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2010 Winter Newsletter


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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2010 Winter Newsletter

  2. 2. HEALTH AT HOME MARGARET MOLLOY STRENGTHENING THE NATION’S HEALTHCARE SAFETY NET FOR 20 MILLION PATIENTS SINCE 1948, Direct Relief has provided medicines and medical supplies to improve the health of people in the U.S. and throughout the world. The simple goal of enabling people to live healthy, productive lives—regardless of the circumstances into which they are born or find themselves—is a powerful incentive. It drives Direct Relief’s work here at home, where Direct Relief USA is both the country’s largest nonprofit program providing free prescription medications and the PUERTO RICO only U.S. nonprofit program licensed to do so in all 50 states. More than 59 million people in the U.S. lack health insurance. Every day, more Americans are accessing quality, affordable preventive and primary care at local HAWAII nonprofit community clinics and health centers: the U.S. healthcare safety net. GIVING THANKS Direct Relief USA has delivered free medicines and medical supplies valued at over $225 million to 1,100 safety net clinics and health centers in all 50 states representing 20 million patients. This is made possible only because of the support of 79 healthcare companies, FedEx providing free distribution (5,000 deliveries in 2010), and the generosity of private donors. This is how Direct Relief USA is helping safety net clinics care for their low-income, uninsured patients: SAFETY NET SUPPORT “ IRECT RELIEF IS OF D INCREASING ACCESS TO MEDICATION FOR UNDERSERVED PEOPLE TREMENDOUS HELP TO OUR PATIENTS, EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT REPLENISHMENT OF WHOM ARE WORKING PROVIDING A RELIABLE, NO-COST SUPPLY OF MEDICATION TO CLINICS POOR AND UNABLE TO OBTAIN MEDICATIONS. DIRECT RELIEF’S SUPPORT MAKES THE CARE OF EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE THESE DESERVING PERSONS BUILDING RESOURCE CAPACITY OF CLINICS IN TIMES OF CRISIS POSSIBLE.” — ­ Dr. John Hoh, Medical Director, ­ Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, ­ Los Angeles, CA2 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG WINTER 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  3. 3. ANDREW FLETCHER HELPING UNINSURED N OV E M B ER AWA R E N E I S D I A B ET E S PATIENTS WITH 1 IN 3 U. S. A S S M ON T H C O U L D D U LT S DIABETES DIABET HAVE IF HEAL ES BY 2050 TH TR CONTIN ENDS UE. PARTNERSHIPS OF PREVENTION –C DC, 201 0 WITH BD AND ROCHE In the United States, 23 million people—approximately eight percent of the population—have diabetes. Since this most recent economic crisis began, more than 8.2 million people have lost their jobs, and for many their health insurance along with it—455,000 of these people are estimated to have diabetes. To address this growing need, Direct Relief USA partnered with medical companies BD and Roche to launch nationwide programs to assist people with diabetes who have no insurance and are low-income. For patients with diabetes who lack health insurance and access to affordable medical care, obtaining the necessary diabetes testing supplies is a prohibitive expense. The inability to regularly check blood glucose levels could result in a number of serious, sometimes life-threatening, complications, like stroke, heart disease, and kidney disease. DIRECT RELIEF BD // BY THE NUMBERS • 5 million insulin syringes donated and distributed • ore than 560 clinics and health centers providing care to 4.2 M million patients (8.6% of whom are uninsured with diabetes) • ll 50 states + D.C. Puerto Rico A DIRECT RELIEF ROCHE // BY THE NUMBERS • 5 million in ACCU-CHEK® Aviva test strips and glucose meters $ donated and distributed • ver 200 clinics and health centers providing care to 1.8 million O patients (9.4% of whom are uninsured with diabetes) •32 states + D.C. ANDREW FLETCHER 5 FACTS from our nationwide survey of safety net clinics and health FOR THE FIRST SIX MONTHS OF 2009 COMPARED TO THOSE OF 2008… 1. f the 4.2 million patients O represented by the 562 responding clinics, nearly half were uninsured 2. Patients increased 7.9% 3. Uninsured patients increased 9.6% GIVING THANKS // FedEx GLOBAL PARTNER AWARD 2010 Direct Relief presented FedEx with the first ever Global Partner Award to recognize FedEx’s leadership in helping people around the world prepare for and respond to emergencies. Since 2003, FedEx has given Direct Relief $1.8 million in cash grants and JIM PROSSERcenters in all 50 states, transportation assistance, helped equip Medical Reserve D.C., and Puerto Rico* 4. 8.6% of all patients were Corps volunteers, readied clinic partners along the U.S. uninsured and had diabetes *Nationwide Survey of Patient Gulf Coast for hurricanes, and provided free shipping for Volume January–June 2009 5. Uninsured diabetic patients Direct Relief USA programs, including the BD diabetes compared to January–June 2008: Overall Patients and Patients increased 12.9% initiative detailed above. with Diabetes THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST WINTER 2010 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG 3
  4. 4. CENTRAL COAST SAFETY NET GOLETA LOCAL HEALTHCARE PERSPECTIVES FROM SANTA BARBARA NEIGHBORHOOD CLINICS SANTA BARBARA ISLA VISTA Direct Relief USA supports more than 40 care providers in Santa Barbara County. We sat down with Bonnie Campbell, Deputy Director, and Neil Sullivan, M.D., Medical Director at the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics (SBNC) to ask them about the clinic environment, and especially how diabetes is affecting their patient population. SBNC operates four sites, three medical and one dental.ROB WANG, ROBWANG.COM family. SBNC carefully tracks health SBNCs Dr. Neil Sullivan and outcomes by ensuring patients Bonnie Campbell receive with diabetes are coming in for all product from Direct Relief USAs Damon Taugher. their appointments and testing. Our podiatrist cares for their feet, as this is a significant problem area. Q. November is Diabetes Awareness month. How An ophthalmologist screens their ROB WANG, ROBWANG.COM many of your patients have been diagnosed with eyesight quarterly and in-house blood work is done to diabetes, and what are some of the initiatives that your test their hemoglobin A1c and Albumin levels. clinic has implemented to help these patients? A. Of our 17,000 patients, about 2,000 have been Q. What are some of the key accomplishments that diagnosed with diabetes or are pre-diabetic. Since their have resulted from the partnership between your clinic care is complex, frequent, and mediations and testing so and Direct Relief USA? SBNC Medical Director Dr. Neil Sullivan examines a young expensive, SBNC has created a Diabetes Management A. Direct Relief has been generous and responsive to patient at the Eastside Clinic in Santa Barbara. Program. Patients are given free one-on-one nutritional our patients’ needs over the years. While trying to provide therapy, a 10-week series of group classes, and family quality, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art health care Q. What are the biggest concerns for your clinics and counseling to address the significant life changes that to all our patients, it is imperative that we find resources what are your plans to address them? affect not just the patient diagnosed, but their entire for our underserved and uninsured patients to receive the A. Our biggest concern remains our necessity to maintain medications and supplies essential to providing proper financial stability so we can continue to address the care and maintenance of their conditions. We could not growing needs of the people of our neighborhoods. Our GIVING THANKS provide the quality of care to our patients with diabetes core population is growing at an alarming rate due to without the donations from Direct Relief. By joining unemployment and an increasing number of uninsured the Roche diabetes donation program, we can provide people in our community. While the challenges are glucose test strips for free to our patients, who would not enormous, the opportunity is now to take our 40 year- be testing as often as they should if they had to pay for old organization forward and follow a path to long-term ROB WANG, ROBWANG.COM them. This single program ensures exceptional health sustainability. We need partners like Direct Relief to help outcomes for our patients because they now have a way us achieve these goals. to track and manage their disease without having to chose between putting dinner on the table that night or buying test strips. “ ITH THE HELP OF CHARITABLE W ORGANIZATIONS SUCH AS DIRECT GIVING THANKS // Simpler Systems RELIEF, OUR CLINICS ARE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE BETTER HEALTH THROUGH OPEN DATA HIGH QUALITY, COMPREHENSIVE Direct Relief teamed up with Santa Barbara-based Simpler Systems to facilitate accessing HEALTHCARE TO SO MANY PEOPLE data on the Web. Simpler Systems provides a search engine for open data Direct Relief finds IN A MANNER THAT PROVIDES important, including facts about disease prevalence among 18 million patients who receive COMPASSION, PRIDE, AND DIGNITY care at 7,000 health centers across the country, or on Direct Relief shipments. This data helps FOR ALL INVOLVED.” Direct Relief identify and address health needs nationwide. — ­ Bonnie Campbell, Santa Barbara ­ EXPLORE THE DATASET: Neighborhood Clinics Deputy Director 4 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG WINTER 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  5. 5. GIVING THANKS // Corporate Supporters ALISON WRIGHT FIGHTING THE CHOLERA OUTBREAK IN HAITI To fill the critical need related to the mid-October cholera outbreak in Haiti, Direct Relief provided 157 tons of emergency medical supplies. This provision of aid was possible thanks to the generous support of these companies: • bbott and the Abbott Fund provided A over 2,000 bottles of rehydration fluids and $50,000 in cash • nsell Healthcare contributed exam gloves A for helping to prevent further infection HAITI • axter donated four 40-foot containers B of IV solutions (over 36,000 liters) and sets used to administer the solutions • D donated 40,000 IV catheters, critically B needed in IV therapy for cholera patients • era Products, Inc. donated 9,000 liters of C CeraSport EX1 and provided significant charity discounts on CeraLyte ORS to restore essential life-giving electrolytes and fluidsThey survived the quake. • he Clorox Company donated 12,600 gallons TWe’re helping them survive what comes after. of bleach, essential for helping to prevent further infection • ovidien is donating up to 20 pallets of adult CIn Haiti, Direct Relief has been the largest provider of medicines and medical supplies since the tragic diapers for patients that do not have access toJanuary earthquake—$54 million and 550 tons of medical assistance to more than 53 hospitals, health cholera beds/cotsfacilities, responding organizations, and camps caring for injured and displaced people. • ohnson Johnson provided 1,000 J Backed by the massive generosity of private and corporate supporters, Direct Relief put hygiene kitstogether the most comprehensive emergency response in our 62-year history, much of the support • G committed several thousand units of P antibacterial soapairlifted free-of-charge by FedEx. Intense efforts, innovative new approaches, and key partnerships made • eva Pharmaceuticals donated over 5,000 Tthis unprecedented level of support possible. bottles of specifically requested antibiotics Working with colleague nonprofits, healthcare companies, and international and Haitianauthorities, Direct Relief introduced an online medical-supply ordering system to Haiti and establisheda secure medical distribution center. This is now a key supply lifeline to Haitian health facilities and pro- GIVING THANKS // Community Grantsvides transparency, efficiency, and precision in allocating and distributing medical resources. It is evenmore important now, as facilities confront a serious cholera outbreak and huge rebuilding efforts on top ST.of the daily challenges of providing care for people who get sick or hurt. RAPHAEL SCHOOL $54 MILLION, 550 TONS IN MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TO 53 HAITIAN HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS “ s a Haitian school psychologist, I have found A that the Earthquake left a direct psychological $ 2 MILLION IN CASH TO REHABILITATION PROGRAMS impact on young people who were in school at FOR THE DISABLED the time of the quake. Direct Relief gave us an opportunity to provide healing work for young people and provide tools for their teachers to $500,000 TO FUND SMALL, GRASSROOTS HAITIAN NONPROFITS continue to work with them in school. The funds from Direct Relief also provided the opportunity WHO ARE HELPING THEIR COMMUNITIES RECOVER to complete a community center to continue to provide therapeutic supports and access to healing for young people in Haiti. There is no other gift but providing hope and healing in a time of crisis. Thank you, Direct Relief, in assisting PRECISE MAPPING OF EVERY me in providing healing work for my DONATION SENT TO EVERY beloved Haiti.” CLINIC SITE IN HAITI. — Dr. Charlene Desir, St. Raphael School, St. Raphael, Haiti Interact with the ­ assistance map at ­ Watch video about the Direct Relief- DIRECTRELIEF.ORG supported students of St. Raphael School THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST WINTER 2010 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG 5
  6. 6. OUR INVESTORS ON THE OCCASION OF GIVING THANKS, WE EXTEND OUR GRATITUDE TO OUR INVESTORS, WHOSE GENEROSITY OVER THE LAST YEAR* HAS ENABLED SERVICE TO MILLIONS ALISON WRIGHT OF PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE U.S. AND WORLD. *January 1, 2010 through November 10, 2010 CASH DONORS The PRASAD Project WORLD HEALTH ENVOY ($10,000 +) Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Ostini / Mr. Gene Sinser and Mrs. Nancy B. Schlosser / Nancy B. Aera Energy LLC The Hitching Post Hitching Ms. Patty DeDominic HONORARY CHAIR ($1,000,000 +) C. William Schlosser Family Foundation Anonymous Post Wines Dolphin Capital Foundation Abbott Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ed H. Schollmaier Ayudar Foundation Parametric Technology Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Drue S. Balolia Family Foundation Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Enthoven AMBASSADOR OF HEALTH ($100,000 +) GLOBAL EMISSARY ($25,000 +) Bishop Garcia Diego High School Mr. Devon Patel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Everhart Amgen Foundation, Inc. Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Blair Mr. Steven Perley Evolucion Innovations Inc. Anonymous Associated Students UCSB Boston Globe Jo Anne and Donald E. Petersen Mr. Stephane H. Finkenbeiner BD Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation Brittingham Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Pitts First American Title Insurance Company Mr. Bruce Campbell Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Brown Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ron Pulice The Hon. and Mrs. Paul G. Flynn FedEx Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burnham Mr. Matt Rankin Fredman Family Foundation The Fistula Foundation Bush Hospital Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bob A. Byers Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Rapp Mr. Edward C. Friedel GlaxoSmithKline Foundation C. R. Bard Foundation Dolores and Robert Cathcart Mr. Randy Rettig and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Funsten Google Chicago Tribune Chicago Sun Times Ms. Ashley Williams Ms. Dorothy Hannon Gardner Google Inc. Charitable Giving Fund of Ms. Laurie Converse Ms. Amy Clawson RGH Enterprises Inc. Mrs. Louise B. Gaylord the Tides Foundation Deckers Outdoor Corporation Mr. James A. Clendenen Roche Diagnostics Debra P. Geiger and Eliot Crowley Johnson Johnson Family of Companies The Hexberg Family Foundation CommonHealth The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation Mr. and Mrs. W. Dodd Geiger Dorothy Largay and Wayne Rosing Hospira Foundation Covidien Ms. Barbara N. Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gersho Mayo Clinic Island Outreach Foundation CSU, Chico Research Foundation sanofi-aventis Mr. Ernest J. Getto Mercer Family Foundation Jewelers for Children Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cusack SCA Americas Inc. The Giles Family Foundation The Orfalea Foundations Mr. Richard E. Lunquist Mr. and Mrs. James Drasdo Mrs. Michiyo Schmidt-Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Larry Glenn Pfizer, Inc. MacHeist LLC Elkay Manufacturing Company Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Schow Dr. Bert Green and Ms. Alexandra Macquarie Group Foundation Ltd. Gary and Peggy Finefrock June H. Schuerch Brookshire / Brookshire Green Foundation CONSUL GENERAL ($50,000 +) Merck Company, Inc. Roger S. Firestone Foundation Schultz Family Foundation Grey Global Group Inc. The Allergan Foundation Network Hardware Resale First Church of Christ Scientist Ms. Rachael Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Brett Grimes American Jewish World Service Mr. John Powell and Ms. Melinda Lerner Mr. Laurence W. Frost Mr. Michael Scott Siddarth Hariharan Anonymous ProFund Advisors Mr. Martin Gore Mohammed Shaikh, Ph.D. Mr. Wassef Haroun The California Endowment Mr. and Mrs. James J. Roehrig / Ms. Jennifer Greiner and Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. The Harrington / McLaughlin The California Wellness Foundation Roehrig Family Foundation Carla Hahn The Skolnick Foundation Family Foundation Roy R. and Laurie M. Cummins Fund County of Santa Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Hammett Starbucks Matching Gifts Program Mrs. Raye Haskell / The Haskell Fund Desai Family Foundation Simpler Systems Mr. William T. Hammond Eunice M. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Hatch Dodge Cox Stone Family Fund John and Wauna Harman Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sweetland Mr. W. Scott Hedrick and Ms. Mer James Eli Lilly Company Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Tobey Mr. Richard Hausman Tomchin Family Charitable Foundation Michael Heino Global Partners for Development Trust Company of the West Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hennigan Carol Van den Assem Trust Henry Schein, Inc. Mr. L. W. Harman Union for Reform Judaism Priscilla Higgins, Ph.D. and Mr. Roger Mr. and Mrs. Alan Van Vliet Mr. Doug Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Craig McCaw Mr. and Mrs. Guhan Viswanathan W. Higgins / Higgins-Trapnell Family The David Vickter Foundation Holborn Corporation Mentor Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Anant Yardi Foundation Mr. Dana White E. Carmack Holmes M.D. and Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner Smith, Inc. Yorba Oil Company, Ltd. Mr. Linus Ho Mr. Stanley Zanarotti Mrs. Carolyn Holmes The PG Fund Mr. Gerhart Hoffmeister Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. Hotchkis Mr. Erle Holm PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL ($5,000 +) Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. S. Roger Horchow / All Saints-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church Ms. Geneva Hughes GIVING THANKS // GSK The Horchow Family Charitable Alwan Family Fund Mr. John Irish Foundation Mrs. Sally M. Anderson Angel Iscovich, M.D. and Mrs. Lisa Iscovich Hospital for Special Surgery Anonymous Ms. Patricia Harris Johnston Hutton Foundation Archetype Media, Inc. Jol Company, Inc. Mr. Jeffrey P. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Anderson J. Arnold Mr. Aaron D. Kahan Mr. Haamid Jaffer Bank of America Corporation Kibble Prentice Mr. Rehan A. Jaffer Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Banks Mr. and Mrs. James Kingston The John Akridge Co. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Beckett Mr. Larry Koppelman and Mrs. Nancy Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Johnson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Beckmen Walker Koppelman Richard E. Jones Trust Mr. Merle E. Betz, Jr. Mr. Ishwan Kumar Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Kaneb Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Boehm Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ladner HIGH-IMPACT VOLUNTEERING Mrs. Marvel Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Bonsignore Mr. Joseph R. Levis Richard Kurkowski Mrs. Hannah G. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Lewis Direct Relief has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline through the Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Lehrer Brooks Institute of Photography Loeks Family Fund PULSE Volunteer Partnership, an initiative that empowers GSK Nancy Lessner Mr. David M. Cantor Lompoc Foursquare Church employees to make a sustainable difference for communities and Mr. and Mrs. Fredric C. Leutheuser Ms. Patricia Clancy The Looker Foundation patients in need. Since the program began in 2009, 25 volunteers Mrs. Pamela Meyer Lopker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Coates Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Lovelace have been given an opportunity to use their professional skills and Yvonne C. Lucassen Estate Mr. Jon Coffin Ms. Rachel Luke Judith and Glenn Lukos Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Collette Evelyn C. Lund Charitable Remainder Trust knowledge in areas such as project management, clinical health, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. David Compton Mr. and Mrs. John Macfarlane and logistics and supply chain management, during a three- or ­ Mr. Ed McKinley and Ms. Kath Lavidge Continental Electrical Kim Margolin, M.D. six-month immersion experience with Direct Relief. Volunteering ­ Miracle Ticket Fund Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mattingly in under-served communities in India, Kenya, South Africa, Marion Moore Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Caryl Crahan The Harold McAlister Charitable N V International, Inc. Mr. Matthew J. Currie Foundation Uganda and the U.S., volunteers like Randy Easterly and Olga New Frontiers Natural Foods DAddario Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McLalan Peñacorada-Cillero (above) collaborate to address a clear need Mr. and Mrs. Jack Norqual Mr. Lawrence W. Dam Mr. John Medveckis while developing their own leadership capabilities. To learn more Suze Orman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Davidson Mr. Cal Meeker about PULSE, visit Nancy Sayles Day Foundation Microsoft Matching Gift Program CorporateGiving/PulseVolunteerProgram.aspx Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Daymude Mr. Timothy Midgett6 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG WINTER 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST
  7. 7. Mr. Gerrish Milliken Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaughn Darden Dental Nipro Medical Dr. Richard ClossonMr. and Mrs. Hank Mitchel The VCEP Employees DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. Nisim International Cottage HospitalMontecito Bank Trust Mr. Richard Venne Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories LTD. North Safety Products Mr. Josh DennisMr. Glen Mowrer and Mrs. Bernice James Mr. Luis Viveros East-West Associates, Inc. Omni-Tract Surgical Ms. Patty DuncanMr. Steve Moya and Mrs. Rita Moya / The Wardlaw-Hartridge School Eli Lilly Company Omron Healthcare, Inc. Eye Vision Care The M Fund The Waterford EndoSolutions, Inc. Onyx Medical Corporation Fairmont PharmacyJ. Dennis Mull, M.D. Mr. Charles Whitman Ethicon Endo-Surgery Orthofix FedExMurcor Inc. Mr. Ken Wilby Ethicon, Inc. Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Food Bank of Santa Barbara CountyNA Sports Community Foundation, Inc. Wine Warehouse Fenwal, Inc. PG Four Seasons BiltmoreMr. Mark S. Nelkin Mrs. Barbara Wood FirstLine Gloves, Inc. PDI Free Wheelchair MissionMs. Devon Geiger Nielsen Thomas S. Wootton High School FNC Medical Corporation Perfect World Luggage Mr. Mrs. Robert GlennNisim International Mr. and Mrs. Noah Wyle FSC Laboratories, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. Global Medical BrigadesNorthern Star Industries, Inc. Kenneth Yeh Charitable Fund Genzyme Corporation Professional Hospital Supply Globus Relief FundNorthern Valley Regional High Mr. Robert Zeuner Getinge USA, Inc. Purdue Pharma, L.P. GOLD3PL, Inc. School at Demarest GlaxoSmithKline Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited Goleta Valley Cottage HospitalMs. Isabell Ostrom We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our GSMS Incorporated RF Surgical Systems, Inc. Goleta Valley Medical PharmacyMr. and Mrs. Jack B. Overall donors, including those who contributed Handpiece Trading Post / Maramar Dental Roche Diagnostics GooglePAREXEL International LLC $1– $4,999, who were too numerous to Henry Schein, Inc. Rye Pharmaceuticals LLC Dr. Eliot GreenMs. Victoria G. Pauley include here by name. Ho Dental Company Sage Products, Inc. Grossman Burn FoundationMr. William N. Phillips HoMedics Sanofi-aventis International Aid CORPORATIONS, MANUFACTURERSMr. and Mrs. David C. Pintard AND DISTRIBUTORS PROVIDING ­ Honeywell Products Sappo Hill Soapworks International Health PartnersDr. Kevin W. Plaxco and Mrs. Lisa Plaxco MEDICAL DONATIONS Hospira, Inc. Schering-Plough Corporation Loloma FoundationMr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pulitzer 3M ImageFIRST Stryker Mr. Mrs. John Knox-JohnstonQualcomm Inc. Abbott InstyMeds Corporation / RedPharm Drug Sunshine Heart, Inc. Mr. Michael MachReformed Mennonite Church Advanced Sterilization Products Integra LifeSciences Corporation Sunstar Americas, Inc. Medicine Shoppe of Santa BarbaraMr. Jeremy Richmon Alaven Pharmaceutical LLC J. Jamner Surgical Instruments, Inc. Tecfen Corporation Ms. Jean MenziesMr. and Mrs. John Romo Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Johnson Johnson Teleflex Medical Mr. Mrs. Warren MiddletonMr. and Mrs. J. Paul Roston Allergan, Inc. Johnson Johnson Consumer Companies Teva Pharmaceuticals NIH Clinical CenterRSP Architects, Ltd. Anonymous Life Uniform Company The Clorox Company Nourish AmericaSanta Ynez Band of Mission Indians Ansell Healthcare LifeScan, Inc. Theken Spine LLC Occhiali EyewearSchafer Family Foundation Basic Medical MAP Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Tri-anim Operation USAMr. and Mrs. Richard L. Schall Baxter International, Inc. Marlex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Vita-Tech International, Inc. Oral Health AmericaSchleyer Foundation BD Mazza Dental Care Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The Orion FoundationMary Louise Scully, M.D. BE Innovations, Inc. McKesson Medical-Surgical Wilburn Medical Partners in HealthMr. and Mrs. James H. Selbert Belmora LLC McNeil Consumer Specialty Pharma. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Pepperdine UniversityMr. George Short Biovail Pharmaceuticals, Inc. McNeil Nutritionals, LLC ZEE Medical Inc. The Salvatorian Mission WarehouseSingle Step Foundation Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation MedPac Bags, Inc. Zenpuse Sansum ClinicSisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Börm Bruckmeier Publishing LLC Medvantx Incorporated Santa Barbara Cottage HospitalMr. Tom Spies Mentor Worldwide LLC CORPORATIONS, MEDICAL FACILITIES, Santa Barbara Gastroenterology BP Gamma MedicalDr. and Mrs. Norman Sprague, III / Merck Co., Inc. ORGANIZATIONS, INSTITUTIONS, AND ­ Medical Group Bristol-Myers Squibb INDIVIDUALS PROVIDING IN-KIND­ The Caryll M. and Norman F. C. R. Bard Medical Division Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC Savusavu Community Foundation SUPPORT OVER $5,000 (WHOLESALE) Sprague Foundation Calmoseptine, Inc. Microflex Sea Mar Community Care Center Africa AidMrs. Judith Cosden Stapelmann Carlsbad Technology, Inc. Midmark Corporation SEE International Alta OrthopaedicsMr. Suwanto Sunkorjanto Cera Products, Inc. Miltex, Inc. Solvang UVS American ApparelMr. and Mrs. John Swift the Chattem Inc. Mylan Laboratories, Inc. Storz/Lederle Ophthalmic Pharm Dr. Gilbert Ashor Swift Foundation / MSST Foundation Codman Shurtleff Myoderm Supply Chain Management Systems Bacara Resort SpaMr. Raymond Tetrick Covidien Napo Pharmaceuticals Surgery Center of Hawthorn L.P. Best Western South Coast InnMr. and Mrs. George Turpin, Sr. CSL Behring Nationwide Medical/Surgical, Inc. David Tran, D.D.S Bush Hospital FoundationMr. and Mrs. Paul H. Turpin Cure Medical Neutrogena Corporation UCP Wheels for Humanity Catholic Medical Mission BoardUptown Music Collective CVS Corporation New Chapter Vitamins VA Medical Center Cedars-Sinai Medical Center VITAS Innovative Hospice Care Direct Relief’s Christian Relief Fund The World Family Citrix Online World Vision, Inc. Community Regional Medical Center Online Gift Catalog Gift ideas that support our work to help vulnerable people live healthier lives: ROB WANG, ROBWANG.COM $50 delivers a box of needed medicines to a clinic in the U.S. to help them provide care to people without insurance $250 SHOP TODAY AT equips a medical volunteer to respond DIRECTRELIEF.ORG to disasters here at home LIBA TAYLOR, LIBATAYLOR.EU $500 Announce the gift to the person receiving it by sending an ecard at checkout. It’s gives a midwife the tools for 100 clean quick, easy, and benefits people in need and safe deliveries around the world. 100% of contributions DONATE AT You can help.are devoted to our programs. All overhead (non-program) expenses are covered by a generous bequest. THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST WINTER 2010 WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG 7
  8. 8. Leave a Legacy Leave a Legacy A bequest or planned gift to Direct Relief can extend your generosity beyond your lifetime. Your commitment and dedication will help people in the U.S. and around the world affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest live better, healthier lives far into the future. With such a gift, you will be included in the Legacy Society, which recognizes visionary and caring individuals who have included Direct Relief in their estate plans. For more information on planned giving, visit, or contact Jill Muchow Rode, CFRE, Director of Development, at or (805) 964-4767 x181. Legacy Society Members Anonymous Ms. Patricia Clancy Mildred K. Fusco Trust Kenneth R. Loh Estate of Harold A. Parma Mrs. Fred Smithcors Dotsy and Jack Adams Marjorie B. Cullman Trust Sandra Garcia Estate of Yvonne C. Lucassen Jody and Don Petersen Estate of Robert H. Sommer Ms. Jane H. Alexander Roy R. and Laurie M. Kate Dick Godfrey Evelyn C. Lund Charitable Mr. Juan Posada Estate of K.W. Stawicki Anner Trust Cummins Fund Estate of June Gaudy Remainder Trust Estate of Nancy Roberts Walter and Mae Stern Trust Estate of Rhea Applewhite Estate of Margaret E. Davis Mrs. Raye Haskell Frank* and Marilyn Magid Estate of Maria Rosmann The Anna Stuurmans Revocable Trust Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Ashor Estate of Peter M. Dearden Terrence Joseph Hughes Audrey E. Martinson The Babette L. Roth Estate of Elna Theusen Mr. Mrs. William J. Bailey Estate of Guy Di Stefano Estate of Dorothy Humiston Martone Family Trust Irrevocable Trust Estate of Grace A. Tickner Mr. Merle E. Betz, Jr. The Grant C. Ehrlich Trust Dick and Pat Johnson Bruce and Kathleen McBroom Richard and Maryan Schall Estate of Wilbur H. Thies, Sr. Mr. Joseph F. Bleckel Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ewing Ms. Beverly A. Jones Mr. Michael Mendelson Estate of Marie L. Van Schie and Emily P. Thies Helen J. Brown Estate of Howard C. Fenton Estate of Judith Jones Mr. Mrs. Frank B. Miles Bill* and Nancy Schlosser Donn V. Tognazzini Estate of Marguerite Bulf Estate of Elsie Feibes Mrs. Marvel Kirby Patricia McNulty Mitchell Estate of June H. Schuerch Carol Van den Assem Trust Don Bullick Estate of Florence Feiler John Michael Koelsch Charles J. and Esther R. Connie J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Wallin William S. Burtness Gary and Peggy Finefrock Dorothy Largay and Mlynek Trust Estate of Margaret H. Smith Ms. Carol Carson June Breton Fisher Wayne Rosing Estate of Regis J. Morris Estate of Thelma R. Smith * deceased NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PAID SANTA BARBARA, CA 27 S. LA PATERA LANE PERMIT #756 SANTA BARBARA, CA 93117 TEL: 805.964.4767 TOLL-FREE: 800.676.1638 FAX: 805.681.4838 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR Dorothy F. Largay, Ph.D. VICE CHAIR Thomas J. Cusack SECRETARY Patrick Enthoven TREASURER James H. Selbert Frederick Beckett • Jon E. Clark • Lawrence Dam • Patty DeDominic Gary Finefrock • Paul Flynn • Dorothy Gardner • Raye Haskell W. Scott Hedrick • Priscilla Higgins, Ph.D. • Angel Iscovich, M.D. Ellen K. Johnson • Donald J. Lewis • Robert A. McLalan • Mari Mitchel Rita Moya • John Romo • Mary Louise Scully, M.D. Ayesha Shaikh, M.D. • George Short • Gary R. Tobey INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD Lawrence R. Glenn • E. Carmack Holmes, M.D. S. Roger Horchow • Stanley S. Hubbard • Jon B. Lovelace Donald E. Petersen • Richard L. Schall • John W. Sweetland PRESIDENT CEO Thomas Tighe HONORARY BOARD PRESIDENT EMERITUS Sylvia Karczag CHAIR EMERITUS Jean Hay DIRECTOR EMERITUS Dorothy Adams LEARN MORE. Get Connected with Direct Relief SPREAD THE WORD. SEE VIDEO. WWW.DIRECTRELIEF.ORG WINTER 2010 THIS REPORT WAS PAID FOR BY A GENEROUS BEQUEST