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The First 30 Days Of A Mobile App


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Care about how to leverage 'The First 30 Days Of A Mobile App'. You will find this deck presented by the industry expert Rajat Garg, Founder, during Webinar for Digital Vidya. Interested in attending similar Webinar Live? Register Now at

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The First 30 Days Of A Mobile App

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Webinar The First 30 Days Of A Mobile App September 25, 2015 | Rajat Garg, Founder,
  2. 2. The First 30 Days Of A Mobile App
  3. 3. My Background • Stanford Alumni, ex-Amazon • Built SocialAppsHQ used by 1.6 m businesses • Built Mobile Apps that were downloaded by 6.5 million users – Mobile Number Locator, Navigale, Religion Apps, Music Video Apps etc. • Currently running
  4. 4. Mobile Ecosystem = Web Ecosystem • Google controls Mobile ecosystem more strongly • In India, Android is used by 90% of users • Iteration is not easy as you have to ask users to download the app again
  5. 5. Build a High Quality App to Start With • Every new app is given a certain amount of visibility by Google Play and future visibility is a factor of downloads & user interaction. • User Interaction is a mix of – – Frequency of interaction – Uninstall – Rating
  6. 6. Why First 30 days matter? • If your app does well in first 30 days, your average number of downloads per day will be far more than if it didn’t do well in those 30 days • One of our apps climbed to #2 spot in Top New Releases chart and got 45K downloads/day. After 30 days, it still got 8-9K downloads/day for several months. • When re-launched, it didn’t do well in first 30 days and highest number of downloads were 5-6K. After 30 days, it received 1K downloads/day.
  7. 7. Keywords Matter • Fiksu research shows that 75% of downloads are driven by user search • Searches are usually utility driven or brand driven • App Title = Main Keyword e.g. “Online Shopping India”, “Online Railway Tickets” etc • Brand Name can be a subtitle • App title should not be changed very often as it will attract penalty • Description – write a catchy description with relevant keywords baked in
  8. 8. Logo Increases Click Through • Use strong Colours • Add Your company name or Main keyword in logo so that it’s easier for user to relate to • 5-10% uplift in users visiting your app from search page Brand Recall Attracts user attention
  9. 9. Screenshots and Videos • Beautiful and clear screenshots help in convincing users to download mobile app better • Videos don’t seem to have incremental effect at least in India but you should have it. Why? You can use Youtube analytics to get an idea of your traffic
  10. 10. Freshness of your App • Updates to your App & its downloads is an indicator to Google Play that app is useful. • All things bring equal, freshly updated app usually ranks higher in keyword searches. • Keep your dev cycle short and update the app to resolve bugs (a major reason for uninstall). 5-6 updates should be done in first 30 days.
  11. 11. Topping New Releases Chart • Our app ranked 2nd for 3 days and we averaged 45K downloads/day • Once you receive 500-700 downloads per day in first 3-5 days, you will start to show here. • Start your ad spend on launch and drive as many downloads as you can • Organic downloads will lower your app install costs • Release updates often (but not unnecessarily)
  12. 12. Rajat Garg (CEO) +91 995 808 3052
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