Bright Edge Social Share (July 2012)


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Bright Edge Social Share (July 2012)

  1. 1. BrightEdge SocialShare Tracking Social Adoption and Trends July 2012 Update 3 out of 4 brands are now on Google+; Adoption rising but at a lower pace than before; 6X the number of Google+ pages showing in search resultsBrightEdge Technologies - 1820 Gateway Drive - San Mateo, CA 94404 - Tel: 1-800-578-8023 -
  2. 2. Google+ Adoption Growing SteadilyThe past two months saw more top 100 brands joining the Google+ bandwagon. Notablebrands who launched Google+ pages include Visa, Wells Fargo and fashion design giantHermes. Three out of four brands now have Google+ pages which indicates that marketerssee Google+ as an important forum for engaging users.User Engagement Rising But At A Slower PaceDuring the past two months, the number of people following the top 100 brands rose 54%,from 7.9M to 12.2M. This is much lower than the dizzying 1400% growth between December,2011 and February, 2012, and the 150% growth between February, 2012 and May, 2012. Thetop 10 brands have over 9.2M followers accounting for 75% of the total followers on Google+.Circles facts:• Brazilian banking giant Bradesco’s followers leapt 66X from 1,800 to 119K 12.2M• Verizon, who had only 2.5K followers in May, now 7.9M has 56K, a 22X increase• Honda saw a 13X increase in followers May-12 Jul -12A Change Of Guard At The Google+ Top 10The top 10 brands collectively have thrice as many Rank Brand Followersfollowers as brands 11-100, as opposed to ten times in 1 H&M 1262KFebruary, indicating the rising importance of Google+ for 2 Toyota 1111Kmarketers across the board. 3 Google 968K• Two brands have more than a million followers and five 4 Red Bull 964K are close to breaking the one million mark 5 BMW 941K• H&M stays ahead of the pack with 1.2M followers 6 Nissan 939K• Toyota is second with 1.1M followers, up from 18K and 7 Mercedes-Benz(US) 917K 602K in February and May respectively 8 Samsung 771K• Google, which was #9 in February with 194K followers 9 Porsche 749K shoots up to #3 with 968K followers 10 Starbucks 572K• Red Bull enters the Top 10 at #4 with 964K followers, up Total 9.2M from 8.7K and 698K in February and May respectively• The Top 10 now has a distinct auto flavor with new entrants Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes- Benz and Porsche accounting for 50% of the followers• Pepsi, Coca-cola, Sony, Intel, eBay and Amazon take the next spots but are not too far behind• Nike, while not in the Top 10, made impressive gains with 336K followers - it had no Google+ presence in February BrightEdge Technologies - 1820 Gateway Drive - San Mateo, CA 94404 - Tel: 1-800-578-8023 -
  3. 3. Promotion Of Google+ On Brand Sites Growing SlowlyIn February, very few brands promoted their Google+ presence through links to their Google+pages on their website. By May, leaders like Nissan and Red Bull had added links. As of July,only 20% of the brands with Google+ pages link to these pages on their website. Notablebrands which added links between May and July are Hermes, Starbucks, Samsung & Honda.6X The Number Of Google+ Pages Showing Up In Search ResultsWhen searching for the company using brand terms, 30% of brands with Google+ pages havethese pages show up in search results. This is a whopping six times higher than the 5% inFebruary. This could be due to the rising importance of social content in search results alongwith the growing adoption of Google+ by brands and users. Brands with Google+ pages inSERPs include:• Accenture • FedEx • H&M • Sony• AT&T • GE • Intel • Starbucks• eBay • Google • Porsche • ToyotaFacebook And Twitter Lead Google+ In AdoptionGiven that Facebook and Twitter launched well before Google+, they have a higher adoptionamong the top 100 brands. 90% of the top 100 brands have a Facebook page and 80% ofbrands have a Twitter presence. Facebook alone has more than 481M fans across the top 100brands, the top 5 of which are:Facebook Rank Brand Fans 1 Facebook 70M 2 Coca-cola 45M 3 Disney 37M 4 Starbucks 31M 5 Red Bull 29M Total 213MSummaryBrands are taking Google+ more seriously than ever with 3 out of 4 brands having a Google+page - evidence of solid expansion. Brands are adding followers at a rapid pace. However, thegrowth has certainly slowed since the initial momentum. While the number of brands onGoogle+ is getting closer to that on Facebook and Twitter, there is still far lower engagementwith users compared to Facebook and Twitter. BrightEdge Technologies - 1820 Gateway Drive - San Mateo, CA 94404 - Tel: 1-800-578-8023 -