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Famous Personalities - Fatimah az-Zahra


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Subject: English Form 3
Topic: Famous Personalities
Prepared by: Balqis Azzara binti Zainal

Published in: Education
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Famous Personalities - Fatimah az-Zahra

  1. 1. { Famous Personalities Fatimah Az Zahra
  2. 2.  Name: Fatimah Binti Muhammad  Date Of Birth: 20 Jamadi Ul Akhir 605 AD  Place Of Birth: Makkah Al Mukaramah  Title: Az Zahra  Husband: Ali Bin Abi Talib  Date of Death: 4 Jamadi ul Awal 11 hijrah Fatimah Az Zahra
  3. 3.  Fatimah was Rasulullah’s youngest daughter with Rasulullah’s first and the most respected wife, Khadijah. After the migration to Madinah, Fatimah (r.a) was married to Ali ibn Abu Talib (r.a), Raulullah’s cousin. She and her husband lived next door to the Rasulullah’s house. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w loved his daughter a lot and made it a point to bid her farewell whenever the Prophet s.a.w left for a journey. She was also the first person he sought out whenever he returned from his journey.
  4. 4. Fatimah Ali Hasan Hussien Zainab Ummu Kalsum
  5. 5.  The impetus and motivation to Rasulullah when Rasulullah was under pressure and resistance fro the musyrikin in Makkah  Always give a hand when Rasulullah S.A.W conducting dakwah  Together with other Islam women giving treatment to the wounded soldier during the battle of Uhud  Provide foods for the Islam soldier that dig trenches in the battle of Khandak Sayyidatina Fatimah’s Contribution
  6. 6. 1) Facing Death of Family With Patient  Sayyidatina Fatimah face the death of her mother, Sayyidatina Khadijah and her sisters, Rukayyah, Zainab and Ummu Kalsum with patient  Then, she took her mother’s place to take care of Rasulullah.  She face the death of Rasulullah, the person she loved the most with patient 2) Obey Her Father  She took care of all her father’s utilities just like her mother until she was called “Ummu Abiha” which means “a mother to her father Fatimah’s Noble Qualities
  7. 7. 3) Obey Her Husband  She never go out of the house without Ali’s permission  Sayyidatina Fatimah always support her husband 4) Successfully Educate Her Children  Her children, Hasan, Hussien and Zainab never disobey Sayyidatina Fatimah and Syyidina Ali  Hasan and Hussein had benn chose by Allah to be “The youth leader of heaven 5) Did Not Proud Eventhough She Is Rasulullah’s Daughter  Sayyidinatina Fatimah did not used the money of Bitul Maal for self benefits  She willing to accept guests although they’re among the orphans, the needy or prisoners of war.Sayyidatina Fatimah and her husband willing to serve food to guests eventhough they starved
  8. 8. 6) Responsible During His Father's Illness  Sayyidatina Fatimah always be beside Rasulullah when she was sick  She was so concerned about her father by treat and take care of Raulullah  Once she was 10, she cleaned Rasulullah’s head and back covered with feces that was thrown by the musyrikin when He was praying near the Kaabah
  9. 9.  Sayyidatina Fatimah was called Az Zahra which means “The Captivating".This is because her face beaming like a light when she prayed the mihrab, infront her is said to reflect the light of her face. She rarely spend time with other women. Instead,she used the available time to pray, read Quran and perform other rituals. Why Fatimah was Called Az Zahra?
  10. 10.  Fatimah has the similar characteristics to his father, Rasulullah. Aisyah r.a used to say: 'I did not see Allah’s creatures that resembled Rasulullah in terms of his conversation and actions except Fatimah r.a. When the Prophet saw Fatimah came to him, he would welcome it, got up and kissed her hand, led her to sit in his place. Fatimah will do the same when the Prophet came to her. He would wake up and receive him with joy and kiss him.  Her actions and words were polite and gentle were part of her personality of beautiful and respected. She was very generous to the poor and always sadaqah anything to them, although she will starve. She never wanted the jewelry of the world or the comfort and luxuries of life. Fatimah’s life full with tawaddhuk.  Fatimah R.A. inherited the tenderness tongue in speaking stemming from the heights of knowledege.When she spoke, her words were able to touch the hearts of her listeners so much until their fell into tears. She endowed talent where make the people closer to glorify Allah and be thankful of Allah’s unlimited nikmat. Sayyidatina Fatimah Character
  11. 11. The End .. Slide by: Balqis Azzara ♥