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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3


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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 is my third PdF E-Book. This is 3rd book in the Quotes by Deepbaazigar series. Quotes by Deepbaazigar is basically compilation of my tweets on Twitter @deepbaazigar and my Facebook Page 'Doddamani Deepak Vitthal Ratna'. I hope you will like this E-book.

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  • 7 Sacred Signs from the Universe, learn more... ★★★
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  • A delight to read the quick wit and connectivity from the heart to the mind to the person who requires a moment of reflection to understand how life can be of greater fullness than we ever thought. Continue to give, we will continue to receive.
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Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3

  1. 1. Quotes by Deepbaazigar -3 Deepak Doddamani
  2. 2. Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 Compilation of Quotes by Deepak Doddamani Deepak Doddamani
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  4. 4. I would like to thank all my readers who always encouraged me to write more. I would like to dedicate this book to my friends Monika Singh and Matt Bugno, my well wishers and good supporters because of whom I dared to self-publish my all these books in 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar' series. Thank you friends !
  5. 5. Preface Dear readers, I am really glad that you picked up this E-book to read. Let me assure you; when you will start reading this book, you will complete it in one go. Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 is my third E-book. Quotes by Deepbaazigar is basically compilation of some of my Tweets on Twitter (@deepbaazigar) and posts on my Facebook Page 'Doddamani Deepak Vitthal Ratna'. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Do not forget to send me your feedbacks about my quotes. My Email Id is Your encouragement and criticism will be equally inspiring for me to write more. Sincerely, - Deepbaazigar
  6. 6. Contents Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 E-Book Forword for Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 1 13
  7. 7. Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 E-Book February 16, 2014 Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 Thank you guys for your really good response to 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar - I' and 'Quotes by Deepbaazigar - II'. In addition to the last two lists of quotes, here’s a third one, in which I'll keep adding some new quotes. 1) Always be ready to accept criticism with real big heart; But never ever allow anyone to look down upon you; Don't take insults from those who don't have any part to play in your life; just give them back with all the force. 2) There are always four forces acting on every individual: One force which pulls you downwards & second which pushes you upwards. Third force that pushes you downwards and fourth which pulls you upwards. But good thing is that you can choose which force you want yourself, to work upon more, simply by choosing the right people in your life. 3) "The sole purpose of History is to 'Learn' from the past and to create a good 'future' for the mankind." 4) If everything is 'fine' in your life; nothing is 'fine' about your life. 5) You don't need to know what kind of 'leadership styles' are there in Organizational Behavior books. You just need to understand that everyone should develop his/her own style of 1
  8. 8. leadership. 6) Happiness is directly proportional to the 'Peace of Mind' 7) 'Silence' & 'Smile' are the most effective weapons of any person in turmoil. Silence gives you inner strength & smile gives you confidence 8) Clouds can hide the Sun; but they can't turn day into night; Bad times can never stop the real talent from rising & shining 9) When 'Self Belief’ becomes over-confidence; it makes you run behind unrealistic goals; so always keep a regular check on it.' 10) I build my goodwill using transparent bricks of my 'genuineness'. I was never image cautious & I will never be one. I swear it to my EGO. :P 11) When they point their fingers to criticize you; they mean that you are worth their criticism. They expect more from you, because your standards are high. 12) Like nose-rests of glasses; 'values' help to ensure 'organization' is placed at right place to focus properly on its 'Vision' 13) False 'Prestige' is like an 'Underpants with holes' wore inside rented suit of Reid and Taylor. You can impress others but can't cheat yourself. 14) Managing your success is much difficult than managing your failure. So there is something to cheer about in the season of failure. Lose your heart, no problem, but don't lose your mind as the phase will change sooner or later. 2
  9. 9. 15) 'Depression' due to failure is not at all related to your caliber; it's related to your low self-esteem and low morale level. 16) Leader must try to make his presence negligible over the time; & it's the 'team spirit' which should drive the Organization forward 17) There is an opportunity cost involved in keeping patience; actually sometimes we pay more than what patience actually pays off. 18) I don't have interest in HISTORY subject as such, I have interest in knowing more about the People who created History; and so I always end up learning the History Subject. 19) Imperialism, Colonism, Neo-colonism, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism. F**k/Forget all 'isms; and adopt only 'Patriotism' which can uplift your nation. 20) The SUCCESS of Capitalism across the GLOBE, is actually NOT the FAILURE of all the other IDEOLOGIES; It's the Failure of the LEADERS who could not CHANGE the LIVES of People through their IDEOLOGIES. 21) Those who are driven by Moral Consciousness rather than Material Incentives become extra-ordinary public-figures in the long run, undoubtedly 22) I have grown-up watching Bollywood Films; Ahh, it would have been better if I could have grown-up reading Good Books instead. 23) I'll lead when my cause is better, I'll support when your intention is better. 3
  10. 10. 24) Its always better to do some struggle for the things which you really want in life rather than compromising & regretting later. 25) You can do Social work on personal level at any stage of life irrespective of what you earn... But without MONEY no SOCIAL WORK can be done on the ORGANIZED level. 26) Becoming Successful is not a big deal; it's about how you manage your success and make it sustainable through relentless efforts, dignity and integrity 27) Money will come and go; but Opportunities are rare. We can't predict which Opportunity will become 'Lifetime Opportunity’? So always give preference to Right Opportunities rather than Money. 28) Interviewer is not a Father of Church, No need to tell him everything TRUE; but he is not your laboratory teacher to whom you can cheat by Manipulations 29) Everyone is 'Selfish'; but the 'Attachment' towards 'I' varies from person to person. And the saddest people have 'I' capital in their life. 30) God has made us all really strong and there is SELF-START button in each one of us. 31) When you have nothing to lose, you have everything to gain. Aren't you then in the Safest Position of your life? 32) Don't apply your 'knowledge' unnecessarily where only 'common sense' is more than enough to complete the task 33) When you realize the difference between 'Social Interaction' and 'Business Communication', you actually start networking properly 4
  11. 11. 34) When you are flying with the wings of aspirations, dreams provide strength to your wings to fly higher against the gravitational force of 'reality' 35) I never accept what I don't deserve, it’s a different story that I don't get what I really deserve 36) Tell me to die, I might agree to do it, tell me to stop dreaming, I will kill you moron 38) Use your brain for yourself, rather than slogging your ass for others. It’s always a better option 39) Timely, informed, right decision making is important, everything else just falls in place 40) Tab wo 'decision' sahi tha, aaj ye 'decision' sahi hai. That's how entrepreneurship works 41) Do not make a mistake to consider your 'potential' as your 'market value'. Remember egg sells for five rupees and Omelet for twenty rupees. 42) Money is important. Don't insult it by belittling its value in life. 43) There is no best medicine like 'Success' for a 'Sick Career'; Medicine of Success not only tastes sweet but also fills you with new energy. 44) Priorities, Opportunities and Decision Making - There lies the real game 45) Rigidity in your thinking which is not allowing you to do progress in your life, is actually a 'mind trap', don't be a fool to consider it as 'principle' 46) Death Makes us understand how foolish we are to carry EGO about I, ME, MY, MINE with ourselves; nothing is 5
  12. 12. permanent, absolutely nothing 47) Be creative at least for the sake of creator who created you. Let him enjoy the feeling of 'Like Father, Like Son' 48) A salaried person must think of some side business or self-employment if he/she doesn't wants to leave the current job. Entrepreneurship is not their cup of tea as it requires full-time dedication, focus and commitment. 49) Learning to create an opportunity for you is the first step towards self-employment. It's different than Entrepreneurship where 'IDEA' comes foremost. 50) Brand Management, although starts with creation of logo, actually begins with brand creation 51) 'Self-centric approach' is the biggest SIN a social animal can do, because it is the root-cause of all the crimes in the society 52) Neither Success makes me too happy nor does failure make me too sad. Reality check is always there which keeps me rational all the time 53) Love and Charity: Strictly never think of Profit and Loss here 54) Empathy and Sensitivity are the virtues of real human beings; rest are just stones made up of flesh, blood and bones 55) If work is god, I prefer not to be atheist 56) Organic growth is the best way of growth; as it happens on the rock-solid foundation of sustainable bricks 57) Kids have all the Rights to be Moody, but Professionals can't afford to be one (moody). Don't be childish 58) Market doesn’t makes mistakes, we humans Err. 6
  13. 13. 59) I’ll do it right now. 60) Training your brain is like training the most mischievous student in the classroom. It’s quite difficult but very much possible 61) Everyone gets 24 hrs in a day. So we all are blessed equally as far as time is concerned 62) Don’t fake your smile. Smile by your heart and let it reflect on your face 63) God is extra-kind with all us human-beings; he has given us a power of self-healing 64) Many a times you won’t get a chance to apply your knowledge but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your brain there. Use your brain wisely 65) Switching ON and OFF your focus delays your success. Don’t lose your focus, never! 66) Maturity comes with Observation. Listening and thinking quietly. It’s important to assess your maturity level from time to time. 67) Becoming a reason of somebody’s sorrows in life is the most sinful act; please ensure that you are spreading only smiles 68) If God is not on your side, you are on wrong side. Just change your side 69) Unconditional gratitude towards life, God, nature, parents etc. always keeps you happy and healthy. Stop counting your problems, count your blessings. 70) Comparing yourself with someone is like blaming your neurons for not being on right position in your brain. Stop it; 7
  14. 14. it's useless, because you yourself have placed them there over the years. Learn some network engineering if you want to learn some more skills. You need to unlearn first that you are not capable to do something then only you can learn that thing. Change your perspective, things will become easier 71) Silence is a best extinguisher for the fire of negativity inside us. Speak only when you are positive from inside; stay silent when you are tensed, frustrated, angry, demotivated or anxious. 72) Deep rooted Sanskaras frame your thought process. You can't find solutions to your problems by superficial methods. You must go deep down inside yourself to find out the causes, effects of which, you can see on your life. Dive inside the ocean of your soul; be spiritual 73) Don't BLAME others for your own FAILURE, Accept the RESPONSIBILITY of it and avoid wasting time on Blame-Game; start TRYING afresh again. 74) Self-Obsessed people always end-up being the most depressed and unhappy individual in their life. Love yourself, but don't be self-obsessed 75) We must always praise successful people around us rather than getting jealous of them. It not only inspires us from within but also adds more positivity towards our own success path 76) Your thoughts become your reality. You become what you visualize you are. There is tremendous positive energy inside you which is hidden inside the layers of negative doubts and fears. Dig out your mind to unleash it. There is a bright Sun waiting to rise within you. Say no to darkness. And desire for the sunny bright morning. 8
  15. 15. 77) Without sailing in water you can't realize whether you have potential to fight the storms and complete your voyage. You must take first step first. Rest is just a process which gets auto-started with the initiation 78) Everything starts with belief, if you believe in yourself you don't have to worry about other's opinions about you. If you believe in your dreams, there shouldn't be any hesitation to pursue it. You must start believing first, because everything starts with a belief. 79) Sensitive minds are prone to get disordered very easily; being in material world is recommended for such people. Don't mess with the things, you aren't aware of. Mind is miraculous and scary at the same time 80) Unfortunately all the Mind Techniques are such that there is no point in discussing them on intellectual level or experience them superficially. You have to become guinea pig yourself to experiment those on yourself first. 81) There is no question of denying the existence of God. But it will be unfair to give credit of "Laws of Nature" to God. 82) Dance as if no one's watching, but write as if everyone is reading 83) Arrogance can convert gigantic mountains into dust particles. Be humble ALWAYS 84) If you are doing good work for society, you ought to get support of people. The only requirement is that, you must not doubt intentions of your followers even if you have doubt on your own capability. Trust your team. 9
  16. 16. 85) The power of positivity and conviction comes from the very deep rooted belief and principles. Listen to your heart; it knows your determination level 86) There are some professions which are noble and directly impact the society and there are other professions that don’t have any significance as such, it’s just for earning one’s livelihood. Opt for the noble professions and you'll realize your life is worth million times better than the earlier. 87) Days that have past in our life have become a 'passé', but there are some people who are registering their deeds in the annals of history day by day. The only difference between us and them is, we are LIVING for ourselves and they are LIVING for their countries. 88) Real wisdom lies in accepting that - you are what you are because you chose what you wanted to be. No external force is responsible for your current status. Accept the responsibility fully and you will find you have all the power to create your future life. 89) When you give more, universe conspires to give you back in multiples of it. 90) I will not make same mistakes again. I will make fresh mistakes in this New Year. 91) The day you understand the futility of life; is the day when you actually start working towards its enrichment 92) Never use others as a outlet for your frustration; because in the end everything will become normal except relationship 93) Gratitude is the key to the peace of mind and happiness of the heart 10
  17. 17. 94)Creating a good future for children is your responsibility; it's not purpose of your life. If you haven't thought anything beyond it, well then start thinking now. Find a purpose today itself. 95) Don't hurt, harm, insult, demotivate, dominate, or suppress others. If you can't impact someone's life positively, at least don't do anything negative. 96) Breakup of Today is better than Divorce of 'Tomorrow', that's called looking at the things with 'Positive Perspective' 97) Volunteering in social causes creates tremendous positive effect in someone's life. It not only gives a sense of satisfaction for being useful for the Society but also helps your perspective about your own life. 98) During success period even a coward becomes brave, but Failure period is the real period to recognize who is brave and who is coward? That's the real testing period 99) Some people work really hard to achieve something but they don't get it. They become sad and hopeless and start blaming their luck. They don’t know a simple thing. A mind filled with gratitude is the only mind which can think soundly. A heart filled with gratitude is the only heart which has peace inside. And once you practice Gratitude with your Body, Mind, Soul and Heart, you can yourself attract Money, Fame, Peace, Happiness and whatever you dream for. Gratitude is the key! 100) New beginning should not be done with old similar ways which already failed. New beginning should be made with new perspective, new thoughts and new modus operandi 11
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  19. 19. Forword for Quotes by Deepbaazigar - 3 February 16, 2014 FOREWORD "Sharp observations with great insight ranging from business to different facets of life. Some of the quotes connect you instantly to your personal experiences in life adding meaning to it. Overall a must read short book, thoughtfully woven into a string of quotes!" - Monika Singh 13