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Famous Personality - Aisyah binti Abu Bakr


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Subject: English Form 3
Topic: Famous Personalities
Prepared by: Adriana Balqis binti Zulkarnin

Published in: Education
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Famous Personality - Aisyah binti Abu Bakr

  2. 2. *AISYAH’S INFORMATION IS THE GUIDANCE FOR UMMAH Initial Background  Full name : Aisyah binti Abu Bakar bin Abi Kuhafa Uthman bin Amir bin Kaab Al-Tamimi Al-Quraisi.  Born in Mecca  Her father Abu Bakar As-Siddiq.  Her mother Ummu Ruman binti Amir bin Uwaimar bin Abdul Syamsi  She was known as Al –Siddiqah binti As-Siddiq.  She used to be called as al Humair’a by Rasulullah.
  3. 3. *THE UNIQUENESS OF SAYIDITINA AISYAH *The only virgin woman who married to Rasulullah *Rasulullah never married to any relatives of his sahabah that migrates with him except Aisyah *On verse from Quran was bestowed solely to her to prove her purity *Rasulullah was with her when the Quranic verses were revealed *Rasulullah died in her house
  4. 4. *CHOSEN WOMAN TO BE A WIFE OF RASULULLAH THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH *The third person who ask the hand of Aisyah was Khaulah binti Hakim for the proposal of Rasulullah to Aisyah. *She married Rasulullah when she was six years old then 3 years after she lives with Rasulullah. *The marriage intended to eliminate the old tradition of Arab to become the normal tradition. *Such as they believed that the relatives between the relatives adopt were harm to be married. *They also believed that the months of Syawal is cursed by some diseases. *The fire tradition during marriage has been eliminated by Rasulullah.
  5. 5. *HER INDIVIDUALITIES HAVE INSPIRED MUSLIMAH AS AN IDOL *Zuhd and noble since she received direct teaching from Rasulullah *Helpful especially to women by helping who is needed or have questions to ask Rasullulah *Obedient to her husband by always listening to her husband and respect to his sahabah and always make her husband happy. *Very humble person where she dislike to be appreciated AKHLAK
  6. 6. *UMMUL MUKMININ IS THE SOLE REFERENCE IN RELATING TO QURAN & HADITH *She is surrounded by Islamic knowledge *Her eagerness & interest to Allah was guided and lived with Rasulullah *Direct knowledge and explanations received *Good relationship with para Sahabah eg. Uthman, Saad, Talhah etc. *She has narrated around 2,210 numbers of hadith *She mastered the knowledge in Quran which was summarized into rules in fikh *In depth knowledge in Shari’ah for example: ablution is not to be renew after kissing QURAN HADITH FIKH & QIYAS
  7. 7. *CHALLENGES AND DIFFICULTIES DURING HER TIME *She was framed by the opponents for the death Uthman * She was dragged to be involved in “Perang Jamal” * She fought with Sayidina Ali because of misunderstanding * Aisyah’s warning to Khawarij tribe known as HARURIYAH to follow Quran & Sunnah
  8. 8. *CONTRIBUTIONS FOR WOMAN’S THAT GLORY THE ISLAMIC WORLD *Any matters or issues faced by people was referred to Aisyah *Protect the rights of women *Defend the women’s status in the society *Women has been treated special after Islam came and she continued that legacy where most hadith narrated by her prone to respect the women *She is the noble respected women in the history of mankind *Aisyah is known as Ummul Mukminin
  9. 9. *HER DEATH WAS A LOST TO THE ISLAMIC WORLD *Died in the month of 19 Ramadan on 58 Hijriyah *She died old at the age of 67 years old during Mu’awiyyahs ruling *Her will was to be buried in Baqi’ and not with Rasulullah, Abu Bakar and Umar during night time -Abu Hurairah was the governor and led the solat -She left ONLY one piece of land and was bought Mu’awiyah
  10. 10. *REMEMBRANCE OF UMMUL MUKMININ IS EVER LASTING ACROSS THE CENTURY *She is a wonderful women in the world *I inspired by her characteristics that make the woman so special *I want to be like her and followed her footsteps *I want to be a successful women by Quran and educations *I want to be brave and have courage by facing every challenge