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Simpl DC event October 2010


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Simpl DC event October 2010

  1. 1. A consultancy and social innovation incubator helping to shape the future of government. A new media consultancy for government and social innovation. We also run campaigns and events.
  2. 2. Building client organizations – including government agencies, commercial enterprises, and non-profits – through innovative and results-driven strategic branding, communications and design solutions
  3. 3. OCTO develops, implements and maintains the District’s technology, provides technology services and support for District agencies and develops technology solutions to improve services to businesses, residents and visitors
  4. 4. Spark and support initiatives that address the world’s critical social, economic, and environmental issues Promote creativity and build stronger communities Act as a highly visible platform, partner, and knowledge center to fuel social innovation
  5. 5. Simpl is a marketplace that connects innovators with public services to bring about radical change Innovators: Post up your ideas and projects Say what you need to make it happen Public sector: Bid on ideas with cash or resources Post problems you want to solve
  6. 6. Simpl is meant for ideas that will radically improve public services New ways to design services Ways to involve citizens Better use of the web Ways to save money
  7. 7. Simpl isn’t just about cash – public services have much to offer in kind Office space Users to test ideas Staff time Contacts and connections
  8. 8. What’s the big idea and what do you need? What can you offer to others? Over to you!