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Fall newsletter-2003

  1. 1. Healthy people. Better world. the bulletin FALL 2003Activities: January 1 – July 31Over $41 million in medical aid Direct Relief’s Emergency Response—Serving more than 5 million peopleIn the following 50 countries: Fast, Targeted, Appropriate By Annie Maxwell, Senior Program Analyst Afghanistan Belize Direct Relief has a decades-long tradition of quick efforts worldwide. It is this work—and the tested logistics Bhutan humanitarian response to local and international crises. channels and network of trusted partners involved—that Bolivia This aspect of our work represents only 10–20 percent of allows Direct Relief to respond to crises in a fast, Bulgaria our efforts annually, but it tends to attract the most media targeted, and appropriate manner. Burundi attention. The intense, if short-lived, media coverage The following recent emergency assistance efforts Cambodia of crises is welcome as it often spurs needed donations highlight the close connection between Direct Relief’s Cameroon from the public. However, it can overshadow Direct ongoing support and emergency response activities: China Relief’s day-to-day work to support indigenous health Cuba Democratic Republic of Congo Dominican Republic IRAQ Ecuador Al-Rashad Hospital in Baghdad, the only dedicated facilities in El Salvador contacted Senior Program El Salvador psychiatric institution in Iraq, was looted and stripped Officer Dan Smith for help in this crisis through the Estonia Ethiopia to its bare walls immediately after the war. Their home private organization FUSAL (Salvadoran Foundation Georgia destroyed, the hospital’s 1,000-plus residents streamed for Health and Human Development) and its sister Ghana into the streets. Direct Relief, which has supported foundation in the U. S., SAHF (Salvadoran American Grenada facilities in Iraq since 1991, responded quickly with Humanitarian Foundation). Within two days, Direct Guatemala over $5 million worth of psychotherapeutic agents, Relief airlifted more than $200,000 (wholesale value) Guyana including Risperdal and Paxil, to help clinicians provide of medical assistance, including oxygen masks, spinal Haiti therapy and resume counseling. The pharmaceuticals needles, pulmonary nebulizers, an infant blood-pressure Honduras and examination tables were delivered to various other monitor, a pulse oximeter, and more than 50,000 India facilities in Nasarieh, Basra, and Baghdad. Today some tablets of the antibiotic Augmentin, donated by Indonesia 600 patients have returned to Al-Rashad Hospital GlaxoSmithKline. Dan’s follow-up discussions with the Iraq where, for the first time in months, they are receiving the Vice Minister of Health have focused on steps, including Jamaica medical attention they need. appropriate vaccines, that might minimize the effects Jordan of future bacterial pneumonia outbreaks among Looting and vandalism also incapacitated the Direct Kenya vulnerable people. Relief-supported Saint Raphael Hospital in Baghdad. Kyrgyzstan Over the past two months, Direct Relief has helped Direct Relief has supported ongoing health efforts in Laos to restock the facility with pharmaceuticals, supplies, El Salvador for decades and in 2002 furnished more than Lebanon and surgical instruments. The medical needs of the $3.4 million worth of medical goods to indigenously-run Liberia surrounding population continue to loom large, yet health facilities. Malawi the well-trained staff at Direct Relief-supported Saint (continued on page 4) Mexico Raphael Hospital can now face those challenges with Nicaragua the tools necessary to succeed. Nigeria Peru Direct Relief Senior Program Officer Katherine Poma, Philippines R.N., in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Romania and the Babil Governate Support Team, initiated a Sierra Leone dental hygiene and education program in the Al Hillah South Korea area. Direct Relief provided 2,000 dental kits, which Sudan contained toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental floss. Tanzania In requesting this assistance, the UN Joint Logistics Trinidad & Tobago Commander for the area wrote, “The dental hygiene Uganda problem here is incredibly serious…Any help you can Ukraine provide is truly appreciated.” United States Venezuela EL SALVADOR Photo: Frank Bott West Bank / Gaza On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, Salvadoran Minister of Health Jose Lopez Beltran declared a “red alert” forHealthy people. bacterial pneumonia after seven children died during the preceding three days. Direct Relief-supported Better world. Hospital nurse in El Salvador with recovering child
  2. 2. In-Kind Donors In FocusFrom January 1 through July 31, 2003,Direct Relief provided medical aid witha wholesale value of over $41 million.The vast majority of these products weredonated by American corporations. Wethank our in-kind donors, without whom Support from Direct Relief andwe would not be able to help so many Others Nears U.S. Governmentpeople around the world. Global Brand Marketing Inc.— Levels in 2002 Our Newest Corporate Partner Direct Relief International, as part of the 22-memberAbbott LaboratoriesAlcon Laboratories, Inc. Welcome to Global Brand Marketing Inc. (GBMI), Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, helpedAllergan, Inc. our newest Corporate Partner. Founded in 1996 by distribute more than $812 million of humanitarianAmerican Medical Resource Killick Datta, GBMI designs, develops, and markets medical donations in 2002, according to a recentlyAmsino International stylish footwear for men, women, and children that completed survey by Temple University. This level ofAnsell Latin America is distributed to more than 130 countries worldwide. private humanitarian support approaches the $1 billionArm & Hammer GBMI is the authorized global licensee of Diesel budget for all overseas health programs other thanAuburn Pharmaceuticals Footwear, XOXO Footwear, Nautica Footwear, Mecca HIV/AIDS funded by the U.S. Agency for InternationalAventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. Footwear, and Pony Footwear. Development. Direct Relief provided over $67 millionAvon Products wholesale in medical assistance in 2002. Direct Relief launched its Corporate Partners ProgramBausch & Lomb Surgical Company in 2002. Funding from participating corporations goes to Founded in 1998, PQMD is an association of nonprofitBayer Consumer Care support healthcare projects for which no other funding relief agencies and healthcare manufacturers dedicatedBristol-Myers Squibb Company source is available. GBMI’s gift enabled us to fill several to raising the standards for medical product donationsCordis Neurovascular, Inc. urgent requests throughout the summer, including globally. PQMD members’ donations now totalDen-Mat Corporation dental kits to Iraq and antibiotics for the pneumonia $2.7 billion. For more information, see the PQMDDeRoyal Wound Care outbreak in El Salvador. Other Corporate Partners website: www.pqmd.org.Dioptics include the Antioch Company of Yellow Spring, OhioDreamWeaver Medical and Hy Cite Corporation of Madison, Wisconsin.East West AssociatesEthicon, Inc. Wish List: Delivery TruckFine Science Tools Inc.Free Wheelchair Mission Direct Relief International needs a new truck.Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc. Specifications: V-8 engine, automatic transmission, LifeScan Meters Boost DiabetesGlaxoSmithKline 20-foot bed with enclosed box, roll-up door, 10,000 lb. Care in UkraineGreen Meadow Mission capacity (minimum), 2,000 lb. capacity lift gate. Cost: roughly $40,000. LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company, recentlyHenry Schein, Inc. made a significant in-kind donation to Direct ReliefJohn O. Butler Company Our current truck, a much-traveled 1991 Chevy, has International of 1,500 blood glucose meters andJohnson & Johnson moved countless tons of wholesale medical aid and thousands of test strips. These materials were sent toJohnson & Johnson Consumer other contributed goods from donors in Southern many of our international partner facilities to monitorKarl Storz Endoscopy America, Inc. California to our warehouse. A new truck will improve patients with diabetes, including Children’s HospitalLandes, Inc. the safety and efficiency of this transport. In addition, #7 in Kiev, Ukraine.Lane Instrument Corp it will enable us to expand our deliveries of contributedMattell, Inc. pharmaceuticals and supplies from our warehouse to Diabetes is a major health concern in Ukraine. PeopleMcGraw-Hill Inc. community clinics serving poor and uninsured families with diabetes use the meters to check their blood sugarMcKesson Corp. Medical Group and persons in California. levels and adjust their insulin injections accordingly.McNeil Consumer & Specialty Research shows keeping blood sugar levels within aMedical Innovations, Inc. Direct Relief Meets and Exceeds low target zone significantly reduces the complicationsMentor Corporation often seen with diabetes, such as blindness and kidneyMerck & Co., Inc. Industry Standards failure. The pager-size meters, which make closeMicroflex Charity Navigator, America’s premiere daily control possible, help people with diabetes liveMidmark Corporation independent charity evaluator, recently healthier lives.Miltex Instrument Company awarded Direct Relief International itsNexxus Products Company highest ranking of four stars.Nordent Manufacturing, Inc. Each year Charity Navigator evaluatesOmron Healthcare, Inc. America’s 2,500 largest privately funded Photo: Courtesy of God’s Hidden TreasuresPacific Medical Inc. charities in terms of organizationalParagon Zoo Animal Teaching Aids efficiency and capacity. CharitiesParks Medical Electronics, Inc. receive a score of zero stars (poor) toPfizer, Inc. four stars (exceptional). The top ratingSage Products, Inc. signifies that Direct Relief “exceedsSchering Plough Corporation industry standards and outperformsShaman Botanicals most charities in its cause.” For moreSmith & Nephew Orthopaedic information, see the Charity NavigatorTandberg Telecom AS website: www.charitynavigator.org.TEVA Pharmaceuticals USA3M PharmaceuticalsWatson PharmaceuticalsWorld Kitchen, Inc. Women with diabetes being trained in the use of blood glucose monitors in Kiev
  3. 3. From the FieldGardeners of the RainforestBy Susan Fowler, Director of ProgramsBy sunrise, a row of dugout canoes was already lost. “They come from a whole otherlined up at the International Society for the strength and are the true gardenersPreservation of the Tropical Rainforest’s (ISPTR) of the rainforest,” says Kremer whenYarapa River base camp, home to a Direct Relief- talking about the 400 or so indigenoussupported medical clinic for the past 12 years. tribes that still populate the AmazonLocated in the Amazon Basin, 150 kilometers Basin. Many of the remaining tribesupriver from the northern Peruvian city of Iquitos, are very small, with a large percentagethe clinic provides free healthcare services to numbering less than 1,000 people.Amerindians from more than 20 river-based Like native people in many areas ofcommunities. The Direct Relief shipment that the world, these jungle populations areI had accompanied by boat to the camp had experiencing a significant decline injust arrived the evening before, but word that living conditions and worsening healththe clinic would be restocked with a new supply statistics as the modern world impingesof medical goods and nutritional products had on their homelands. The Achuar,already spread throughout the area. Huambisa, and Ahuaruna tribes are a few of the tribes living along the YarapaISPTR was founded in 1982 by Roxanne Kremer, and nearby rivers that have grown toa zoologist and leading expert on the Amazon rely on the ISPTR clinic and outreachpink river dolphin. The organization is comprised program for health care, especially whenof a team of volunteer naturalists who work toprotect the flora and fauna of the world’s largest their traditional treatments do notremaining tropical rainforest. ISPTR establishes alleviate acute or chronic problems.forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries, initiates As part of ISPTR’s medical outreach A mother and her newborn daughter await their consultation.conservation programs, creates awareness of program, we carried an assortment of medicalthe consequences of deforestation and habitat treated with Direct Relief’s donations of adult supplies to nearby villages to hold clinics anddestruction, and works to shape positive and pediatric antibiotics, nutritional supplements, to share with community health workers. Oneenvironmental attitudes with local education oral rehydration salts, antiparasitics, topical afternoon, after hiking for two hours in knee-programs and eco-tourism. Their 346-acre base antifungals, anti-infective and cortisone creams, deep mud, we arrived in the Achuar communitycamp, which serves as both research facility and ophthalmic drops, analgesics, and first aid supplies. of Neuvo Jerusalem. Situated on the banks ofjungle lodge, is respected throughout the area A supply of medical goods was left behind for the Rio Tamuayo, this Indian community offor its focus on rainforest conservation. It has Orlando, Neuvo Jerusalem’s community health approximately 200 was founded in the late 1980salso become known as a place for indigenous worker, who is trained to diagnose and treat many by an Achuar shaman who had moved south frompopulations to receive assistance with healthcare of the villagers’ routine complaints. Direct Relief’s the Ecuadorian border with his family and otherand other needs. continued support of this community has resulted villagers. We were greeted with smiles and kisses in a healthier population, which has doubled inAmerindians identify strongly with their tribal from the women and children, many of whom had the last eight years.heritage and customs even though much of previously received treatment at the ISPTR clinic.their oral history and spiritual beliefs have been “Regalo, regalo,” (Spanish for gift) the women For more than a decade, Direct Relief exclaimed as they International has collaborated with ISPTR to presented me with strengthen the health of indigenous populations handmade baskets and who face enormous challenges as they attempt to pieces of jewelry made preserve their traditional customs, habitat, and from jungle fibers and lifestyle within the ever-changing social, political, seeds. I found their and economic contexts of the modern world. warmth and gratitude Since the clinic was established, Direct Relief has extremely touching. provided medical goods valued at more than $1 million (wholesale value) so that ISPTR That afternoon the can stock this clinic and share supplies with clinic nurse saw 38 community health workers, health facilities, and people with a wide orphanages in Peru’s Amazon Basin. array of problems: respiratory infections, Susan Fowler has been with Direct Relief anemia, malnutrition, International since 1987 and is currently serving diarrhea, dehydration, as Director of Programs. Fowler received a M.A. parasites, fungal in international health in 1986. She is a multiple infections, skin rashes, Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow, a recipient conjunctivitis, aches of the Diwaliben Charitable Trust Award for and pains associated Humanitarian Service, and a former Board Member with physical labor, of the Vitamin Angel Alliance and the Friends of and machete wounds. Tibetan Women’s Association. Most of these conditions could be Community health worker Orlando treating patients in Nuevo Jerusalem. Photos page 3: Susan Fowler, Direct Relief Staff
  4. 4. Program NewsInternational Partners Visit poor – to provide material medical aid, including with Mr. Iyer is an essential component in multi-vitamins, antibiotics, surgical supplies, and providing support to India.Direct Relief Headquarters exam tables.Caribbean: Dr. Carl Niamatali met with Direct Relief Expands its Work India: Seshedra Iyer, Program Manager of theDirect Relief staff in July to discuss continued Diwaliben Charitable Trust, met with Direct in Laosefforts to provide medical assistance to Guyana Relief staff in July to discuss ways in which our Following an assessment visit by Program Officerand others nations of the Caribbean Community collaboration can be strengthened. The Trust, Kelly Darnell in February, 2003, Direct Relief(CARICOM). Dr. Niamatali recently assumed established by Mr. Mafatlal Mehta, provides food, made its first large (40-ft container) shipmentthe role as Direct Relief’s Medical Advisor medical goods, clothing, and other relief materials valued at over $85,000 to Laos, which arrived viafor CARICOM. During his five-year relation- to healthcare sites, social service facilities, and ocean freight in March. The Laotian Ministryship with Direct Relief in Guyana, he has disaster areas throughout India. Our relationship of Health facilitated shipment clearance andcreated access to needed health care for remoterural communities along the 300-mile long provided a truck for the 30-hour drive to remoteBerbice River. hospitals in Nalae and Muang Sing. The facilities see large numbers of malnourished and dehydratedCambodia: Dr. Gary Jacques, Director of children, as well as expectant mothers who lackSihanouk Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, needed vitamins and other nutrients. Directand his warehouse manger, Mon Sochea, Relief’s container included oral rehydrationvisited Direct Relief headquarters in July. salts, prenatal and children’s vitamins, neonatal blood pressure cuffs, instruments used in labor Photo: Bryan WattAfter a tour of our facilities, they met withstaff to discuss their material needs and and delivery, and IV solution and stands. Withthe hospital’s medical training program. medical goods provided by Direct Relief, pregnantSince 1998, Direct Relief has partnered mothers received prenatal care to help ensurewith Sihanouk Hospital – one of the largest healthy babies.charitable hospitals in Cambodia serving the Father and child in NalaeDirect Relief’s Emergency Response(continued from page 1)AFGHANISTANAlthough media attention has shifted to events Direct Relief’s most recent support coveredelsewhere, Direct Relief continues its support of maternal and child health needs: prenatalindigenously-run health facilities in Afghanistan. vitamins, analgesics, a pulse oximeter, sutures,In late April, Direct Relief sent its fourth needles and syringes, antibiotics, and babyshipment to the Afghan Institute for Learning scales. AIL also coordinates a midwife training(AIL). Under the Taliban regime, the Afghan program that enrolls about 50 midwives inwomen who staff and operate AIL ran clandestine each 6-month training session. To support Photo: Linda Cullenhome schools for girls. They now focus on the ongoing work of these new midwives,providing maternal and child health care at clinics Direct Relief provides each graduate with ain three Afghan cities, with a fourth to open soon. kit complete with stethoscope, blood pressureThe all-female Afghan staff sees approximately unit, scissors, gauze, thermometers, alcohol,700 women and children a month at each clinic. soap, and gloves. Mother and Child waiting at AIL clinic in Kabul Volunteer ProfileKatie WalshVolunteers and interns work closely with Direct Relief “Katie spent a lot of time updating our countrystaff to complete various tasks, including preparing profiles and completing background research onmailings, organizing events, compiling information, and some of our projects in Asia and Africa,” sayswriting reports. Direct Relief depends on interns and some Kelly. “It is important that we have accurate and400 other volunteers to keep our organization running up-to-date information about our partners and theefficiently. Here we profile a summer 2003 intern. healthcare situations in their respective countries.”After graduating cum laude from the University Along with research, Katie also helped obtainof Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in history, supplies for well-baby kits, and coordinate theKatie Walsh of Charlottesville, Virginia, began her assembly of the kits for a shipment to Ghana. “Insearch for an internship. She found Direct Relief, my two months here, I can already see tangiblewhere she could pair her interest in international results,” Katie says, “and I know that Direct Relief isdevelopment and a desire to give back. Katie making a difference in the lives of many people.”applied in January and, after working with staff on Katie’s future plans include graduate school,the details of her internship, made the cross-country international travel, and possibly a stinttrek for her summer internship in Santa Barbara. in the Peace Corps.Katie spent two months working closely with KellyDarnell, Direct Relief’s Program Officer responsiblefor Africa and Asia. Katie Walsh, Direct Relief International intern
  5. 5. Ways to GiveThe Long ViewBy Board Member Stanley C. Hatch, Esq.Short on cash, but wondering how you can have taken care of your family obligations. Often and actually end up with more money to leavehelp? Impressed with the incredible work of such planning is relatively painless. Charitable not only to your loved ones, but to a worthy cause.Direct Relief, yet frustrated that you cannot contributions are deducted from your taxable So, if you would like to sleep a little betterprovide more financial support? It is a common, estate and, as a result, avoid the still present estate at night and feel satisfied that you are doingdiscouraging feeling, but there is a way to help. tax. In short, your contribution goes to Direct everything possible to support Direct Relief’sTake the long view. Relief instead of the federal government. critically important global mission, tweak thatIf giving significant amounts to worthy charitable There are also ways to avoid income tax— will or intervivos trust. You will be glad you didand humanitarian causes like Direct Relief is designate Direct Relief as a residual beneficiary of and so will the many partners of Direct Relief whodifficult because of existing obligations to yourself, your retirement plan or IRA. Retirement funds would not otherwise be served.your family, and loved ones, you can still make a are subject to the federal income tax if they pass For more information on the options explainedmeaningful contribution with a little intelligent to a non-charitable beneficiary and thus may be above, please contact Christian White atestate planning that leaves excess funds to Direct taxed a second time in your estate. By making 805-964-4767 x159 or at cwhite@directrelief.org.Relief after you’ve passed away and after you such a gift to Direct Relief, you beat both taxesWorkplace GivingMany people support Direct Relief International United Way, you can still support us by writing program. Simply select Direct Relief Internationalthrough automatic payroll deductions at work. “Direct Relief International” on the “donor on your CFC enrollment form. Direct Relief’sIt’s a convenient way to spread your giving option” line of the campaign form. Your local CFC number is 1407.throughout the year and helps Direct Relief United Way will forward your gift to us.respond to the many ongoing commitments that Have you already included Direct Relief International U.S. government employees can support Direct in your will or estate plans? Please let us know sodo not receive any media attention. Relief as part of the Combined Federal Campaign we can recognize you in our Annual Report.If your workplace giving program is limited to the (CFC), the federal government’s workplace giving Our InvestorsGifts Received from January 1 - July 31Consul General ($50,000 + ) The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Denis Sanan Mr. and Mrs. Pete Schmidt-Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. ThomsonThe Antioch Company Mr. and Mrs. John Sweetland Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. TurpinThe Charles H. Bell Charitable Remainder Trusts Mr. and Mrs. George Turpin, Sr. Weingart FoundationMr. and Mrs. C. William Schlosser WERGlobal Emissary ($25,000 + ) Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners of America Ministers of Health ($2,500 + ) Wood-Claeyssens Foundation AnonymousAnonymous (2) Mr. Parker AbercrombieMr. and Mrs. John H. Adams President’s Council ($5,000 + ) Stephen and Denise Adams Family Foundation, Inc.Anticouni & Associates A.N.E.R.A. Prof. Lloyd BinagiMr. and Mrs. Bruce Anticouni Amigos Del Peru Foundation, Inc. Christian Aid MinistriesMrs. Sheila J. Brutsch Mr. and Mrs. David H. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. R. Chad DreierCapital Group Co. Charitable Foundation B & B Foundation/ Mr. and Mrs. William Geiger The Gilette CompanyHy Cite Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. Richard GodfreyThe Ann Jackson Family Foundation The David Winton Bell Foundation Mr. Stanley HubbardLiselotte Kuttler Trust Bethania Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Derk HunterS. G. Foundation I. P. Callison & Sons Mr. and Mrs. Dick Johnson Caritas Zentrale Mr. and Mrs. John KellyWorld Health Envoy ($10,000 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Finefrock Mr. Wesley H. KelmanAnonymous Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Firestone Mr. and Mrs. William R. LindsaySr. Hugo D’Amato Bassi Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Forkosh Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. NettBD Fox Point LTD. Peruvian American Medical SocietyChristian Relief Services Global Partners for Development Planned Parenthood of Western WashingtonEstonian Am. Fund for Economic Edu., Inc. Help Diocese of Kikwit Lord and Lady Ridley-TreeMr. and Mrs. Edward Gaylord Hermandad Del Senor De Los Milagros Santa Barbara Bank & TrustGlobal Brand Marketing Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Himovitz Mr. and Mrs. James A. ShattuckGuyana Medical Relief The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation Tarime Goodwill Foundation HospitalHall FLP Mr. Barry Kravitz Union Pacific CorporationHands Across The Andes Kathleen and Michael McCarthy Foundation Fund Mrs. Winifred M. VedderJohnson & Johnson Family of Companies Ms. Diane D. Miller Mr. and Mrs. John F. WeersingMs. Nancy M. Lessner and Mr. Paul F. Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Moore, Sr. Westmont CollegeOMRON Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Johnson Ronald D. Worley, D.D.SThe Donald E. and Jo Anne Petersen Foundation PacifiCare Foundation
  6. 6. Events and ActivitiesMagic of Mario The remaining dates hold delicious possibilities: CEO Certifies Audited January 17: Fess Parker Winery & VineyardThe world-renowned New York-based interior March 31: Sanford Winery & New West Financial Statementsdesigner Mario Buatta is bringing the “Magic Catering Recognizing stakeholders’ heightenedof Mario” to California to benefit Direct Relief expectations of all US corporations—whetherInternational. Reservations are available at prices from $150 nonprofit or for profit—Thomas Tighe, President per person.The date: Monday, October 13, 2003. and CEO of Direct Relief International, has An elegant luncheon at beautiful certified our financial statements for the yearThe place: e-Bulletin Debuts 2002. These statements are included in our Bacara Resort & Spa. Ever read about a natural disaster in the world 2002 Annual Report and available online.The promise: Mario will delight and inspire you and wonder, does Direct Relief do anything there? with his stories and slides of illustrious residences he has Ever want to follow up on a conversation with Thanks, National Charity someone about Direct Relief but feel stumped League! designed around the world. about how to do it quickly and easily?Tickets are available for this “Santa Barbara first” National Charity League (NCL) volunteers didat prices from $150 to $5,000. For answers to both questions, the a world of good at Direct Relief this summer. Direct Relief website is a terrific resource: NCL is a national, nonprofit organization ofWinemaker Dinners www.directrelief.org. mothers and daughters, committed to community This handsome site includes background on service, leadership development, and culturalExclusive and premier wines of Santa Barbara Direct Relief’s history, articles about Direct Relief experiences. The girls and their mothers spentCounty, savored in convivial company, all to from national publications, information about two days sorting and packaging maternal andbenefit Direct Relief International— coming events, our annual report, and more. child health supplies. They sorted 60,000what’s not to like? condoms by expiration date, and assembled moreThat’s certainly been the appeal when Santa And now you can receive automatic updates via than 400 infant care packs for a maternal-childBarbara vintners partner with Direct Relief to email. Sign up to receive our e-Bulletin on the health program in Ghana.organize our Vintners for Humanity Winemaker web address above. From the home page selectDinner Series. Our Work on the left side, then e-Bulletin Signup. For details about or reservations for any of the activities above, please call 805-964-4767 or visit our website: www.directrelief.org