2007 Spring Newsletter


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2007 Spring Newsletter

  1. 1. the bulletinSPRING | 2007USA DIRECT RELIEFDirect Relief Partners with Nationwide Clinics to Ease BY THE NUMBERSAsthma Inhaler Transition Fiscal Year 2007 April 1, 2006 through March 31, 2007More than 46 million Americans lack health The partnership, under the banner of the * Unaudited figuresinsurance (U.S. Census Bureau, 2006). 2007 ASPIRE Campaign, is the result of a generous donation of 500,000 units $133.6 millionFor these people, accessing affordablemedical care and medicine is both difficult of the PROVENTIL® HFA inhaler byand costly. Safety-net clinics, community pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough. medical resources furnished (wholesale value)health centers, local public Schering-Plough’s donationhealth clinics, and hospitalemergency rooms are was a proactive response to a federally mandated ban on 34.8 million courses of treatment providedoften the only options for chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)those who lack insurance.Over the past four years,Direct Relief’s safety-net inhalers from the Food and Drug Administration. 59 countries served The ruling required allclinic program has workedto provide medicine and drug makers that produced CFC inhalers to transition 1,070 number of aid shipmentssupplies to this growing them off the market bygroup of uninsured throughsupporting clinics and 2008. Asthma patients who used the commonly 1,094 tons of medical material aid furnishedhealth centers treating available CFC albuterolworking-poor patients asthma inhalers must switchwho would otherwise go to an environmentally- responded to Direct Relief’s survey, resultingwithout care or pay high, photo credit: friendly inhaler like the in a total donation of 471,873 units ofnon-negotiated rates for Asian Pacific Health Care Venture PROVENTIL® HFA inhaler. the environmentally friendly inhalers to betheir medicine. The ASPIRE Campaign’s distributed to low-income, uninsured asthmaSupport for the safety-net clinics expanded purpose was developed to ease the patients free of charge. transition for low-income patients treated atin April, as Direct Relief partnered with The ASPIRE Campaign, combined with an participating clinics who will be hardest hitThe Children’s Health Fund, the National expanding domestic initiative to provide by the federal ban.Association of Community Health Centers, critically needed medicines and medicaland the National Association of Free Clinics Working directly with national, regional, and supplies to community centers and clinicsin a nationally focused effort to distribute local health center and clinic associations, over the last year, has increased Direct500,000 environmentally friendly inhalers to Direct Relief identified the needs of providers Relief’s domestic support to over $64more than 850 community health centers and treating uninsured asthma patients. A million (wholesale) since 2003.free clinics in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. total of 858 health clinics nationwide Direct Relief’s Support to U.S. Safety-Net Clinics 40 Number of Uninsured Americans* Millions ($) in Medical 50 Material Assistance 30 48 Millions of Uninsured 20 46 44 10 42 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 40 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Year Year Katrina Support *Source: U.S. Census Bureau, August 2006 Ongoing Support
  2. 2. In-Kind Donors Improving Global HealthFrom November 1, 2006, through March15, 2007, Direct Relief received medical aidwith a wholesale value of $52,616,402. Wethank the following in-kind donors whose Boehringer Ingelheim Provides Critical Paingenerosity has enabled us to help millions of Medication for Low-Income Americanspeople around the world. In October 2006, Boehringer Ingelheim CARES Foundation contributed over $45 million (wholesale) of the pain medication Mobic® in support of DirectAbbott Relief’s efforts to assist safety-net community health centers and clinics in the United States withAllied Healthcare needed medications for their low-income, uninsured patients. The material contribution was theAstraZeneca largest single donation in Direct Relief’s history, but more importantly it was a key resource forBaxter International Inc. clinicians treating patients in need.BD Pain medication is often too expensive for community health centers and clinics to purchase.Boehringer Ingelheim CARES With this contribution, clinic physicians are able to deliver this highly effective pain reliever free Foundation of charge to their patients. Centers and clinics that have received Mobic® from Direct ReliefBristol-Myers Squibb Company noted that the product is critical to their provision of care for arthritis and helped expand theirCarlsbad Technology, Inc. assistance to patients who would have otherwise been unable to pay for medications.Chattem Inc. One bottle of Mobic® delivers a three-month supply of pain medication for one patient. DirectChild Health Foundation Relief estimates that more than 18,000 patients have received critical pain relief as a result ofCovidien Boehringer Ingelheim’s generous contribution.Cure MedicalDey LaboratoriesE. Fougera & CompanyEdgepark SurgicalEthicon, Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Sponsors ProjectsFSC Laboratories, Inc. Throughout Tsunami-Affected Sri LankaGlaxoSmithKlineHeart Hugger In 2006, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) provided $265,000 toHenry Schein Cares Program improve healthcare and mental health services for tsunami-affected communities in Sri Lanka.IAPYX Medical The funding has supported three major projects in southern and eastern Sri Lanka, including theInstyMeds Corporation/RedPharm operation of mobile medical clinics in the coastal Ampara District, the construction of a healthInvacare clinic in Nintavur, and the provision of medical, dental, nutritional, and psychosocial servicesJanssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. for tsunami-affected children in the District of Hambantota.Johnson & Johnson Along the east coast of Sri Lanka, where thousands still remain displaced from the tsunami andJohnson & Johnson Consumer civil strife, GSK funds supported the purchase of a mobile medical vehicle for the Guardian Companies Foundation, a Sri Lankan nonprofit organization. The mobile medical vehicle travels along theJoseph Weintraub Inc. tsunami-affected coastline, bringing primary health services and health education to over 9,000Lane Instruments Corp patients in the first quarter of 2007 alone.LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.Marlyn Nutraceuticals, Inc. In Nintavur, a small coastal community in the Ampara District that suffered extensiveMcNeil Consumer & Specialty infrastructure damage from the tsunami, the GSK grant financed the construction of a two-room Pharmaceuticals health clinic that will focus on the provision of primary, preventative, and maternal and childMedline Industries health services for the community of 8,000 people. In southern Sri Lanka, GSK is working withMerck & Company, Inc. Direct Relief to provide medical, dental, and psychosocial services for tsunami-affected childrenMicroflex through Shilpa Children’s Trust in the Hambantota District. Medical and dental camps areMicrolife USA, Inc. arranged for children and their families who lack access to primary health services.Midmark Corporation Both GSK and Direct Relief are committed to finding and assisting long-term healthcareMiltex Instrument Company solutions for the Sri Lankan people who continue to suffer the effects of the tsunami, whichMylan Laboratories Inc. has been compounded by escalated civil strife and violence.Onyx Medical CorporationPurdue Pharma, L.P.Quixtar, Inc. Direct Relief’s TsunamiREM Eyewear ResponseRoyal ChemicalRoyce Medical $45.1 millionSandel Medical Industries, LLC (wholesale) medical resources furnishedsanofi-aventis 4.6 millionSappo Hill Soapworks courses of treatment of specificallySchering-Plough Corporation requested medicines, supplies, and medicalSpan-America Medical Systems, INC. equipment to care for tsunami victimsTEVA Pharmaceuticals USATher-Rx Corporation $12.3 millionTrading Places International infusion of cash to assist the rebuilding ofVitamin Angel Alliance the health infrastructureWatson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  3. 3. CameroonDirect Relief Provides Critical Equipment toImprove Maternal-Child Health in CameroonPhysicians in Cameroon face some of the most extreme healthcarechallenges in the world. They are continually faced with chronicshortages of medicines, medical supplies, and proper medicalequipment. Physicians are constantly overwhelmed, working ina country with severe health worker shortages. With only 19physicians per 100,000 people, Cameroon has one of the lowestratios of doctors to patients in the world. Life expectancy forwomen is 51 years and only 50 years for men (UNDP 2006).For Quality Healthcare Unit (QHU), a clinic located in the capitalcity of Yaoundé, the supply side of the challenge is being eased withthe support of Direct Relief.In March, Direct Relief provided QHU, a partner organization since2004, with maternal and child health equipment that will drasticallyupgrade the facility’s ability to diagnose potential problematic CAMEROON FACTSpregnancies, monitor fetal development, conduct abdominal anduterine surgeries, and prevent complications for women who have 18 million populationmiscarried. The enhanced equipment will also encourage QHUs 45.7 years life expectancydoctors to work and stay engaged in their local community.The assistance to QHU is the most recent example of a Direct 144 out of 177 countries on the UNDP Human Development IndexRelief initiative, launched in 2006, to improve maternal and childhealth services in high-need countries through the provision of 1989 the year Direct Relief began sending assistancerequested and appropriate maternal and child health technology.The goal is to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity $9.1 million (wholesale) assistance furnishedby making significant improvements in a partner’s capacity toprevent and treat health problems among pre- and post- partum 1.5 million courses of treatment providedmothers and their children.Equipment provided to QHU included such critical pieces as a new reanimation, baby incubator, instruments for dilation and culletage,ultrasound machine, fetal monitor, suction aspirator for pediatric and key laboratory pieces for comprehensive hematology, chemistry, and microbiology testing. Each partner facility included in the initiative receives a customized module based on their particular equipment, biomedical situation, and the priority needs of the population being served. QHU was established by Dr. Judith Shang, an epidemiologist formerly employed in the U.S. by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration. Situated in a densely populated neighborhood on the outskirts of Yaoundé with a population of 1.4 million, QHU provides primary care services, with a focus on maternal and child health and family planning, to a largely urban, impoverished community. In addition to the full compliment of maternity services, QHU also addresses common medical concerns such as diarrheal disease, upper respiratory infections, malaria, and malnutrition. The clinic’s approach emphasizes preventative care for all patients. Despite the extensive poverty of the local population, QHU, as a result of their expertise and standard of services, is able to attract some urban, middle-income patients that help to cross subsidize patients that cannot pay for services. The Direct Relief-donated equipment module will hopefully encourage additional paying patients to come to the facility, which in turn, will facilitate the expansion of services for poor and indigent patients. Direct Relief is pleased to be working with the Quality Healthcare Unit to protect and save the lives of Cameroonian women andIn 2006, Direct Relief launched an initiative to improve maternal and children. Other maternal and child health equipment modules havechild health services in high-need countries by providing critically neededequipment. Direct Relief has already furnished five consignments of requested been provided to El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, and Tanzania.and appropriate maternal and child health technology to partners, including For more information on Direct Relief’s maternal and child healththe Quality Healthcare Unit in Cameroon. assistance, visit www.DirectRelief.org.
  4. 4. Restoring SightA Cost-Effective InterventionAravind Eye Hospital, founded in 1976 by ophthalmic surgeon Dr. facilities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As a result of theG. Venkataswamy, began as an 11-bed eye care clinic located in project, thousands of people will recover their sight and have thethe old temple city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Established to opportunity to regain their traditional roles in family and society.provide comprehensive eye care services and eliminate preventable Direct Relief’s assistance 15 years ago has now come full circle toand curable blindness, Aravind has grown into a self-sustaining help even more people.system that now includes five hospitals, an international researchfoundation, a resource and training center, and an ophthalmicproduct manufacturing facility. Aravind’s network treats over 1.7million patients each year, two-thirds of whom receive free care.Since its inception, one of Aravind’s priorities has been cataractsurgeries. However, the high cost of consumables – particularlyintraocular lenses (IOLs) that are implanted into the eye after acataract is removed – proved a significant barrier. In the 1970s and1980s, IOLs were primarily manufactured in the U.S. and sold for$300 or more per lens.The most viable solution to cutting this cost was to produce thelenses in-country. In 1992, Direct Relief provided the necessaryproduction equipment to Aravind. Once the equipment wasreceived, Aurolab, Aravind’s new manufacturing arm, was able tocut the cost of IOLs to under $5, which enabled them to fulfill theirown demand as well as that of other charitable eye care facilities inIndia and around the world. Over the past 15 years, Aurolab hassupplied more than five million lenses to facilities in 120 countries. In addition to partnering with The Allergan Foundation and the Aravind Eye Hospital to provide IOL lenses for patients with cataracts, DirectWith a generous grant from The Allergan Foundation, Direct Relief Relief also provides high-dose vitamin A to clinics throughout the world tois now purchasing IOLs from Aurolab for partner ophthalmic prevent childhood blindness.Emergency ResponseHurricane KatrinaTwenty months after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita struck the Gulf Direct Relief’s recent infusion of cash has assisted the following:Coast, Direct Relief continues to provide direct cash investments • Provision of Medical Equipmentto support the healthcare infrastructure in the region. Direct Relief Teche Action Board (TAB), Louisianais committed to providing medical material aid and targeted cashgrant assistance to quality healthcare providers in the Gulf for as $70,000 to enable the purchase of a robotic dispensing systemlong as it is needed. for the in-house pharmacy to increase the Community Health Center’s ability to dispense medications in a safe, efficient, and• Furnished $26.8 million (wholesale value) of needed medical cost-effective manner supplies and pharmaceuticals, constituting 1.66 million courses of treatment through 95 shipments • Mental Health Services Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative• Disbursement of 95 percent of the $5.1 million in cash donations received for hurricane relief $100,500 to improve mental health services in the Hattiesburg Public School District, Mississippi through the support of a• Infusion of $4.68 million in critically needed cash grants to 42 licensed psychologist for school-based clinics partner clinics, hospitals, and associations • Oral Health Services St. Gabriel Eastside Community Health Center, Louisiana Direct Relief’s Emergency Response $99,996 to reduce the oral health problems in the Iberville and Ascension Parishes through the support of medical personnel $85 million for a new dental clinic • Maternal and Child Health Services medical material aid furnished for disaster relief in the last 29 months St. Charles Community Health Center, Louisiana $18.5 million $75,000 to improve maternal and child health services for the expanding Latino population in the Greater New Orleans area infusion of financial resources granted for disaster relief in the last 29 months through the support of a nurse midwife program $0 million amount of disaster contributions spent on administration or fundraising
  5. 5. Direct Relief Welcomes New Board Members and ChairmanFive new members were named to Direct law firm Hatch & Parent, Hatch served as The new slate also brings a strongRelief’s Board of Directors in February. its managing partner from 1968 to 1991. business background to the humanitarianThomas Cusack, Richard Godfrey, Raye organization. Mr. Cusack was formerly The Board’s executive and philanthropicHaskell, Donald Lewis, and Ashley Parker the Chairman, President, and CEO of expertise will broaden with the skills of theSnider will all be joining the Board for a Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance incoming members. Ms. Haskell has held athree-year term. Company, and Executive Vice President of variety of executive roles with the California Transamerica Corporation. Mr. Godfrey,Direct Relief’s Board of Directors elected State Government. She also serves on the who served on the Direct Relief boardStanley C. Hatch as its new chairman. Santa Barbara Board of Community Arts including as chairman from 1999 toHatch, a board member since 2003 and and Music Association, and on the Board 2005, was formerly Managing Director invice chairman for the past two years, of Directors for the Little Town Club. charge of Private Client Services for Trustsucceeds previous chairman Denis Sanan, Ms. Parker Snider is Vice President for Company of the West, a global investmentwho served in the office from 2005 to 2007 Marketing and Public Relations for Fess management firm. Mr. Lewis has more Parker Winery & Vineyard. She is alsoand reached his term limit as chair. than 30 years experience in commercial a board member of the RehabilitationA founding member of the Santa Barbara and industrial real estate investment and Institute at Santa Barbara. brokerage in the Pacific Northwest.Our InvestorsGifts received from November 1, 2006, through March 31, 2007Honorary Chair ($1,000,000 + ) Mrs. Ruth R. Crawford Anner Trust Mrs. Marvel KirbyThe Estate of H. Guy DiStefano Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cusack Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Anticouni Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klausner Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dow Arnesen Woodland Hills LLC Mr. and Mrs. John Knox-JohnstonAmbassador of Health ($100,000 + )Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. James Drasdo Mr. Anderson J. Arnold Mr. Larry Koppelman andBD Dr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Drew Ms. Sara Barr Mrs. Nancy Walker KoppelmanThe Osprey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Elsaesser Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Battaglia Mr. Ishwan KumarMr. and Mrs. Jon B. Lovelace FedEx Ms. Jocelyn C. Bauer Mrs. Nancy LessnerThe Orfalea Fund Mr. and Mrs. Gary Finefrock Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Beckett Michael E. andMr. and Mrs. Cooper Williams Ms. Penelope D. Foley Beckmen Vineyards Carol S. Levine FoundationNancy E. Williams Fox Point Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blue The Hon. and Family Foundation Ms. Claudia Frey Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bowen Mrs. John D. Macomber Josephine Herbert Gleis Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Mr. Doug Margerum/Consul General ($50,000 + ) Global Partners for Development Mr. Frederick P. Burrows The Wine CaskAnonymous Mr. and Mrs. Richard Godfrey Mr. Robert J. Buttel Ms. Roya MokhtariAbbott Fund The Hon. and Mrs. Henry E. Catto/ Mostyn Foundation Inc. Guyana Medical Relief, Inc.The Antioch Company Catto Charitable Foundation MyFonts.com, Inc. Mr. W.T. HammondGlaxoSmithKline Mr. and Mrs. Barton E. Clemens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Ostini/ Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott HedrickMr. and Mrs. Peter O. Johnson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coates The Hitching Post & Mr. and Mrs. George Holbrook, Jr./Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Kennedy Mr. Debra Compton Hitching Post Wines George W. Holbrook Jr.Mr. Michael Scott Ms. Helen S. Converse Mr. Devon PatelMr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons/ Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jackson/ Mr. Scott Cooper Mr. Gregory Perron Harold Simmons Foundation Crosby Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Petersen The Anne Jackson FamilyGlobal Emissary ($25,000 + ) Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Emery Mr. Alan R. PorterAnonymous The Lehrer Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Everhart The PRASAD ProjectBoehringer Ingelheim CARES Macheist LLC Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ewing Mr. Pooja Raj Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank Magid Ms. Carol Ferren and Rivinus Family FoundationFrancois and Sheila Johnson Brutsch Montecito Bank & Trust Mr. Gary Overman The Roney Family FoundationMr. and Mrs. Robert Cathcart The Samuel B. and Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Firestone Mr. and Mrs. Rick RoneyGoogle Margaret C. Mosher Foundation Firestone Vineyard Ms. Edith SatorMr. and Mrs. Brett Hodges/ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nakasone Mary Alice Fortin Foundation Mr. C. William Schlosser, Jr. WWW Foundation Nationwide Life Insurance Company Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaylord Mrs. Nancy Schlosser/Johnson & Johnson Family Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Glenn Nancy B. & C. William Schlosser Orfalea Family Foundation of Companies Dr. Bert Green and Family Foundation Mr. Dee Sterling OsborneDorothy Largay, Ph.D. and Ms. Alexandra Brookshire/ Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. and Mr. David Russell and Mr. Wayne Rosing Brookshire Green Foundation Mohammed Shaikh, Ph.D. Mrs. Diane RussellMSST Foundation Mrs. Raye Haskell/ Mr. and Mrs. Bhupi Singh Mr. and Mrs. Denis R. SananThe Nurture Foundation The Haskell Fund Ms. Carol L. Skinner Mr. and Mrs. James SelbertMr. and Mrs. James J. Roehrig/ Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hatch Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sweetland Roehrig Family Foundation Shaker Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James Shattuck Mrs. Juliane Heyman TSystem, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schall Priscilla Higgins, PhD. and Mr. and Mrs. Paul TurpinMr. and Mrs. Pete Schmidt-Petersen The Skolnick Foundation Mr. Roger W. Higgins/ Mr. and Mrs. James VillanuevaThe David Vickter Foundation Ms. E. M. Stephens Higgins-Trapnell Family Foundation Ms. Judith WatsonMr. and Mrs. Anant Yardi Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stevenson Mr. Phillip Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Michael WeberYardi Systems, Inc. Mr. Sanu K. Thomas Mr. Erle Holm Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. WeberYorba Oil Company, Ltd. Mrs. Grace A. Tickner E. Carmack Holmes, M.D. and William A. and Madeline SmithWorld Health Envoy ($10,000 + ) Mrs. Carolyn Holmes FoundationAnonymous Mr. and Mrs. S. Roger Horchow/ Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Wilson IIIMr. and Mrs. Stephen Adams The Horchow Family Thank You Wood-Claeyssens FoundationBower Foundation Charitable Foundation Writer Family FoundationJohn G. Braun Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hotchkis Charitable Annuity Trust President’s Council ($5,000 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Stanley HubbardDr. Bronwen G. Brindley and Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnson Mr. John L. Warren Anacapa Micro Products, Inc. Dr. Amy Kelley
  6. 6. Direct Relief Announcements • 2007 Shareholders’ Meeting We hope that you were able to attend our annual Shareholders’ Meeting on May 17. If you happened to miss it, you’re in luck! Event footage will be available online in June. Just visit www.DirectRelief.org. • New Web Site Launch Make a Gift Through Your IRA Now! Direct Relief is excited to unveil its new web site in June. In addition If you make a gift to Direct Relief to the new design, the site will highlight additional information about International on or before December 31, Direct Relief’s programs around the world and the organization’s 2007, the Pension Protection Act of 2006 renowned efficiency. provides new tax incentives for charitable gifts from donors who are 70 1 ⁄2 or older. You don’t have to pay income tax on the amount coming out of your IRA, and it can count as meeting all or part of your required Healthy people. minimum distribution, if you so desire. For further information about contributing Better world. funds through your IRA, please call Janice Pegram at (805) 964.4767 or consult your tax advisor. at ltuttle@DirectRelief.org. please send an e-mail to Laurie Ann Tuttle electronically (and help us save on postage), If you prefer to receive this newsletter address service requested info@DirectRelief.org www.DirectRelief.org fax: (805) 681.4838 tel: (805) 964.4767 Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Santa Barbara, CA 27 S. La Patera Lane Permit 756 PAID U.S. PostageNon Profit Organization