Assignment 13 f ilming jobs task


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Assignment 13 f ilming jobs task

  1. 1. Maria-REDDebbie-BLUEMilka- GREEN
  2. 2. DEBBIE MARQUESDescription of job:» I am the main person in charge of how the film is made and how it should look.» I am responsible and I can overlook people, scripts and plans to create new spontaneous ideas.» Responsible for how to set the mood and visual look (angles and mise- en-scene) of the film.» Instruct first assistant director and work with Director of Photography» B) examples of your job» C)What will you do to make sure you are successful at you job?» I will make sure I am there at all times» Support my group members in everything» If I see something is not working I will try my best to find a way of making it work» Make sure we have the right equipment before going to each location
  3. 3. » MARIA YOUNES» Description of job: I assist the director and I help create their ideas» Helps to manage the team» Watches the time and reminds director of how much time there is remaining» Person who says “CUT” “ACTION” And “PLACES” etc..» Ensures people are doing their job properly» Organises actors and location» B) examples of your job» C)What will you do to make sure you are successful at your job?» I will make sure that I am there at all filming and will always be the one who is going to set up everything and ensure everyone is in the right place of doing so.» Always have a watch on my hand or always hold my phone which has the time on it so I can ensure everything is being done on time and make sure of how much time is remaining.
  4. 4. MARIA YOUNES» Picture of you:» Description of job:» This person must be able to make sure that what goes on screen looks visually pleasing.» Checks the mise-en-scene» The lighting issues» Ensures that the visuals make the audience feel a certain way.» Works with the director and to listen/make sure the visuals are very good.» They also help to instruct the camera operators.» B) examples of your job» C)What will you do to make sure you are successful at you job?» I would make sure that the lighting is always good at where we are filming» Also I would make sure that the visuals are perfect and if we could improve them always» I would also keep an eye out when they are filming to see if they could do any adjustments and improve the way that they are filming.
  5. 5. Milka Erko
  6. 6. » An art director oversees the art, e.g. the photographs and drawn images, that appear in newspapers, magazines, on book covers ect. An art director is usually the person who oversees the entire design department, working with photo editors and editors to manage what images will match up with what words.
  7. 7. » Suzuki Ingerslev Suzuki has been a art director but also a Production Designer. She has done big T.V series, such as “True blood” and “Shark” Graham rounthwaiteHis work for Levis in New York was fantastic.His pictures were projected on huge posters onbuildings. He says that his work for Levis wasthe most difficult he has done so far.
  8. 8. » How I will make sure I’m successful at my job is to search more about art directors and see what they did to be so successful, and get tips from them. But to also work as a team, and listen to everyones options and opinions.
  9. 9. Milka Erko
  10. 10. » DEBBIE MARQUES, MILKA ERKO, MARIA YOUNESDescription of job:» have technical abilities to work camera» Good listening skills» Respect other opinions» Listen to other’s instructionsWhat will you do to make sure you are successful at you job?» Work to the highest of our ability» Respect other group members» Listen to instructions given» Be helpful and always ready to help.