9 Tips to Turn You into a Sales Enablement Hero


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Is your Sales Enablement Content going unused, or worse, misused? Learn how to optimize content for sales teams, keep sales reps on message, and understand where to invest further.

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9 Tips to Turn You into a Sales Enablement Hero

  1. 1. Fortified with content from 9 Tips to Bring the Love Back to Your Sales Portal
  2. 2. Optimize Content for Sales Teams The percentage of sales teams that are dissatisfied with their marketing counterparts 50% You’ve got great content already on your portal. But can sales actually find that great messaging? Match content to sales situations and increase the love. Why? The second biggest complaint was lack of effective content. © KnowledgeTree 2014 www.KnowledgeTree.com 3
  3. 3. Relevant Content Keeps Sales Coming Back < Don’t develop content on a cloud, isolated from your audience. Work with experts in your own company to create content that resonates. © KnowledgeTree 2014 www.KnowledgeTree.com 4
  4. 4. Help Sales Stay on Message Sales people engage with buyers through conference calls, email, social media, webinars, and more. But that volume of communication means sales may use outdated, inaccurate, or just ineffective messages Help sales stay on message so they communicate proven value in every conversation. 1 Make sure your portal has the most current content.  2 Coach on when and how to find and use content.  3 Measure what works in sales situations, and iterate. © KnowledgeTree 2014 www.KnowledgeTree.com 5
  5. 5. Match Buyer’s Emotion and Logic I didn’t know that That could be useful Does it fit in my plans? Is this the best decision? Deal! Appeal to prospect’s emotion and logic with content that addresses their current state of mind. When sales finds powerful content on your portal, they’ll be enthusiasts! © KnowledgeTree 2014 www.KnowledgeTree.com 6
  6. 6. Know the Value of Your Content According to MarketingProfs’ annual report, 55 percent of B2B content marketers think their campaigns are ineffective If you can’t measure it, you can’t value it. So ask yourself, “What is the return on my content?” If your answer includes just ‘opens’ and ‘clicks’, start again. Proving that you’re listening to market feedback gets sales on side with your portal. © KnowledgeTree 2014 www.KnowledgeTree.com 7
  7. 7. Use Right Content for Right Segment 61% of sales interactions are disappointing to buyers *Forrester Research Why? Buyers want insight that solves business problems. Not another generic pitch. Make sure your portal makes it easy to find content that matches each sales segment. © KnowledgeTree 2014 www.KnowledgeTree.com 8
  8. 8. Make Your Content Social 0 Likes, tweets, shares KnowledgeTree