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Brevitaz overview final


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At Brevitaz, we specialise in big data, analytics and full-text search solutions. We build scalable systems and analytics dashboards to make sense out of terra bytes of machine generated data from your servers, IOT devices and sensors. We leverage java based technology stack with our expertise in Hadoop ecosystem and ElasticSearch.

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Brevitaz overview final

  1. 1. WELCOME TO
  2. 2. Our ability to join hands in end-to-end planning, seamless coordination and execution of releases have help us gain trust. We leverage best in class technologies and platforms from Open source to Microsoft. We help our clients gain quick ROI by applying Continuous Delivery best practices to deliver quality solutions. We develop cost-effective solutions by designing sustainable and flexible systems that can accommodate future requirements easily and quickly. COMPANY PROFILE Brevitaz is a rapidly growing IT startup, based at Ahmedabad, providing innovative IT solutions to its global client base. Founded in August 2014, we are serving as a reliable offshore partner to our clients by implementing Agile best practices. Formed by group of tech experts, whose experience from the diverse industry verticals forms a strong foundation of the company.
  3. 3. STRATEGY Vision To be one of the most reliable IT partner in the area of Analytics solutions with wide client base for our product and services. Mission Our mission is to help our client leverage bleeding-edge technologies by providing scalable IT solutions in a risk free manner. Values Our core values are customer focus, integrity, technology focus and work with ownership. Each of our team member lives by these values day in and out that will be visible in all our communication.
  4. 4. SERVICES OFFERED Software Development Outsourcing We see your business from your eyes to understand your real business problems and requirements. We embrace Agile & Continuous delivery best practices to react to rapidly changing business needs. Consultation Our center-of-excellence team of Elasticsearch will get into crux of the problem and suggest you optimal solution for your full-text search or analytics requirements. Our technical architects can help you design scalable and sustainable architecture and meet your architectural goals.
  5. 5. SERVICES OFFERED Idea Incubation Offer venture-funded enterprises Minimal Viable Product(MVP) with least investment from product idea to launch. Proposition Development to determine ways for improving your product and making it more attractive to investors. Reengineering We rethink your existing system and develop disruptive solutions to make it simpler, performant and maintainable.
  6. 6. EXPERTISE Center of Excellence • Big Data Analytics • Full-text Search Industries • Telecom • Finance • Logistics • E-commerce • Social • E-procurement • Legal
  8. 8. Our team is an immaculate blend of independent business people and industry experts with a wide cluster of practical mastery and domain exposures. We start with focus on getting deep insight into our client's business domain and upcoming challenges. OUR TEAM At Brevitaz, with a collective experience of 20+ years, we have successfully deployed innovative software solutions across maze of heterogeneous systems on premise and in cloud environment. Our key people have served clients from diverse industries as presented here.
  9. 9. EPCIS 1.1 CURRENT PROJECTS Our offshore client's legacy system consisted of monolithic server having EPCIS 1.0 compliant repository as well as containing deployment specific functionalities. We analyzed poor performance and scalability issues in the fragile architecture of legacy system. We redeveloped the system for upgraded EPCIS 1.1 version using cutting- edge open source technologies, NoSQL backend and component based pluggable architecture. In spite of the new domain, our analysis team autonomously did in-depth study of the Logistics domain and understood the specification in a short time. As the system is a middle-ware, it needs to be integrated with other systems via SOAP webservices. To ensure the expected behaviour at all time, we setup continuous integration & webservice testing. Vanila version of EPCIS 1.1 repository is already in production, with performance gain from seconds to few tens of milliseconds
  10. 10. DITA Documentation CURRENT PROJECTS We are working on DITA documentation project for one of our offshore client's License management system. For the enterprise class license management system, our client's requirement was to have documentation for their complex domain in multiple formats such as pdf, html, xhtml etc. to help their customers reach for support quickly. Our information architectures are undertaking DITA project by implementing best practices for structured writing, minimalism and topic-based authoring. By leveraging DITA's content re-use capabilities we are providing hight quality information with customized formatting to setup automated content publishing.
  11. 11. Brevitaz Systems SF 44, 4D Square Mall, Opp. Engineering College, Nr. Sangath Mall, Visat-Gandhinagar Highway, Motera, Ahmedabad-382424, Gujarat M: +91 97259 41481 E: W: CONTACT US