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Marketing Your Business When Nobody's Buying

  1. 1. Marketing Your Business When Nobody's Buying 5 Things You Can Do To Sustain Brand Engagement
  2. 2. Although consumers may be reluctant to buy your products during the uncertainty of the current climate and businesses may be resistant to making an investment in your services, you can still use this period to build brand awareness and develop trust. Don't Let Your Target Audience Forget About You
  3. 3. Create Valuable Content In times of crisis, people look for leaders and voices of authority. Make your voice heard by creating content that offers advice or help, and utilize video content to continue a sense of face-to-face contact 01
  4. 4. Ask�for Engagement; Not Purchases 02 Ask your social following to get involved and encourage user- generated content. Create hashtags for followers to post their own photos and videos using a theme, or get people to join in on a challenge you've created
  5. 5. Change Your Call-to-Actions 03 Re-evaluate�the call to actions you use on every piece of paid and organic content. Use Share, Like, Comment, Follow, Save for Later, Add to Wishlist, and Add to Calendar�instead of Buy Now or Book Now
  6. 6. Grow Your Contacts 04 Shift your focus from selling to lead generation. If you can grow your contact base now, you'll be able to sell to them once they're in a position to buy. Use lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and incentivise a user to sign up to your newsletter or download a resource.
  7. 7. Build Your Remarketing Audiences 05 Set up your remarketing lists in Google Anlaytics, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, now rather than later. Make sure your audiences are set up with a long membership duration, at least 6 months, so that you'll be able to use this audience to remarket to in the future
  8. 8. Show people that you'll stick by them and they'll stick by you
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  • jcunniet

    Apr. 1, 2020

When your target market lack buying intent, shift your focus from sales to lead generation and brand awareness. Here's 5 things you can do to sustain brand engagement when people aren't in a position to buy.


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