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Digital Changes Everything


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Today's technologies combined with new cultures changes how business is done and governments are run

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Digital Changes Everything

  1. 1. Open Up! How Social, Mobile, The Cloud & Big Data Change Everything Barry Libert, CEO Open Matters
  2. 2. Stand Up
  3. 3. Angry Citizens
  4. 4. Frustrated Customers
  5. 5. Disengaged Personnel
  6. 6. Limited Growth
  7. 7. Solution
  8. 8. Assess Physical Electronic Social Open Information The first step in opening up an organization is seeing where they currently stand. From there we see how we can create significant value, by increasing the flow of information Value
  9. 9. Plan We help organizations reframe their strategy around the value of today’s open business models
  10. 10. Implement Once the new strategy is agreed upon, we help identify the specific actions that will support the strategy and set objectives – including the people, processes and technologies.
  11. 11. Align implement the strategy– among the organizations’ that returns are
  12. 12. Review Once the organization begins to achieve measurable results, we review where there are additional opportunities for growth – marketing, sales, training, and R&D – in order to chart strategies for expansion.
  13. 13. Results
  14. 14. Economic Value technologies reduce the amount of capital necessary to operate your organization by 10%, reducing duplication of effort by 10%, and increasing the value of overall human capital. The an EPS growth of 9% for organizations that open.
  15. 15. Customer Loyalty Web 2.0 technologies improves sales conversion rates by 10%, increases customer loyalty by 10%, and overall satisfaction by 18%. At the same time, these improvements are achieved, marketing and support costs are reduced by 15% and 10%, respectively.
  16. 16. Ideas communications with partners, and employees increases development of successful new your customers by 20% reducing time to market by enhancing profitability by as 25%
  17. 17. Employee Engagement Social media makes it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate with their peers improving their access to information by 30% while improving employee satisfaction by 20%, leading reduced turnover and training expenses.
  18. 18. Citizen Participation Collaborative technologies improves citizen activities and sense of belonging by amounts.
  19. 19. Stand Up, Again
  20. 20. Thank You Barry Libert 617-480-1547