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Http poetry index

  1. 1. ARE THERE by Tatjana Debeljacki Page 1 of 2 Redheaded Stepchild Main Menu Home Are There Poetry Authors Someone is breaking the branches Submit Poetry From midnight to dawn. About the Editors The forest trembles inside me. Links My trees are innocent. Archives Im drinking my mint tea. The List Im bringing tranquility without aim, And flowers for the vase. When I look at it, its never the same. SEEING RED Im starting to believe in a fertility Of miracles. Is there a flame, ENDU(RED) ADMI(RED) Which could turn the heavens into ashes? DESI(RED) WONDE(RED) RUMO(RED) ADO(RED) Are there any hands to pick my ripe apples? ENAMO(RED) INSPI(RED) DISCOVE(RED) SAC(RED) HUNGE(RED) WONDE(RED) EXPLO(RED) FEATU(RED) Tatjana Debeljački was born on 23.04.1967 in Užice. She writes po AUTHO(RED) SEA(RED) short stories, stories and haiku. She’s a member of Association of Write DA(RED) UNCENSO(RED) Serbia -UKS since 2004 and Haiku Society of Serbia -HDS Serbia, HUS SOA(RED) ADVENTU(RED) – Montenegro and HDPR, Croatia. A member of Writers’ Association Po Belgrade since 2008, HKD Croatia since2009 and a member of Po Society "AntunIvanošić" Osijek since 2011. She’s the editor of the maga "Poeta", published by Writers’Association next table of content 5/7/2012
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