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TalkTalk - Data - Carlos Soares


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Published in: Business, Technology
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TalkTalk - Data - Carlos Soares

  1. 1. Creating Value from anExplosion of DataCarlos Soares, Head of CLM
  2. 2. A Road to winning in the market…. The World is Changing Competing to win How does it work?
  3. 3. 64% of adults say that technology has changed the way they communicate19 Million subscribers 23.9 Million residential fixed76% of adults with broadband, with landlines5.1 m mobile have broadbandsubscriptions 92% of adults own /use a mobile, while 15% are mobile only homesAverage actual speeds are 7.6 Mbit/s 33.1 Million mobile subscribers in theTwo thirds of internet users have UK of which 51% have PAYG mobilesaccessed Facebook Every month 200 text messages are48% of adults have a social network sent per customer per mobileprofile, while 39% use their mobile toaccess the internet Tablet ownership has jumped from 2% to 11% in 12 monthsDigital TV is in 96% of UK homes, totalling 60 million TVs with 40% being HDPeople aged 4+ are watching 242 minutes (4 hours) of TV per day47% of homes have DVR
  4. 4. Data explosion and complexity
  5. 5. “Keeping in touch” with customers is becomingmore and more difficult and costlyCustomers are harder to target Customers are harder to satisfy … middle ground is growing … proliferation of urban lifestyle … shifting from traditional to more experiential criteria … immigration is increasing … rising expectations … stressed and compressed for timeCustomers are harder to predict Customers are harder to reach … new multi-channel shopping … harder to define … more complex to target due … eclectic shopping behaviors to media fragmentation … shopping values are shifting … bombarded by information and choices Traditional Marketing approach becomes more and more ineffective. We are looking for new ways to gain a competitor advantage.
  6. 6. And the race for the customer is changing every day…Things used to be quite simple…. most of this is still true, except...behaviour is changing ….what was once targeted to specific activities…is now highly customisable always on, always connected blankcanvas …
  7. 7. And as social media & mobile devicesbecome the norm the volume of data isgrowing exponentially • So we‟re halfway through building our new Marketing Database to meet this growing demand • A „single source‟ of the truth for campaigning, analytics and customer reporting • Scaled solution but delivered in bitesized chunks • A genuine customer centric model not 3 brands But we won’t win prizes by just creating a technically brilliant database.. We need to Exploit, Exploit, Exploit!
  8. 8. We are improving our customer intelligence ... CAMPAIGN PERFORMANCE Who bought which products? What advertising or campaign could have impact the response? PRICING IMPACTS PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS How can we optimise Are they sensitive to campaign spend price ? Can we What will happen change their next? behaviour to make them more What impact will our profitable? CUSTOMER activities have? SEGMENTATION What is the customer like? What are their needs? What are the best journys & SOCIAL NETWORK treatments? LOYALTY ANALYSIS INSIGHT Common calling Who are your most patterns for a specific loyal customers? customers? Why? How do they The customer role in utilise our products calling circles? or purchase? What drives them? Confidentiality level on slide master Version number on slide master
  9. 9. And shifting the way we use & deliverinsight…• Loyalty Insight: New data sources have • Self-Service insight at Product improved our understanding of customer Managers finger-tips. loyalty leading to a reduction in churn• Targeting: Combining online data has led • Efficiencies: We has reduced campaign to improved loyalty campaigns with delivery times by 25% and started to greater relevance to customers create “joined-up” messaging across• Better Value: A greater understanding of channels to create a consistent our customers, their needs and experience behaviour helped us launch new initiatives
  10. 10. Defining the right Segment strategies todrive growth Basic Strategy Retain and Educate Strategy Ideas Treatment Ideas • Offer discounts for mobile calls to Marketing other networks for “High Value‟ users • Actively retain highest value on a special occasion (e.g. reaching a customers with optimal price plan certain Airtime, their birthday) offers • Offer free TV content download on • Educate them about the simplicity Fridays – “Stay in” night and convenience of one provider for Description mobile, BB & TV • Target young users with entertainment deals using low cost Customer Service marketing (e.g. email, My Account• Our loyal customers • Faster routing and simple and friendly and text ) communication in CS & Tech • No high tech talk, but intentional education on simple service • Offer online self service Products Quick Win Campaigns Propensity • Flexible price plans with “controlled” bill • Retain customers with trial offers of• Priority product is TV boosts • Advanced convenience services e.g. new mobile devices or TV boost Engineer available within 24 • Trial “Stay in” night hours, online self help • “Eat all you can” Package that you can flex
  11. 11. We are STILL on a journey to driveanalytics and data transformation acrossthe business •Senior Sponsorship •Clear vision & strategy for Marketing CRM •Address People, systems and processes •Communication & Engagement with stakeholders, partners & technology •Outstanding people in analytics •Being outcome based... Act on what we learn credibility •But most importantly, having an appetite to embrace data and insight ...
  12. 12. Key Learning’s • Change is constant, be prepared for a rollercoaster of a ride • Culture change & complexity • Get into the operating model – people, process and technologies • Leverage suppliers, partners, scale and best practices • Be passionate and persistent 0 Jun-11 Jun-12 Feb-11 Aug-11 Feb-12 Apr-10 Oct-10 BH Throughput - forecast MBB Throughput - forecast