Jeevan Service Offerings


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Jeevan Service Offerings

  1. 1. About Jeevan<br />6/3/2011<br />1<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  2. 2. We understand your business <br />Data volume growth<br />Scalable Framework<br />Estimations Guidelines Reusable assets ( accelerators, POC’) TCC - Unit & Enterprise level<br />Data Integrity<br />Increase in business<br />complexities<br />Functional / <br />Operational Knowledge<br />Tool driven Requirements<br />Metrics driven Delivery, Process driven Maturity<br />Flexible Engagement model<br />Information mismatch between<br />operational systems<br />Jeevan Preparedness<br />Challenges<br />Market Dynamics<br />Aggressive timelines<br />End user commitment<br />Joint Ventures<br />Industry associations<br />Alliances<br />Trainings and certifications<br />Human capital management<br />Informed Business strategies<br />6/3/2011<br />2<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  3. 3. Strategic transformations– Point Solutions<br />Strategic & Tactical Advantage Over Customers<br /><ul><li>Improving revenue generation
  4. 4. Preventing revenue leakage and reducing operating costs</li></ul>Centers of Excellence Relevant to Customer Requirements<br />Enterprise Related Services<br /><ul><li>Analysis of Network utilization for capacity planning
  5. 5. Create new revenue opportunities</li></ul>Research & Analytics<br />Support Services<br /><ul><li>Remote Management Services
  6. 6. Back office Management
  7. 7. Improving revenue generation
  8. 8. Preventing revenue leakage and reducing operating costs</li></ul>Receivables Management<br />
  9. 9. Service Offerings<br /><ul><li>Roadmap Definition
  10. 10. Product Upgrade
  11. 11. Product Enhancements
  12. 12. Product Maintenance
  13. 13. Independent testing</li></ul>Human capital<br /> Management ( HCM)<br />Quality Assurance<br />Product Engineering Services<br />Training<br />Research and <br />Development<br />Strategic Offerings<br />Mobile Application development Services<br />Testing Services<br />Enterprise Solutions<br />Collaboration<br />Intellectual <br />frameworks<br />Technical <br />Competency<br />Adherence to Industry Standards<br />Functional <br />Expertise<br />6/3/2011<br />4<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  14. 14. Technical Capabilities<br /><ul><li> Billing Systems, CRM, Provisioning , Inventory, Network Management, Revenue Assurance , Convergence
  15. 15. Customer Care (IVR, ACD, CTI)
  16. 16. Payment work flow management / Settlement
  17. 17. Insurance - Personal/ commercial workflow optimization, e Filling
  19. 19. SMS/MMS/UM/IM
  20. 20. SS7, CAMEL,SIP, Data transfers (TCP, FTP. FTAM X.25)
  21. 21. TIBCO, MQ Series
  22. 22. Web Logic, Web Services, REST, Apache
  23. 23. XML, CORBA APIs, DB Connectivity
  24. 24. WAN including Leased lines, Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), MPLS
  25. 25. Internet VPN, Wi-Fi, 802.11p Provisioning entries between different network elements
  26. 26. Microsoft .NET framework (2.0, 3.0, 3.5) features (WCF, WWF, WPF, Card Space, LINQ), Share Point Server
  27. 27. PHP, Perl, Shell, Python, C, C++, C#, J2E, J2ME, JSP, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mercury, Rational
  28. 28. DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
  29. 29. Sugar CRM, Siebel, SAP, MS Dynamics
  30. 30. AJAX, Web 2.0, WPF
  31. 31. Silver light, Flash, Flex
  32. 32. WF, Iterative, Agile
  33. 33. WBS, FP, UML</li></ul>5<br />6/3/2011<br />5<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  34. 34. Why Jeevan?<br />6/3/2011<br />6<br />REDUCE<br />INCREASE<br />Enablers<br />REDUCE<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  35. 35. Jeevan Telecom Offerings<br />Domain Focus<br /> Order Management<br /> Inventory Management<br /> Service Provisioning<br /> Network management<br /> Revenue Assurance<br /> Business Analytics<br /> Payment processing<br /> Billing and Mediation<br /> Value added services<br />Offerings<br />Service Enhancements<br />Application Upgrades<br />Data Migration<br />Back office Operations<br />High tech Consulting<br />Point Solutions<br />Custom development<br />Assets<br /><ul><li>Methodologies
  36. 36. Estimation Guidelines
  37. 37. Templates
  38. 38. Standards /best practices
  39. 39. Adjunct Products</li></ul>Offerings<br />Offerings<br />Integration Services<br />High tech Consulting<br />Network Services<br />Batch processing<br />Back office operations<br />KM Services<br />Product Life cycle management<br />Independent testing<br />Product maintenance<br />Product rollouts<br />KM Services<br />Engagement Models<br /><ul><li> Fixed Price or TnM
  40. 40. Onsite/Offsite/Offshore</li></ul>6/3/2011<br />7<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  41. 41. Telecom - Point Solutions<br />Business Analytics<br />Custom developed<br />Revenue Assurance<br />Time driven<br />Scalable<br />Mobile Computing<br />Close to Real<br />Supports Heterogeneous <br />6/3/2011<br />8<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  42. 42. Business Intelligence in Telecom Services <br />6/3/2011<br />9<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />Reporting Types<br />Customer Analysis<br />Traffic Analysis<br />Financial Analysis<br />Roaming Analysis<br />Churn Analysis<br />Value Analysis<br />Location Analysis<br />Performance Analysis<br />Need based Analysis<br />Information assets are well leveraged to drive the performance to the new level<br />Salient features<br />Custom defined<br />Flexibility in Solution Deployment/Management<br />Ease of Integration<br />
  43. 43. Jeevan’s Mobility COE<br />Jeevan - Center of Excellence (CoE) focuses on Mobility technologies that can result in strategic transformations at Enterprises and End user levels <br />Dear Kate,<br />This is your mVoucher. Please show this barcode voucher at the store to claim your $20 discount.<br />ABC Cards<br />Back<br />Next<br />Share of 2010 Q2 Smartphone sales to end users by operating system, according to Gartner<br />10<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  44. 44. Mobile Application development capability summary<br />6/3/2011<br />11<br />Source: Forrester Research, Inc.<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  45. 45. Strategic Transformation for Customers<br />Offerings<br />Key Parameters<br />Work flow customization to enable<br />Speed<br />Accuracy<br />Flexibility /Availability <br />Data Capturing and Data Management<br />Transactional Data<br />Data Management<br />Business Analytics<br />Customer Analysis<br />Traffic Analysis<br />Financial Analysis<br />Value Analysis<br />Location Analysis<br />Performance Analysis<br />Test Management<br />Independent verification and validation<br />Non functional testing<br />UI Testing<br /><ul><li>Offerings Preparedness
  46. 46. Services focusing on solution maturity
  47. 47. Memory Management
  48. 48. Speed of Data transaction
  49. 49. Data Synchronization
  50. 50. Device Management
  51. 51. Assessment and continuous improvements on native offerings
  52. 52. Competitive positioning
  53. 53. Ability to offer “Point solutions” ( like Back office work, System/Data base Administration)
  54. 54. Ability to diverse from “Point solutions” to scalable maintenance
  55. 55. Talent Management
  56. 56. Ability to direct resources, skills and offerings to meet the specific needs of geographies
  57. 57. Knowledge management / Resource scalability on “Cross functional products”
  58. 58. Ability to understand Customer’ needs and define the offerings</li></ul>ACCELARATORS<br />CHALLENGES<br />KEY CONSIDERATIONS<br />Scalable framework<br />Reusable assets<br />Alliances<br />Engagement flexibility<br />Functional (Telephony and domain)<br />Technical<br />Integration elements, Infrastructure, Tools<br />Methodologies<br />Operational Guidelines<br />Business guidelines<br />Technical guideline<br />Socio-Economic guidelines<br />
  59. 59. Jeevan Healthcare Offerings<br />Domain Focus<br /><ul><li>Laboratory Information Systems
  60. 60. Integrated care management
  61. 61. Inventory Management
  62. 62. Customer Case Management
  63. 63. Diagnosis Management
  64. 64. Prevention Services
  65. 65. Regulatory services</li></ul>Reporting<br />Work force management<br />Drug/Dieses History<br />Custom Apps<br />Mobile Extensions<br />Interfaces<br />Assets<br /><ul><li>Enterprise Transformation strategies
  66. 66. Skilled Practitioners
  67. 67. Regulatory compliances awareness</li></ul>Mobile Extensions<br />Custom Apps<br />Remote Administering<br />Interfaces<br />Engagement Models<br /><ul><li> Fixed Price or TnM
  68. 68. Onsite/Offsite/Offshore</li></ul>6/3/2011<br />13<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  69. 69. Healthcare - Point Solutions<br />Business Analytics<br />Custom developed<br />Custom Applications<br />Business driven<br />Scalable<br />Mobile Computing<br />Close to Real<br /> Heterogeneous <br />6/3/2011<br />14<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  70. 70. Jeevan BNFS Offerings<br />Domain Focus<br /><ul><li>Corporate transactional services
  71. 71. Payment gateways
  72. 72. Front office Management
  73. 73. Back office Management
  74. 74. Customer Case Management
  75. 75. Regulatory services
  76. 76. Mobile Banking and Web</li></ul>Reporting<br />Work force management<br />Transaction History<br />Profiling<br />Mobile Extensions<br />Interfaces<br />Work force management<br />Core Banking<br />Assets<br /><ul><li>Enterprise Transformation strategies
  77. 77. Frameworks on Security compliances
  78. 78. Regulatory compliances awareness</li></ul>Payment Processing<br />Reporting<br />Mobile Extensions<br />Reconciliation<br />Point of transaction<br />Engagement Models<br /><ul><li> Fixed Price or TnM
  79. 79. Onsite/Offsite/Offshore</li></ul>6/3/2011<br />15<br />Point of Sale<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  80. 80. Banking - Point Solutions<br />Business Analytics<br />Custom developed<br />Custom Applications<br />Real time<br />Scalable<br />Mobile Computing<br />Close to Real<br /> Heterogeneous <br />6/3/2011<br />16<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  81. 81. Product Engineering Services<br />Live Products<br />Strategic Transformations<br />Products under Development<br />Revenue Assurance – Telecom<br />Payment processing – Mobile computing<br />6/3/2011<br />17<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  82. 82. Project Case Studies – TAXATION<br />
  83. 83. Product Engineering Services<br />Live Products<br />Products under Development<br />Revenue Assurance – Telecom<br />Payment processing – Mobile computing<br />6/3/2011<br />19<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />
  84. 84. Project Case Studies – Heath Care<br />Engagement Details<br />Objective: To develop a full featured, Internet-based LMS (Learning Management System) designed to manage, deliver, track and report blended learning initiatives. It is designed to support healthcare organizations’ mission-critical training and business objectives<br />Technology <br />ASP.NET<br />AJAX<br />SQL SERVER<br />ETL<br />Project Type : Time and Material<br />Duration : Live, started in May 2008<br />Project Methodology : SCRUM<br />Target Geography : USA<br />ODC: Chennai, India<br />
  85. 85. Project Case Studies – Heath Care<br />Engagement Details<br />Project Type : Fixed price<br />Primary technology : Microsoft<br />Target Geography : USA<br />ODC : Chennai, India<br />Project Duration : 06 Months<br />Project methodology : Waterfall<br />
  86. 86. Project Case Studies - Mobility<br />
  87. 87. Thank you<br />“Go with Customer , Grow with Customer….”<br />India  (ODC 1)#91, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,Mylapore, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India<br />India  (ODC 2)<br />DLF IT Park,<br />Porur, Chennai, Tamilnadu , IndiaPhone: +91 44 2811 6960/61/62 Fax: +91 44 2811 6964 Email:<br />United States of America725 Cool Springs Blvd, Suite 600Franklin, TN, 37067Phone: +1 615 732 6156, +1 615 732 6256 Fax: +1 615 732 6101 Email:<br />Copyright©2010, Jeevan Technologies Limited<br />