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ND14 - Holly Ellis


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ND14 - Holly Ellis

  1. 1. Digital Transformation The Gazette
  2. 2. Quick introductions Holly Ellis – Business Development Director Managed the transformation process over 18 months from strategy to go-live
  3. 3. Quick introduction…The Gazette Published since 1665 Public, legal, financial notices, honours, awards, military despatches Over 200,000 notices each year Used by businesses, government, citizens
  4. 4. At 31st December 2012… Successful publications Served a purpose and served it well Well known, highly regarded by industry Changing environment The Gazettes needed to change to grow and be successful in a digital age
  5. 5. Our vision …Easy-to-use services will have simplified processes, enabling more people and organisations to benefit from the accuracy, permanence and authority that recording and sharing information through the Gazettes provides…
  6. 6. 15 months, 40 developers, 100 customers: Modernised image Online first Extensible platform New market strategies New commercial models Customers, users and key stakeholders informed and shaped change at every stage
  7. 7. Successes High levels of satisfaction New relationships Increased awareness and use Significant savings
  8. 8. What we learnt… Take people on the journey with you Be bold Fail fast