN VISION 1
  2. 2. The open source movement fundamentally changed the software industry
  3. 3. We are at a new level of innovation in which private, proprietary companies can’t keep up.
  4. 4. These proprietary solutions do not leverage large, open source ecosystems.
  5. 5. Thus cannot offer unique solutions for developers.
  6. 6. Yet they continue to lock in customers indefinitely.
  7. 7. This is where we come in.
  8. 8. We harness this large, open source ecosystem unleashing enormous innovation and customer choice.
  9. 9. We do this by growing the community on Microsoft’s tried and .NET Framework without a proprietary vendor lock-in model.
  10. 10. Our Software Since 2003, this ecosystem gives developers full control over CMS to build on top of existing architecture
  11. 11. Our features help you overcome obstacles Open source ecosystem giving you control over your CMS Robust capability with premium features developed and supported by DNN Corp. .Net-based and open for developers to customize
  12. 12. Driving Customer Success is Our #1 Priority
  13. 13. Thanks for your support! Continue to ride the open source movement.
  14. 14. Serving customers from lower mid-market to the Fortune 500. 114,000 + Websites powered by DNN 1,300 + Customers from over 40 countries 82 + NPS Score
  15. 15. Thank You 401 Congress Avenue, Suite 2650 Austin, TX 78701, USA (650) 288.3150