Help! My Marketing is Not Working! Now What?!


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You've just spent 1,000's of dollars on your marketing and you're not getting any return on your investment. This presentation provides 10 Tips on how you can improve your marketing and see a more positive ROI.

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  • You’ve just spend thousands of dollars on advertising and few sales to show for it.
  • John Wanamaker (July 11, 1838 – December 12, 1922) was a United States merchant, religious leader, civic and political figure, considered by some to be the father of modern advertising and a "pioneer in marketing."[1] Wanamaker was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.He opened his first store in 1861, called "Oak Hall", at Sixth and Market Streets in Philadelphia, adjacent to the site of George Washington's Presidential home. Oak Hall grew substantially based on Wanamaker's then-revolutionary principle: "One price and goods returnable". In 1869, he opened his second store at 818 Chestnut Street and capitalizing on his own name (due the untimely death of his brother-in-law), and growing reputation, renamed the company John Wanamaker & Co. In 1875 he purchased an abandoned railroad depot and converted it into a large store, called John Wanamaker & Co. "The Grand Depot". Wanamaker's is considered the firstdepartment store in Philadelphia.
  • No one cares.That’s harsh, I know. Yet, it’s reality. People’s lives are busy. They have a lot to think about. Very little of that “thinking space” is dedicated to whatever it is you have to sell. It matters to you, of course, but it doesn’t matter to anyone else UNTIL you make it matter to them.Start your marketing and advertising understanding that no one cares.
  • Successful businesses focus on three things:Great productsExceptional customer serviceDrawing people into the store to experience 1 and 2Number 3 is the most important one, though, because 1 and 2 alone won’t make the cash register ring. And success in business is all about making the cash register ring.
  • Nothing happens until you get my attention.
  • How do you do that? Well, you need to understand that you’re talking to me, and not him…or her. Understanding your audience and focusing the message is critical.Be brave. Grab my attention. Through out words and phrases that force my mind to engage.
  • But, if every add starts the same and sounds the same, it’s not even going to register with me. You’re opening line better be like hitting me in the head with the rock, because if it doesn’t grab me, you’re wasting money.
  • Differentiate yourself. Dominate something.
  • Great marketing and advertising can help you tell stand out. It helps you capture share of voice, which leads to share of mind , which leads share of market. You don’t want to look like everyone else, right?If you are, I’ll just buy products based on price.
  • You want to stand out! You may have competitors, but you have a something that’s different.But, you have to tell me what you dominate—that thing that you do that on one else does.
  • Otherwise, you’ll just be shades of every other product, service or company.
  • Show your product, but remember this.Products don’t matter. Experiences are what matter.
  • What experience does this create? Not a pleasant one, huh? Think of it this way, people don’t buy mouthwash. They buy fresh breath and social acceptance.Think of it this way, people don’t buy mouthwash. They buy fresh breath and social acceptance.
  • Talk about the benefit of your product, not the product itself, or its various features. This will sell the experience.
  • What’s the problem that your customers need solved?Do you know? Do they know?Steve Jobs once said, “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”It think there’s truth in this, especially when it comes to designing and marketing products.
  • Your “problem” must not be “manufactured” to sell the product.Drooling over pizza crust doesn’t really seem like a legitimate problem, nor one that could be solved by a cheese choice.
  • What problem does this solve?I’m really disorganized. This Palm is just what I need to keep on top of things.
  • Telling me I have a problem you can solve is great. Still, what’s in it for me?
  • Whoa! Don’t overwhelm me with benefits!One or two that meet my specific needs are fine. I’ll figure out the rest…or you can tell me later to keep my interest piqued.
  • Addressing the problem of discomfort, real or imagined, is always a good one.Telling me how well something works is great, showing me benefit is essential.
  • It should draw me in to what you’re selling. I should want to know more and be compelled to act for the benefit.
  • An easy read doesn’t always mean less copy.It does mean copy that connects with me in a way that will make me want to read what you’ve written.
  • Here’s one that works: Clever, funny and on target for it’s audience – musicians. It grabs attention, encourages its target audience to read more and act.
  • How can I buy what you’re selling?
  • A good place to start, but is it enough?
  • Remember your audience. How do they connect and engage.Are you where they are?
  • It’s imperative to have a call to action. If you don’t customers don’t know what it is you want them to do.Offer something of value (this doesn’t always mean a discount) to get customers to act.You can’t just say, “Here I am. Come buy what I’m selling.” Remember, prospective customers don’t care about you or what you’re selling.
  • Unfortunately, this is what so many businesses “offer” in their call to action.
  • Because, like the bar that had this sign in front, this is the “Special” offer they really want to make.
  • Pattex, a dental adhesive, may connect with it’s audience who would recognize the brand name, but what are they being asked to do? Hug their spouse or significant other?If I’m new to the dental adhesive market, how do I even learn more about Pattex? There’s no website or other contact information on this ad.
  • This manufacturer makes it easy to find out more information and act to buy the product.You don’t have to use coupons, but do make it easy to engage and somehow reward the action.
  • Testing what you’re doing and tracking the performance is the only way you’ll know if you’re spending your marketing dollars wisely.
  • Marketing and building relationships with customers isn’t about luck. It’s all about delivering a consistent message over time, testing and tracking what works. Sort of what you do in your personal relationships, right?
  • It’s not easy, though. Building and maintaining those relationships takes effort. You have to constantly keep on top of your customers needs, values and expectations, and deliver to meet those things with every interaction.
  • Here’s probably the most important thing to remember: Once you start, you cannot stop.
  • Success in marketing is all about continuous improvement of your message and your offer. If you’re always tweaking your programs, you’ll always find a way to keep making the cash register ring.You can’t really do this by placing just one advertisement, or sending one email, or making one Facebook post, and expect the cash to come rolling in.Repetition is critical to making the connections.
  • Above all, remember this from one of the original Mad Men -- David Mackenzie Ogilvy.Clever advertising might get attention, but it doesn’t make the cash register ring it wasn’t all that funny or clever, was it?CBE, (June 23, 1911–July 21, 1999), was an advertising executive. In 1962, Time called him "the most sought-after wizard in today's advertising industry." [1] He was known for a career of eaxpanding the bounds of both creativity and morality.
  • Help! My Marketing is Not Working! Now What?!

    1. 1. Help!My Marketing’s NotWorking! Now what?!David Harkins
    2. 2. “Half the money I spendon advertising is wasted;the trouble isI dont know which half.” ~ John Wannamaker
    3. 3. Photo Credit:
    4. 4. TOP 10 TIPSFor improving your marketing and advertising
    5. 5. It’s all about making the cash register ring.
    6. 6. TIP #1Snag the “right” audience.
    7. 7. Chose only one for clarity and focus.
    8. 8. Confused customers don’t make the cash register ring. Photo Credit:
    9. 9. TIP #2Differentiate yourself.
    10. 10. How are you different from your competition? Photo Credit:
    11. 11. Highlight your competitive advantage or your customer may see a commodity. Photo Credit:
    12. 12. Unless you highlight your competitive advantage, your customer will see acommodity. Photo Credit:
    13. 13. TIP #3Show your product.
    14. 14. Funny ads can get attention, but fail if we don’t know what the ad is selling.
    15. 15. A clever ad, with the product, is much more compelling.
    16. 16. TIP #4Identify the problem.
    17. 17. Legitimate problems are critical.
    18. 18. Make it easy to connect the problem and your solution.
    19. 19. TIP #5State or imply the benefit.
    20. 20. Benefits can be complex. You don’t have to tell them everything at once.
    21. 21. Whenever possible, demonstrating the benefit is the best approach.
    22. 22. TIP #6Make it “an easy read.”
    23. 23. An easy read doesn’t always mean less copy.
    24. 24. The goal is to get attention, deliver the message, and stimulate action.
    25. 25. TIP #7Make it easy to connect.
    26. 26. Address, phone and website are a good start.
    27. 27. New generations connect differently.
    28. 28. TIP #8Encourage and reward response.
    29. 29. Offer? What offer? Photo Credit:
    30. 30. Economic fears trigger this kind of thinking. Photo Credit:
    31. 31. You have my attention, what do you want me to do?
    32. 32. Make it easy and people will act.
    33. 33. TIP #9Test and track
    34. 34. Building a relationship has not thing to do with luck. Photo Credit:
    35. 35. Relationships, even those with customers, are hard work. Photo Credit:
    36. 36. TIP #10 Never stop.
    37. 37. Try. Test. Repeat. Success in marketing is about continuous improvement. Photo Credit
    38. 38. “A good advertisement isone which sells the productwithout drawing attentionto itself.. If it doesn’t sell,it isn’t creative.” ~ David Ogilvy