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2006 Spring Newsletter

  1. 1. the bulletin healthy people. better world. since 1948.SPRING | 2006Katrina Response: Repairing the Health Safety-Net DIRECT RELIEF NUMBERS Fiscal Year 2006 April 1, 2005 through March 31, 2006Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravaged coastal from federal or state sources. According to statecommunities throughout the Gulf Coast in clinic directors, between 78 and 87 percent ofAugust and September 2005, affecting over documented hurricane evacuee patients treated atone million people and resulting in the largestnational disaster in U.S. history. their facilities were uninsured. With the remaining hurricane funds, Direct Relief $201 million total aid furnishedDirect Relief’s support will continue to investefforts have beenfocused on restoringhealthcare for displaced Direct Relief’s cash investments with in the key frontline health facilities in the affected areas serving 23.8 million people served (courses of treatment provided) hurricane contributions–persons in hard-hit hurricane victims. Withareas. The aim has been • Stabilized Touro Infirmary, the only the local health leaders,to infuse both materialand financial assistance hospital open for adults in the Greater New Orleans area with funding for the we also are forming plans to strengthen 56 countries servedinto both the major replacement of equipment and their ability to accessanchor health facilitiesthat provide specialized contaminated lab supplies. ($250,000) medical material resources for the longer- 612 number of aid shipments • Provided blood centrifuge, plasma freezingservices and the network term, as tremendous system, and other essential equipment toof safety-net clinicsthat play the key role of the largest distributor of blood in the Gulf region, The Blood Center. ($300,000) needs remain and better systems will 849 tons weight of medical material aid furnishedcaring for people who help respond to futurehave little money and no • Established medical call center to provide emergencies.insurance. Both types of 72% information on available medical and It is nine months after assistance furnishedfacilities have undergone pharmaceutical services for two hardest-hit Katrina, but less than to least developedtremendous strain from counties along Mississippi coast through a month before the next countriessurging patient visits, the Gulfport Memorial Hospital. ($65,000) hurricane season, andlack of revenue and, continued attention is $55in many cases, storm- • Financed information technology systems million wholesale urgently needed. Directrelated damage. for three rural hospitals’ radiology value of material Relief will remain after aid furnished for departments in Louisiana to improveOverall, Direct Relief the headlines fade disaster reliefhas furnished over $3.7 patient care. ($150,000) and continue to helpmillion in cash grants in the most efficient,from the total of $4.5million in total hurricane contributions received. productive way possible. $11 million cash grants to disaster-stricken areasThese targeted investments complementthe infusion of $26.1 million wholesale ofessential medical resources – all of which werespecifically requested by 66 end-user healthprofessionals in five different states. $7.7 million cash contributions received for Tsunami,In March, Direct Relief hosted a conference Katrina, and Pakistanwith the directors of the nonprofit clinic reliefassociations in Mississippi, Louisiana, andTexas, along with national clinic associationleaders, to devise a plan among the networkof safety-net clinics in the region to ease their 0 amount of disaster contributions spent on administration orcollection of information and material needs. fundraisingThe clinic-association heads in the three states Reprinted with permission from Santa Barbara NewsPressreported on severe strains caused by increasedhealth needs, decreased net capacity in the Leaders of Gulf state clinic associations met at Direct Relief in Healthy people. March to develop processes to improve planning, response, andhealth systems, and limited financial support information sharing in the wake of Katrina and Rita. Better world.
  2. 2. In-Kind Donors Corporations Step UpFrom October 1, 2005 through March 31, 2006,Direct Relief International received medicalaid with a wholesale value of over $68.1million. We thank the following donors whosegenerosity has enabled us to help millions of Merck Provides Essential Healthcare Productspeople around the world. for Direct Relief Programs WorldwideAbbott Since 1996, Merck & Co., Inc. has made critically needed pharmaceuticals available to strugglingAmerican Diagnostic Medicine, Inc.Alcon Laboratories, Inc. clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities throughout the developing world throughAltana, Inc. donations to Direct Relief valued at $17.5 million (wholesale). In 2003, Merck and Direct ReliefAmgen expanded their partnership to include Merck’s unique Annual Allotment program, which enablesAmsino International designated organizations to place advanced requests for a wide range of Merck’s products, withinAnsell Healthcare Incorporated a determined quarterly budget limit. This donation strategy allows Direct Relief the flexibility toAnda, Inc. select medicines well in advance based upon our projection of partners’ needs in the field. ThisAramco Services Company flexibility improves Direct Relief’s inventory and therefore the quality of assistance to partners byAstraZeneca strategically assessing and filling program needs.BD Among the products that Merck has provided for use in Direct Relief’s humanitarian programs areBlue Ridge Medical, Inc. the antibiotic Primaxin©, the anti-hypertensive Prinivil©, Pepcid© for heartburn, and Clinoril© anBristol-Myers Squibb Company anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Through the Merck Annual Allotment program, Direct ReliefCera Products, Inc. is able to furnish these important medications to healthcare partners to enhance patient care inChild Health Foundation developing countries throughout the world.Den-Mat CorporationEthicon, Inc. Merck’s corporate contributions programs through Direct Relief help strengthen the day-to-dayevo Medical Solutions care furnished in clinics worldwide that typically lack the financial resources to acquire medicines,FNC Medical Corporation equipment, and supplies. For example, the Fraternity Medical Center received Merck’s Prinivil©. TheForest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Center is a 30-bed hospital that was established in the city of Buea by a small group of CameroonianFSC Laboratories, Inc. physicians who wanted to provide quality health services to people with little or no income, andGlaxoSmithKline treats an average of 7,000 patients each year. The hospital provides pre- and post- natal care,The Harvard Drug Group delivery services, emergency care, pediatrics, family planning and primary care services. In addition,Hi-Tech Pharmacal Company, Inc. the facility has an extensive community outreach program which provides immunizations, childHenry Schein, Inc. wellness exams, and health education on topics such as healthy pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.Hogil PharmaceuticalInternational Truck and Engine Corp.Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson Consumer Cos.Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. New Partnership Expands and ImprovesKing Pharmaceuticals, Inc.KM Medical, Inc. Maternal-Child Health ServicesMedline Industries Direct Relief and Marie Stopes International (MSI) haveMicroflex entered into a worldwide partnership to provide medicalMcNeil Consumer & material assistance to clinics and outreach programs serving 4.3 million low-income and Specialty Pharmaceuticals impoverished people in 39 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.Midmark Corporation Marie Stopes International, a London-based nongovernmental organization, operates a global networkMedtronic Neurologic Technologies of 334 clinics and community-based programs providing reproductive and maternal-child healthMedvantx, Inc. services, family planning and HIV/AIDS education and prevention services to populations in need.Merck & Company, Inc.Miltex Instrument Company Under the agreement, Direct Relief will provide essential medical material each month to MSIMylan Laboratories, Inc. clinics in rotating countries based on the specific needs and requests from the facilities. TheNavix Diagnostix, Inc. partnership will strengthen current efforts to address HIV/AIDS, including voluntary counseling,National Library of Medicine, NIH testing services, and prevention.Oral Health AmericaOhm LaboratoriesPfizer Consumer HealthcareQuest DiagnosticsREM Eyewear Direct Relief Hosts Annual Meeting of LeadingRigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Industry-Nonprofit ConsortiumReliant PharmaceuticalsSage Products, Inc. The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), an allianceSandel Medical Industries, LLC of 25 non-governmental agencies and health care manufacturers, held its annual meeting at DirectSappo Hill Soapworks Relief’s warehouse headquarters in February. At the meeting, PQMD reported that its members’Schering-Plough Corporation donations more than doubled in 2004, reaching $3.2 billion in medicines, vaccines, medicalSpectrum supplies and cash - compared to $1.4 billion for 2003. Preliminary 2005 results, with not allSTADA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. data compiled, amounted to just under $3 billion. Direct Relief’s Vice President of PhilanthropicSucal Medical, Inc. Investment, Anthoula Randopoulos, has served in the capacity of chairman over the last two years.Sunstar Butler Direct Relief’s Disaster Coordinator Brett Williams this month represented Direct Relief amongTaro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. a group sponsored by PQMD, including Pfizer and Map International, to test a pilot programThe-Rx Corporation to obtain exact GPS coordinates of each partner supported health facility in Honduras. TheTri-anim program will allow for a more coordinated effort among our colleague organizations and medicalVitamin Angel Alliance manufacture donors to be able to pinpoint the exact location of the closest health facility during aWaldwick Plastics time of disaster.Watson Pharma, Inc.Joseph Weintraub, Inc.
  3. 3. Latin America DOCTOR’S CORNER:Direct Relief Implements New Program to Improve HIV/AIDS in ZimbabweMaternal-Child Health In spite of a slow and insidious slide into economicIn an effort to improve maternal-child health services (MCH) in high-need chaos and healthcare depravity, many healthcarecountries, Direct Relief has implemented a MCH module pilot program workers in Zimbabwe Africa heroically strugglewith five of our long-term partners. The partners were selected based on against the ravages of HIV/AIDS. Zimbabwe’sneeds, program quality, capacity, and having an established and productive average lifespan of 39 years is among the shortestDirect Relief working relationship. Through the provision of requested and of any country. Until recently, the countrywideappropriate MCH technology, partners will be better equipped to prevent incidence of HIV positivity was 25%, that is overand treat health problems among pre- and post-partum mothers and their 2.5 million of a total population of 12 million. Onechildren. Ultrasound machines will enable our partners to identify possible hundred babies become HIV positive each day andbirth complications and incubators will keep premature babies warm and the number of orphans has risen to one million. Sixtyimprove their chances of survival. to seventy percent of deaths under five years of age are due to HIV/AIDS.One such partner is the Unidad Salud Luis Poma medical clinic located inthe town of San Julian, which serves an AmerIndian population of 40,000 Against this rather bleak background Directwhose ancestry goes back to the pre-Colombian Yaqui and Pipil tribes. The Relief partners such as The JF Kapneck Trust areclinic focuses on primary care services with an emphasis on maternal-child struggling mightily in a situation where manyhealth and is administered by The Salvadorian Foundation (FUSAL), a colleague organizations are leaving the country. We,longstanding and excellent Direct Relief partner has collaborated with on at Direct Relief, feel just the opposite and have beenmany occasions. thanked and acknowledged by the Zimbabwean Government for looking to increase our presence asDirect Relief designed a MCH module for this facility, to upgrade and the situation worsens. Whether it be aid to outreachexpand their prenatal, delivery services, and neo-natal services. A January programs providing palliative care to the dying,2006 shipment contained an ultrasound unit, a fetal monitor, birthing beds, or equipping a surgical suite to provide Caesarianbaby incubators, adult and baby scales, exam tables, and other patient births to prevent the maternal to child transmissionexamination equipment and supplies. The facility will now be able to offer of the virus, Direct Relief is partnering with manyOB/GYN services to a larger number of women and children, with an organizations in this country to stem the tide of thisanticipated 21,000 pre- and post-natal checkups. ongoing humanitarian disaster.FUSAL responded to the new equipment by committing to increase Bill Morton Smith, M.D.maternal-child health-related staffing by hiring an OB/GYN, additional Chief Medical Officernurses, and midwives.From the FieldResponding to Healthcare Crisis in HondurasOn February 28 the president of Honduras declared a state of Direct Relief will continue to furnish assistance to urban hospitalsemergency due to a shortage of medicine in the nation’s hospitals. and rural clinics throughout the country with a focus on theThere were reports that hospitals, clinics, and rural health posts had following two facilities:a minimal amount of medicine at their locations. The recently elected Honduran Health Exchange has focused on serving the populationpresident just six months after his narrow victory is attempting to that has been left out of society: the rural poor, torture victims,solve this problem. current inmates, and all of their families. Direct Relief has partnered with this extraordinary organization for over seven years. They have two clinics in Tegucigalpa that serve the barrios and prison inmates’ families.They also have a team of committed traveling doctors called the Medical Brigade who travel into the country side and provide healthcare to around 50 villages throughout the country, as well as frequenting Honduras’ prisons in order to provide healthcare for those who have been left out of the general system. Dr. Juan Almendares who was formerly the dean of faculty and president of the National University of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, founded this unique organization. He has received a number of awards for his incredible work, one being the Barbara Chester Award from the World Health Organization. Hospital San Felipe, which is a government-run facility located in Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa. The hospital averages 2,000 patient visits daily, the cost of each visit is 1 limpera or $0.06. It is the only facility in Honduras that can provide cobalt therapy for cancer, thus it has become the country’s leading cancer hospital. The hospital provides educational programs to help people detect the onset of cancer (especially breast cancer) by conducting self-examinations. In the past,A young girl receives IV chemotherapy at Hospital Escuela in Direct Relief and the Rotary Club of Bishop, California have helpedTegucigalpa, Honduras. Escuela is the only hospital in Honduras that to build a pediatric ward and a large water tank that allows the entireprovides cancer treatment for children. hospital to have potable water. Direct Relief has also furnished baby cribs and other pediatric specific equipment to outfit the new ward.
  4. 4. Tsunami Update To provide safe drinking water and preventDirect Relief Furnishes $54 Million in Direct Aid disease, Direct Relief is funding the construction of:to Tsunami Affected Region • 627 water wellsSince the tsunami of December 2004, Direct people. Through the provision of 93 cash • 54 water tanksRelief has provided over $54 million in grants, Direct Relief has spent $9,759,849 • 719 toiletsdirect aid to India, Indonesia, Somalia, on health-related projects including health • 122 septic tanksSri Lanka, India, and Somalia. Direct service delivery, clinic construction, medical • 3,970 wells are being cleaned of debrisRelief is funding over 81 health-related equipment procurement, mobile medical and salt waterprojects and has donated 178 tons of unit provision, water and sanitation facilityspecifically requested medicines, supplies, To re-establish health services and to construction, malaria prevention, andand equipment serving over 4.3 million improve access to healthcare, Direct Relief psycho-social counseling and care. is sponsoring the construction of: The island of Nias, located is off the • 49 health facilities Sumatra coast in Indonesia, was hit hard • 83 health posts and/or service programs by the tsunami and then later ravished by an earthquake in March 2005. In response to the disaster and Nias’ limited access to water and dangerous debris. Direct Relief healthcare, Direct Relief recently sponsored is working with the Guardian Foundation the construction of a health clinic in Teluk and Community Trust Fund, both local, Dalam which is run by the Sisters of Charity Sri Lankan organizations, to construct of Our Lady Mother of Mercy (SCMM). wells for families having lost their supply The clinic will treat 200 patients per day, of drinking water in the tsunami. These has 20 in-patient beds, will provide primary, disease-preventing water and sanitation maternity care, and emergency care for years relief projects have been focused on Sri to come. The new clinic officially opened on Lanka’s North and East coasts, from the February 28, 2006. Jaffna peninsula to Trincomalee District and Ampara District. Still politically volatile and In Sri Lanka, Direct Relief is working to underdeveloped from Sri Lanka’s twenty year provide secure, long-lasting access to clean civil war, these areas are inherently difficult drinking water in the most severely affected to work in, and Direct Relief has focused neighborhoods of the hard hit North and assistance on in-country organizations withDirect Relief provided funding to assist theconstruction of a new health clinic for the Sisters East coasts by funding the construction of long histories of successful work in theseof Charity of Our Lady Mother of Mercy in wells. Many wells were destroyed in the areas, organizations that will be active inIndonesia. disaster or contaminated beyond use by salt their target areas for years to come.PakistanFocus on Basic and Rehabilitative Servicesafter Massive QuakeSix months have passed since the massive Direct Relief is currently supporting 207.6 earthquake shook northern Pakistan, Basic Health Units (BHU) that have replaceddevastating extensive areas of Pakistani demolished clinics in villages throughoutAdministered Kashmir and the North-West the earthquake zone. The BHUs are vitalFrontier Province. The earthquake has left three for women and children, the populationmillion people homeless and 200,000 people most adversely affected by malnutritioninjured, forcing them to face the Himalayan and starvation. In addition, Direct Reliefwinter in temporary shelters and tents. supports 12 hospitals, four mobile medical teams, and three maternal-child healthDirect Relief responded by furnishing over facilities throughout the affected regions.$7.5 million in direct aid through emergency A young girl receiving a new prosthetic leg without amedical shipments and targeted cash grants Funding was recently provided to the knee joint. The need for prosthetics and orthopedicsfor Pakistan relief efforts. Murshid Charity Hospital to purchase the was so overwhelming that facilities were running out necessary parts to manufacture prosthetic of expensive parts such as knee joints. Direct Relief limbs. Through its long association provided funding through Murshid Charity Hospital with the Pakistani Medical Association, to replenish their prosthetics. • $6.9 million (wholesale) medical resources furnished specifically Murshid learned that the greatest need in the upcoming relief effort would be that Those injured in the earthquake continue requested by end user health professionals of rehabilitation and prostheses. Its board to live in the northern villages and cities of • 1.5 million courses of treatment of of directors decided to establish between Pakistan; they have been left without any specifically requested medicines, supplies, two and four remote rehabilitation type of rehabilitation facility, or the means and medical treatment to care for centers in the next three years located to travel to the major cities of Peshawar, earthquake victims in Batagram and Rawalakot, in order Lahore, or Karachi to receive care. Murshid to facilitate the rehabilitation of the has completed assessments in the area around • $593,000 in cash grants to assist earthquake affected people who live in the Batagram and have a list of 1,250 amputees the rebuilding of the health infrastructure Northwest Frontier Province and Pakistan who are unable to receive a prosthetic limb. Administered Kashmir.
  5. 5. Direct Relief Welcomes New Board MembersNine new members were named to Direct Relief’s Board of Directors in February.Frank Blue, Jon Clark, Brandt Handley, Dr. Priscilla Higgins, Ellen Johnson, NatalieOrfalea, James Selbert, Dr. Ayesha Shaikh, and Dr. Richard Steckel joined the Board,each for a term of three years.The Board’s philanthropic expertise will broaden with the skills of the incomingmembers. In addition to his post as Executive Director of the Wendy P. McCawFoundation, Mr. Clark is President of Storyteller Children’s Center. Dr. Higgins is thePresident of the Higgins-Trapnell Fund at Oxford. Ms. Orfalea is the Chairperson ofthe Orfalea Fund and co-founder of the Orfalea Family Foundation.The nine bring strong business backgrounds to the humanitarian organization. Mr.Blue maintains an active international law and arbitration practice, while servingon the Board of Directors of Murphy Oil Corporation. Mr. Handley has more than Direct Relief welcomes nine new board members, (L-R)20 years experience in senior level management, marketing, and sales with leading Priscilla Higgins, Ellen Johnson, Brandt Handley, Jon Clark,multinational companies. As President of Warren and Selbert, Inc., Mr. Selbert has Frank Blue, Ayesha Shaikh, Natalie Orfalea, James Selbert, Richard Steckelprovided analytical software to investment banks, commercial banks, and industrialfirms worldwide.Direct Relief’s focus on primary care and maternal-child health will be sharpened under the observation of the new members. Ms. Johnson workedin measuring immune response and cardiovascular research. Born and educated in India, Dr. Shaikh has practiced obstetrics and gynecology fortwenty years, and has recently taken the position of Chief of Staff at Cottage Hospital. Dr. Steckel was on the faculty at UCLA for over 30 years.Our InvestorsGifts received from October 2005 to March 2006Ambassador of Health - Aveda Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford Mayo Foundation for Medical($100,000.00 + ) Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Battaglia CSI Capital Management Education and ResearchAnonymous The Sheila Johnson Brutsch Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cusack Sara Miller McCuneAbbott Fund Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Dow Mrs. Patricia M. MitchellAmerican Community Trust Bunzl USA, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Eiting/ Montecito Bank & TrustAmgen Foundation, Inc. California Community Foundation Eiting Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew MurrayThe Antioch Company Mr. Bruce Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Elsaesser Mr. and Mrs. Robert NakasoneMr. and Mrs. William Casner The Capital Trust Company of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Finefrock Ms. Anita C. NonnemanMr. and Mrs. William C. Clarke III Delaware Florida Emergency Physicians Once Upon A Time FoundationExxon Mobil Corporation Roy R. and Mrs. Barbara Hunter Foster/ Opal Restaurant & BarKind World Foundation Laurie M. Cummins Fund The Pacer Foundation Ms. Barbara L. PaganoMr. and Mrs. Jon B. Lovelace Dendrite International, Inc. Fox Point LTD. Mr. and Mrs. Austin H. Peck, Jr.McCormick Tribune Foundation The Gunzenhauser-Chapin Fund Mr. Stephen Fraga Peninsula Community FoundationMercury Highbourne Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Emmette Gatewood Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Petersen/The Orfalea Fund Mr. and Mrs. Brett Hodges/ Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Gerber The Donald E. andSan Francisco Foundation WWW Foundation Dr. Bert Green and Jo Anne Petersen FoundationMr. Michael Scott Ms. Wendy E. Jordan Mr. John Powell and Ms. Alexandra Brookshire/The Sixty Four Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald Maharam Ms. Melinda Lerner Brookshire Green Foundation G. Harold & Leila Y. Mathers QAD Inc.Consul General - ($50,000.00 + ) Mr. W.T. Hammond Foundation Richard and Rhoda Goldman FundAnonymous Mr. and Mrs. Ken Harvey Mrs. Meta McDaniel Mr. John Rogers andBradlees Stores, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Pete Schmidt-Petersen Ms. Beth WhiteheadBush Hospital Foundation Priscilla Higgins, PhD. and Selective Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Nick RunnebohmCentral Minnesota Community Mr. Roger W. Higgins/ Ms. Nancy Diane Russell Mr. and Mrs. Harold Simmons/ Higgins-Trapnell Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Denis R. Sanan Harold Simmons Foundation FoundationCrescent City Relief Fund, Inc. sanofi-aventis Ms. Carol L. Skinner Mr. Brian HodgesFedEx Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Schall Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Smith Mr. Erle HolmMr. Paul Harman/ Mrs. C. William Schlosser/ Stone Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. S. Roger Horchow/ Harman Family Foundation Nancy B. & C. William SchlosserMr. Donald S. Kennedy The David Vickter Foundation The Horchow Family Family FoundationDorothy F. Largay, Ph.D. and World Health Envoy - Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James H. Selbert Mr. Wayne E. Rosing ($10,000.00 + ) HSBC Community & Skyscraper ChallengeMr. and Mrs. Michael M. McCarthy/ Anonymous Philanthropic Services Mrs. Judith Cosden Stapelmann The Nurture Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adams International Transport Solutions Mr. and Mrs. Stanley TomchinThe Cynthia and George Mitchell Alcon Laboratories, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jackson/ Mr. and Mrs. Michael Towbes Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lance Bauer The Anne Jackson Family University Surgical AssociatesMontecito Union School John G. Braun Charitable Foundation Weingart FoundationRose Hills Foundation Annuity Trust Johnson & Johnson Family Ms. Deborah WilsonMr. and Mrs. Peter Schwartz Brimstone Group of Companies Wood-Claeyssens FoundationSea Smoke Cellars Dr. Bronwen G. Brindley and Joint Commission Mr. and Mrs. Robert WooleySix Furlongs, LLC Mr. John L. Warren Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Anant YardiThe PRASAD Project Catholic Healthcare West Yardi Systems, Inc. Mrs. Robert KirbyTrust Company of the West Celebrity Poker Showdown/ Mr. Larry Koppelman andGlobal Emissary - ($25,000.00 + ) Andrew Firestone Mrs. Nancy Walker KoppelmanAmerican Jewish World Service Community Action Commission Mr. Fredric C. LeutheuserJudy and Bruce Anticouni Ms. Helen S. Converse Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lukos
  6. 6. Events and ActivitiesVintners for Humanity Estate Planning: Consider Leaving a LegacyAugust 2006 to May 2007 at Direct ReliefAugust 20 will kick off Direct Relief’s fourth annual Vintners Direct Relief has steadily grown for 58 years and is now helpingfor Humanity Winemaker Dinner Series. Last year’s series raised 23 million people throughout the world. I expect it to be effectivelyover $200,000 for Direct Relief. Board members, Kate Firestone serving even more people for many decades after I am long gone.and Philip Battaglia continue their excellent leadership with sixevents this year. I am happy to report that there are a growing number of us who have concluded that we want to support such an efficient andUpcoming dinners include: Vintners for effective organization in a larger way. Providing for Direct ReliefThe Hitching Post in our estate plans, as a residual beneficiary, after we have met theWinery & Restaurant needs of our loved ones, turns out to be a great way to make aAugust 20, 2006 Humanity IV difference and leave the world a better place.Santa Barbara I also found that making Direct Relief the beneficiary of whateverBoutique Wineries is left in my profit sharing plan and IRA’s packs a double punch.October 22, 2006 Not only does it avoid the income tax normally associated with taking funds out of a plan or IRA, it gives my estate a charitable taxBeckmen Vineyards & deduction as well.The Four Season’s ResortJanuary 14, 2007 If you have not already done so, consider remembering Direct Relief in your will or intervivos trust. Once you do, let us know and weTo learn more, visit us at will make you a member of our Legacy Society. If you decide to dowww.directrelief.org or call something special for the organization after you die, we would likeLori Willis at (805) 964- to appreciate you before that happens.4767 x 126. Stanley C. Hatch Vice Chair For details about or reservations for any of the activities above, please call 805-964-4767 x126 or visit our website: www.directrelief.org. at ltuttle@directrelief.org. please send an e-mail to Laurie Ann Tuttle electronically (and help us save the postage) If you prefer to receive this newsletter address service requested info@directrelief.org www.directrelief.org fax: (805) 681.4838 tel: (805) 964.4767 Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Santa Barbara, CA 27 S. La Patera Lane Permit 756 PAID U.S. PostageNon Profit Organization