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TechSoup Global CEO Rebecca Masisak "Big Ideas" session at NTC14


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TechSoup Global CEO Rebecca Masisak at the Nonprofit Technology Conference 2014 "The Power of Technology: Big Ideas around Change" 3-13-14

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TechSoup Global CEO Rebecca Masisak "Big Ideas" session at NTC14

  1. 1. Leading Change in Nonprofit Technology ‘Big Ideas Session’ #14NTCChange Nonprofit Technology Conference 2014 March 13, 2014 @rmasrmas @techsoup #techsouplounge
  2. 2. Current change initiative: TechSoup Global Transform a relatively successful 27-year-old nonprofit social enterprise into a trusted global social sector resource platform! home of 1999
  3. 3. TechSoup is…. • A place for nonprofits to find the most affordable technology • A place to help technology companies administer their product donations
  4. 4. Page 5 Forces of little importance Known Trends High Low Low HighLevel of Uncertainty Major Drivers Shaping the Future of TechSoup Charitable Law Data Privacy Import of Collaboration Consumer Behavior Technology Funding & Regulation Business Environment Proliferation & complexities of choices Millennials working in sector Affiliation Search & Recommendation Social Media Communications Technologies Net- worked DataConsumer Cloud Enterprise Cloud Open Data/ Transparency Increasing Rivalry in Supply Chain Global Recession Less demand for PCs & desktop apps BYOD/ Mobile Computing Crowd- sourcing Level of Impact Beneficiary Data/Impact metrics/ Storifying Subscription & New Biz Models Proliferation of apps and devices Visibility/ Transparency Shift to Consumer Disinter- mediation Prolifer- ation of Players High Importance/ High Uncertainty
  5. 5. Communications. Clarity. Rallying Cry.
  6. 6. Analysis, Synthesis and Questions • A collection of community assets: – Reach to 488K individuals and 581K organizations – 2700 offers from 100+ technology donors/providers – 28 languages in 80 countries – In excess of $4B worth of technology • A cooperative approach – Network and partnerships – Ecosystem What pains and gains can we better support for nonprofits? For donors? For other stakeholders?
  7. 7. TSG Strategy • Take the capabilities we have – – Relationships, network, data, reach, positioning, validation process, knowledge, reputation -- • Use to offer new services/add value in new ways. • Monetize and diversify income to increase sustainability and value.
  8. 8. TSG Vision • By 2015, TechSoup Global will be able to reliably deliver through cooperation a suite of multi-stakeholder services that together create a platform and eco-system for a diverse set of resources and offers at scale which significantly strengthen the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, individual nonprofits and/or civil society across 100 countries. – Multiple stakeholders cooperating to strengthen the sector’s work. – ‘NGO’ focused; highest value adding platform from an ‘NGO’ perspective for philanthropic resources related to capacity building through ICT, human capital and third sector data. – Innovative, on-demand, customizable capacity-building resources – Leveraging the power of tech for good – At scale, supported by vibrant eco-system – Sustainable
  9. 9. What will be different from today as an MSP? • Grow offers • Grow connections • Diversify offers • Diversify income • Lower costs • Create more value • Open up our capabilities for many others to create value
  10. 10. TSG as a better community platform in 18 months Capabilities: • Ability to add 100’s to 1000’s of offers. Rollout new products and programs in 3-4 weeks. Reduced cycle time of 75%. • Validation services in 100 countries. Reduced costs to validate by 70%. • Grew sustainability through adding new services and lowering costs for a net improvement of $3M per year. • Diversified offers. Partner to create “Human Capital”/services offers that benefit more than 50% of our nonprofit customers. • Partner to create 1-2 applications that run on our platform that create value for the sector that are NOT TechSoup offers. • Increased connections between stakeholders that create value in excess of $1M for a stronger ecosystem. • A scaled platform capable of doubling the economic value of the resources created and shared within 3 years from 18 month milestone. Requirements: • Change our processes and technology. • Diversify our donors. • Engage our customers in discovery of value and service development. • Develop abilities to experiment and learn. Vivid Description of the Future:
  11. 11. Reposition TSG as MSP (Phase 1) Redesign User Experience & Messaging Get CTP Operational Prepare Stakeholders Fund Investment Validate New Value Add/ Revenue Categories Increase Value of Data as an Asset TechSoup Global Thematic Goal Next 18 months Defining Objectives
  12. 12. All Nonprofits are Tech Nonprofits.
  13. 13. Managing Technology is Managing Change.
  14. 14. Leadership can come from any place.
  15. 15. Everybody has a role in effective use of technology
  16. 16. Don’t sell solution. Understand the problem and alternatives. Language matters.
  17. 17. No matter how ‘good’ you are, you might fail at change. So learn from it.
  18. 18. Think Lean/Lean Startup. Minimum Viable Product. Test & Learn.
  19. 19. References & Resources • Patrick Lencioni: The Advantage. Silos, Politics and Turf Wars. • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries. • Lean Startup and Launchpad Central – Steve Blank. http// • Business Model Canvas – Alex Osterwalder. • Continue the discussion and check these tools and so much more out at the TechSoup Lounge – Johnson Room, Mezzanine Level @rmasrmas @techsoup #techsouplounge
  20. 20. Page 21 TSS-TechAdvisoryService Key Partnerships Key Activities Value Propositions Key Resources Cost Structure Revenue Streams Customer Relationships Channels Customer Segments Understand -ing problems Understg cloud, mobile, etc. options & trad. tech Long term/ repeat Board Member Volunteer NTAP Consultant Helping NGOs know what's available E.D.s Technical Decision makers Accd'tal Techie/ one level above AT Tech DMer Operational Staff Program Staff Curation of nonprofit tech How to access technology - where do I find/acqu this? Choosing Technology Solving users problems with technology Self-service How to support organization's activities with tech How to improve my organization's tech website mobile Social Trusted Transparent Value Call Center On Prem Consulting Partner websites Face to face events Social Media @Techsoup @rmasrmas
  21. 21. All Nonprofits are Tech Nonprofits. Transform. Inspire. Don’t Give Up!