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How Structured Content Increases the ROI of Your Content


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Content that is modular, structured and semantically rich can attain almost magical powers. These powers make your content have more marketing impact -- and ultimately can increase your content ROI -- no matter whether that content is part of your website, newsletter, blog, or mobile application.

In this presentation, Colleen Jones, CEO of Content Science, will detail the benefits of structured content and provide examples you can apply to your content.

She’ll detail how content can be organized for better distribution and discovery, all while delighting your customers and users.

You’ll gain actionable knowledge about structured content as well as ideas to drive better results from your marketing and a higher ROI on your content.

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How Structured Content Increases the ROI of Your Content

  1. 1. Structured Content
  2. 2. Structured Content ABOUT ME • Founder of Content Science • Content intelligence + strategy • Services, software, + online magazine • Author of 2 cornerstone content books • Advocate for influential content (before it was cool!) • Proud parent…
  3. 3. Structured Content LEARN THE WAYS OF METADATA YOU MUST Structured Content
  4. 4. Structured Content OUR GOALS ROI Recap! Definitions 4 Ds of Metadata Magic
  5. 5. Structured Content Metadata is data that structures your content +, consequently, gives it magical powers.
  6. 6. Structured Content METADATA
  7. 7. Structured Content CONTENT METADATA
  8. 8. Structured Content@leenjones • #intelcontent Magical Power
  9. 9. Structured Content Make Powerful Marketing with Metadata
  10. 10. Structured Content OUR GOALS ROI Recap! Definitions 4 Ds of Metadata Magic
  11. 11. Structured Content Metadata equips your structured content with 4 marketing powers. DISCOVERY DELIGHT DISTRIBUTION DEDUCTION CONTENT
  12. 12. Structured Content Metadata describes your content for technology so that • Search engines, content management systems, and social media sites understand it and retrieve / deliver it. • People, ultimately, can find it when searching and browsing. Content DISCOVERY
  13. 13. Structured Content “Yoda dog costumes” Bad Metadata!
  14. 14. Structured Content • ACS example The Best Content Missing Because of Bad Metadata Top search term: transportation assistance
  15. 15. Structured Content Metadata describes your content for technology so you can • Aggregate • Syndicate • Mashup • Reuse • Deliver Across Channels Content DISTRIBUTION
  16. 16. Structured Content
  17. 17. Structured Content Good Metadata!
  18. 18. Structured Content
  19. 19. Structured Content Teaser Home Page Feature Category Page Related Article Page Landing Page Email Search Results
  20. 20. Structured Content Metadata describes your content for technology to power • Personalization • Localization • Engineered Serendipity • Merchandising Content DELIGHT
  21. 21. Structured Content
  22. 22. Structured Content
  23. 23. Structured Content
  25. 25. Structured Content Content metadata combines with data about your customer to trigger contextually relevant content. • Behavior – What topic(s) is your customer visiting or searching for? • Settings – What preferences has your customer set? • Location – Where is your customer? What time of day is it there? Content DELIGHT
  26. 26. Structured Content Metadata collects data about how people interact with your content and, consequently, yields powerful content intelligence. • Analytics tags • Advertising / promotion tracking tags • Content evaluation tool tags Content DEDUCTION
  27. 27. Structured Content
  28. 28. Structured Content Quitting Smoking Content • High page views • High bounce rate • Good or bad? Content DEDUCTION
  29. 29. Structured Content WEB / CHANNEL ANALYTICS CONTENT SURVEY DATA CUSTOMER INQUIRIES + SENTIMENT BUSINESS METRICS Insight + Action Content ROI Content Effectiveness Content Value Customer Insight Prediction Analysis + Interpretation Ask Content Questions Mine for Answers Triangulate Data Content DEDUCTION: Content Intelligence System
  30. 30. Structured Content Content DEDUCTION: Content Intelligence System Content GOOGLE ANALYTICS OPTIMIZELY HOT JARSURVEYS + INQUIRIES CONTENT WRX
  31. 31. Structured Content Metadata makes marketing meaningful. Metadata seems small, but it makes a big impact.
  32. 32. Structured Content OUR GOALS ROI Recap! Definitions 4 Ds of Metadata Magic
  33. 33. Structured Content INCREASE REVENUE BY… SAVE COSTS BY… $ Increasing sales across digital channels $ Increasing cross sell and upsell $ Increasing sales leads $ Improving quality of sales leads $ Reducing churn and boosting loyalty $ Maintaining or improving customer satisfaction $ Reducing content maintenance time + effort $ Repurposing existing content into new content marketing products $ Maximizing the use of content management technology $ Reducing risk of content errors + inconsistencies $ Reducing effort to optimize for mobile and multichannel delivery A Recap of Potential ROI
  34. 34. 34 Promising Pilot Scalable Success INCREASING REVENUE 36% Boost in Weekly Sales
  35. 35. EVEN MORE ROI Repurposing Content in Post Purchase Email Product Tips Related products Related condition
  37. 37. Structured Content • Photo: The Daily Mail MAY THE STRUCTERED CONTENT FORCE BE WITH YOU!
  38. 38. Structured Content COLLEEN JONES CEO, Content Science Content intelligence + strategy to accelerate your business