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Assignment 10 group assignment final draft


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Assignment 10 group assignment final draft

  1. 1. Assignment #10- Group coursework (Draft 1) By: Luara Pires Kauana Labaldi Maria Younes Debbie Marques
  2. 2. Assignment 8: ReviewLINK:
  3. 3. Exploring the topic. Causes Religion Dangers: how it Laws affects Trans-phobia Political views Sex change Media, education surgeries and family representationRepresentations Transgender Scientific Perspectives explanations Intersex Cross-dressing Society views Transvestites sexism Androgynies Poly gender
  4. 4. Exploring Intersex people • People who are born Trans-phobia with both XX and XY • Refers to a fear of cells • Person born with transsexuals or reproductive or sexual transgender people definitions of female or • Cause of trans-phobia is male still unknown • Scientists see it as a • Likely to be because of disease the fragile nature of gender identity Exploring.Laws• Nearly all countries in Europe now allows people after a sex change treatment to change their passport Cross dressing and their driving • people who dress the license. opposite way according to• In Saudi-Arabia the gender transsexuals get • matter of comfort and style violated if they show • may cross-dress to disguise their chosen identity. their physical sex
  5. 5. Gender DysphoriaWhat is gender Dysphoria? • They have a strong desire to liveGender dysphoria according to their genderis a condition in identity, rather than theirwhich a person biological sex.feels that there is a • Some people undergo treatmentmismatch between so that their physical appearancetheir biological sex is more consistent with their gender identity.and their genderidentity For example, a person may have the anatomy of a man, but gender identify as a woman.
  7. 7. Exploring within biology
  8. 8. EXPLORING • A man dressing up as a girl or a girl dressing up as a man • Some do it for entertainment (drag queen, drag king ) and some do it to hide their identity• A person who identifies themselves as not being the sex they were born with• Gender not associated to the • Person born with a • People don’t feel gender they feel they are. reproductive or sexual comfortable in anatomy that doesn’t fit the describing their gender typical definition of female • Identify gender as or male being in the middle of • People may be born with male and female some XX cells and some XY cells.
  9. 9. POTENTIAL TOPICS Categories devison. Can androgynies be considered to have Socialisation. transgender? Is the Transgender intersexIs cross dressing umbrella completely Biological mattersalso a way of correct?transgender? Transsexual woman Cross dressing Poly gender Hormone treatment Transsexuals manHow does itappear? Scientific Sex change explanations
  10. 10. POTENTIAL TOPICS 1. How are transsexuals seen in society? How does it feel to Views within Transphobia be confronted? Laws set up to help or the religion, to go against.How does it feel Countriesto confront society sexism False views? opinions How are transsexuals discrimination seen in society? aggressive Afraid of speech offensive Are people acceptance truthful freedom confusion Attention seeker with their opinion? independence Free choice
  11. 11. POTENTIAL TOPICS Embarrassment Physiologists18 being legal treatment Feeling trappedage. Young people under 16 are Parents/guardian not mature consent. enough for this What age should decisions transgender treatments be Sometimes allowed? there is a Doctors trend of being approval a certain way. Peer influence Feeling left out Having loads of brothers and being only girl or the opposite.
  12. 12. FINAL CHOSEN TOPIC View from Views from people transsexuals judging? Different Man being more Muslim catholic Judaism countries against. How does it feel to be confronted? Laws set up to Views within the help or to go Transsphobia religion.How do they decide show their identity. CountriesHow does it sexism viewsfeel to False opinionsconfrontsociety ? How are transsexuals aggressive seen in society? discrimination Afraid of offensive speech Are people acceptanc truthful with e their opinion? freedom confusion Attention seeker independence Free choice
  15. 15. What are Androgyne and Poly gender people?• people find they do not feel comfortable thinking of themselves as simply either male or female.• they feel that their gender identity is more complicated to describe.• Some may identify their gender as right in the middle between male and female, while others may feel mainly male but not 100% male or vice-versa• they may entirely reject defining their gender in terms of male and female in any way.• They call themselves: androgyne, polygender, genderqueer or third-gender
  16. 16. • within these communities that self-definition is the most important criteria.• it can be very difficult to work out how to express a gender identity which is neither simply male nor female• Some people may therefore experience a long period of uncertainty about how they relate to the highly gender-stereotyped world around them.• Some have no interest at all in physically changing their body. Others may wish to partially physically transition (for example taking hormones but not having any surgery or, alternatively, having some surgery without taking hormones).
  17. 17. • others will follow the same transition route as transsexual people do but reject identifying simply as the gender they transition to.• Occasionally, the desire to transition might fluctuate over time.• Their minds change a lot a they can be considered confuse.
  18. 18. Views within economy• Transgender people are targets of discrimination in many areas of their lives; this marginalization exposes them to tremendous social and economic insecurity• the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force launched a six- month data collection process:-Double the rate of unemployment:-Near universal harassment on the job-Significant losses of jobs and careers-High rates of poverty-Significant housing instability
  20. 20. Some facts.• In contrast to what people thing , having an androgynous appearance does not necessarily make a person Androgyne.• Being an Androgyne has nothing to do with sexuality but with identity.• This means that they cannot be considered gay.• Even LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender) people tend to assume that a third gender does not exist.
  21. 21. Transgender views within some religions.
  22. 22. The law of Transgender views with each Transsexuals within EUROPE countries. continent.SPAIN POLAND UKMarch 2007, new law in In 1964 to change ones Have birth certificate andSpain allows transsexual legal gender after their driving license changed.people to change their genital reassignment Marriage also and legal gender in surgery had beenall documents conductedThis doesn’t matter if In 1983- Court said that Parliament passedthey have undergone the some cases, when the the Gender Recognitionsurgery. preferred gender was Act 2004, which leading, it is possible to effectively granted full change the legal gender legal recognition for even before genital transgender people. reassignment surgery.There needs to be gender Anna Grodzka the first They need onlydysphoria symptoms. MP to undergo the demonstrate that they surgery have suffered gender dysphoria, and have lived in the acquired gender for two yearsIf there are health risks its and intend to continuenot allowed and age doing so until death.boundaries
  23. 23. Germany irelandOne can either obtain a change of Before it was not possible for aname alone transsexual person to alter theirproceed later with a change of legal birth certificate.gender, if possible or desired, orobtain both in a single legalprocedure.a person with only a name change After a serious case that thehas the right to be called "Herr" or government did not approve the"Frau" (Mr. or Mrs.) documents change, and it was proved that Ireland was going against the law of 2004 in Europe they changed.Job references, certifications and The Government has since droppedsimilar from the time before the its appeal and may introducechange of name may to be reissued legalisation recognising oneswith the new name biological sex following sex reassignment surgery.No minimum age so a name and legal gender change on ones birth certificate is now possible.
  24. 24. AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA The Constitution of South Africa forbids discrimination on the basis of sex, gender and sexual orientation. allows a transgender person who has undergone medical or surgical gender reassignment to apply to the Department of Home Affairs to have the sex description altered on their birth record. Once the birth record is changed they can be have a new birth certificate and identity document, and are considered "for all purposes" to be of the new sex. Thus the transgender person is not required to have had genital surgery in order to have the sex description altered.
  26. 26. Y N Type of Resource How did you use this resource (brief bullet points) WikipediaX gained some research about laws articles on lineX to learn more about polygender and AndrogyniesX newspaper articles to see who Andrek Pijab is youtube videos X NOT USED X information from various textbooks NOT USED periodicals (library) X NOT USED books (library or bought) X NOT USED vimeo videos X NOT USED TED videosX I looked into some videos of the difference between sex and identity. slideshare presentations To see graphsX X blogs NOT USED social media such as twitter X NOT USED phone interview with expert X NOT USED in-person interview with publicX We interviewed about 4 people in-person interview with expert X NOT USED other: ________________________ . other: ________________________
  27. 27. ResearchMaria’s Research• CROSS DRESSING• RELIGIOUS VIEWS.
  28. 28. Background on cross-dressing • Cross dressing is when someone a male dresses up to be a female or vice versa • It has been used for purposes of disguise• Some people automatically connect cross- dressing behaviour to transgender identity however the term cross dressing itself does not imply any intentions.
  29. 29. History of cross-dressing• Cross dressing has existed throughout history• There are many examples in Greek, Norse and Hindu mythology• There is a rich history of cross-dressing found in folklore, literature, theatre, and music • Some women have cross-dressed to take up male-dominated or male-exclusive professions, such as military service.
  30. 30. Drag queens  Two transgendered people are pictured to the left, one being Chris, and one being Margaret. Chris was male at birth, but has undergone sex reassignment surgery to change her physical form, while Margaret identifies as a woman but has not undergone any surgery  Transgender people who live their lives as a member of the gender they identify with are not cross- dressing, unless they choose to wear clothing associated with a gender they do not identify with.
  31. 31. Different kinds of cross dressing • Some people cross-dress as a matter of comfort or style. • Some people cross-dress to shock others or challenge social norms. • Both men and women may cross-dress to disguise their physical sex.• Some performers cross-dress to play roles written for members of the opposite sex. • DRAG • This is a special form of performance art based on the act of cross- dressing. • Drag queen: usually a male who performs as a exaggerated woman. They usually wear showy dresses, high heeled shoes, heavy make up and a wig • Drag king: matching part of the drag queen but usually for much different audiences. They are females who usually adopt a masculine personality. They may imitate a male film or pop-music star
  32. 32. Religion and transgender• Religions range from condemning any gender variant behaviour, to honouring transgender people as religious leaders
  33. 33. Christianity• The New Testament is more unclear about gender- variant identities than the Old Testament is• Sex-change procedures do not change a person’s gender in the eyes of the Church• It is said that “it does not change the personality. If the person was a male, he remains male. If she was female, she remains female”• Some Christian denominations accept transgender people as members and clergy.• The Church of England has kept a transsexual woman as a priest.
  34. 34. Islam• There are two types in Islam:• The first is a person who innates these characteristics, they did not put them on by themselves and therefore there is no guilt, no blame and no shame. As long as the person has not performed any act or any form of prostitution.• The second type acts like a woman out of immoral purposes and there they are a sinner and they are to blame.• Iran is a Muslim country however they have carried out more sex change operations than Thailand.• The government even provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance and a sex change is recognised on the birth certificate
  35. 35. Y N Type of Resource How did you use this resource (brief bullet points)X Wikipedia To find out about cross dressingX articles on line to research how it might start. X newspaper articles NOT USEDX youtube videos to some videos of cross dressers. information from various textbooks X NOT USED periodicals (library) X NOT USED X books (library or bought) NOT USED X vimeo videos NOT USED TED videos NOT USED X X slideshare presentations NOT USEDX blogs to see organisations social media such as twitter X NOT USED phone interview with expert X NOT USED in-person interview with publicX to gain interviews for this presentation X in-person interview with expert NOT USED other: ________________________ other: ________________________
  36. 36. ResearchDebbie’s Research• INTERSEX PEOPLE
  37. 37. How it first appeared• First came from the greek godess Ninmah and father god Enki.• In Europe, the term intersexual was first to be used before the Second World War.• the term hermaphrodite was replaced by the term intersex that came from British specialist Cawadias in the 1940s.• Since the rise of modern medical science in Western societies, some intersex people had their genitalia surgery done to become either female or male.• Existence of physical sexual variation in human beings has increased.
  38. 38. What are intersex people ?• Incomplete or unusual development of the internal reproductive organs• External genitals that cannot be easily classified as male or female• Inability of the body to respond normally to sex-related hormones• People with both sexes• Nowadays doctors try to be more understanding towards intersex people and give them a choice of what gender they want to be.
  39. 39. Symptoms• The person has the chromosomes of a woman, the ovaries of a woman, but outside genitals that appear male. (vice versa)• Ambiguous genitalia at birth• Micropenis• Clitoromegaly (an enlarged clitoris)• Partial labial fusion• Undescended testes (which may turn out to be ovaries) in boys• Labial or inguinal (groin) masses -- which may turn out to be testes -- in girls• Hypospadias [the opening of the penis is somewhere other than at the tip; in females, the urine canal opens into the vagina• Unusual appearing genitalia at birth• Delayed or absent puberty• Unexpected changes at puberty WWW.ISNA.ORG
  40. 40. Causes• XX Intersex : female foetus having been exposed to excess male hormones before birth.• XY intersex : The person has the chromosomes of a man, but the external genitals are incompletely formed, ambiguous, or clearly female.• True Gonadal Intersex . Here the person has both ovarian and testicular tissues. In this case the person might have one ovary and one testis.• Complex or Undetermined Intersex Disorders of Sexual Development : both cases have an extra sex chromosome, either an X or a Y. Have XXX or XXY chromosomes.
  41. 41. Treatment• Child should assign a gender as quickly as possible (based on the external genitals rather than the chromosomal gender)• Prompt surgeries are often recommended• Ovaries or testicle tissues from the other gender would be removed• Easier to reconstruct female genitalia than functioning male genitalia• If the "correct" choice is not clear, the child is often assigned to be a girl. (easier)
  42. 42. Y N Type of Resource How did you use this resource (brief bullet points)X Wikipedia To research about intersexX articles on line X to find out about the symptoms newspaper articles X NOT USED youtube videosX to hear the doctors views. information from various textbooks X NOT USED periodicals (library) X NOT USED books (library or bought) X NOT USED vimeo videos NOT USED XX TED videos to hear about doctors. slideshare presentations X NOT USED blogsX Transgender organisations social media such as twitter X NOT USED phone interview with expert X NOT USED in-person interview with publicX yes , to gain interviews about personal opinion in-person interview with expert X NOT USED other: ________________________ other: ________________________
  43. 43. ResearchKauana’s Research• TRANSEXUALS• TRANSPHOBIA
  44. 44. Transsexuals Transsexualism describes the condition in which an individual identifies with a gender inconsistent or not culturally associated with their assigned sex, i.e. in which a persons assigned sex at birth conflicts with their psychological gender. Gender not associated to the gender they feel they are. Transsexualism describes the condition in which an individual identifies with a gender inconsistent or not culturally associated with their assigned sex, i.e. in which a persons assigned sex at birth conflicts with their psychological gender.
  45. 45. Transsexual Women• A male-to-female (MTF) transsexual woman (trans woman) is someone who was labelled male at birth but has a female gender identity, and therefore changes to live completely and permanently as a woman.• Transsexual women can be distinguished from other transgender people by the extremely strong need which transsexual women have to live completely and permanently as women in contrast to their original birth label of male.
  46. 46. Transsexual Men• A female-to-male (FTM) transsexual man (trans man) is someone who was labelled female at birth but has a male gender identity, and therefore transitions to live completely and permanently as a man.• Transsexual men seek to bring their physical bodies and gender expressions into better accordance with their strong gender identities so that their identities as men finally become clearly visible to their friends, families and colleagues. However, some may be restricted by their personal or social circumstances in their ability to achieve this. Transsexual men often experience significant emotional distress, usually referred to as gender dysphoria, if unable to live fully as men men.aspx
  47. 47. Trans-phobia• Definition: Tranphobia is an irrational fear of, and/or hostility towards, people who are transgender or who otherwise transgress traditional gender norms. Because lesbians and gay men often transgress gender norms, it is often associated with homophobia.• The cause of transphobia is still a subject of research and debate, but it likely reflects the fragile nature of gender identity• People who are quietly struggling with their own gender identity, and people for whom gender identity is especially important, might be frightened--even angry--when confronted with the fragility of gender.
  48. 48. Trans-phobia• Transphobia refers to the fear, hatred of and prejudice against people who are transsexual or transgender• If you live with a disability, transphobia results in very particular kinds of barriers to sexual expression, which includes the way you experience and express your gender identity.
  49. 49. Social Justice Terms Working Terms and Definitions• Androgyne: A person with physical traits of male and female.• Biphobia: Fear or hatred of people who are bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, or nonmonosexual. Biphobia is closely linked with transphobia and homophobia.• Sexism: The cultural, institutional, and individual set of beliefs and practices that privilege men, subordinate women, and denigrate values and practices associated with women.
  50. 50. Y N Type of Resource How did you use this resource (brief bullet points)X Wikipedia To find out about transsexualsX articles on line to get peoples opinions newspaper articles X NOT USEDX youtube videos to watch previous interviews information from various textbooks X NOT USED periodicals (library) X NOT USED books (library or bought) X NOT USED vimeo videos X NOT USEDX TED videos To see a transsexuals’s point of view. slideshare presentations X NOT USED blogsX to see organisations social media such as twitter X NOT USED X phone interview with expert NOT USED in-person interview with publicX to gain interviews for this presentation in-person interview with expert NOT USED other: ________________________ other: ________________________
  51. 51. InterviewsLINK:
  52. 52. What is the purpose of the documentary?• Inform people more about transgender• Stop discrimination• Show transsexual’s point of view• Try get people to be more open minded about this topic• Hear the societies opinion on this topic
  53. 53. What would people learn about this topic from your documentary?• The reasons of why a person may be a transsexual• Transsexuals are humans just like us• The debates within the transgender umbrella• The differences between transsexuals, intersex, cross-dressing and polygender people
  54. 54. What style of documentary is it? (According to bill Nichols theory)Informative :• Informing the audience about transgender• Aim is for the people who watch the documentary to get a wider knowledge about this topic• We are going to be showing both views for and against (not biased)
  55. 55. Audience Secondary Audience Why? Age: start learning about the topic. 12-17 Target audience. Age: 18-25 Gender: Male and Female Interest:Gender: Might be Religion: Christians, Muslims, JudaismMale and going Region: LondonFemale through this Class: working, middle and high class. Interests: Debating, sciences, identity, and needing watching documentaries, updating help. Religion: Help with knowledge. catholic school work. Muslims Sciences. Judaism Class: Region: Working London class
  56. 56. Niche or Mass audience?Mass AudienceWhy?• We need societies opinions• Make people aware of it.• Make it a topic that people learn about.• It can have to do with a big number of society.
  57. 57. Why is it important for people to learn about this?• The target audience age because its roughly the age where your gender identity is formed.• The secondary audience because people might be going through a time of confusion and that might help.• So that people can understand other views, and become more opened minded.• So that Transgender is not seen as something of another world.
  58. 58. What style of Documentary is it?According to Bill Nichols theory our documentary would be...Observatory:People are going to observe different types of opinions expressed by the public. The presenter will not persuade, will just observe.Informative:The content of the documentary are going to be very informative, and will teach people things. Also will have a debate which will inform people of sides of the view.
  59. 59. StructureEPISODE 1 EPISODE 2 EPISODE 3Explain what is Historical what age should ittransgender, the evidence, the be legal to havedifferent umbrella theory the surgery. Viewscategories within and if its within differentit. Societies views completely countries, andon this topic. correct. If it’s a about the sex sexual matter or a change surgery. case of identity.
  60. 60. What channel would it be put on and why?• We would choose channel 4 because their documentaries are usually aimed at an audience who are aged 16+• Also their documentaries are mostly participatory and informative and that’s what our one is
  61. 61. What time would it be on and why?• The time we would be showing it at would be 9 o’clock as there would be explicit content and a subject that may be too much for people aged under 16• Also children who come back from school would normally watch from 4-7 so they would be asleep for when this documentary would be showing.