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Assignment 8 draft 3


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Assignment 8 draft 3

  1. 1. Assignment 8 – Draft 3 By: Luara
  2. 2. Research on topic. Transsexuals.
  3. 3. Gender DysphoriaWhat is gender Dysphoria?Gender dysphoria • They have a strong desire tois a condition in live according to their genderwhich a person identity, rather than theirfeels that there is a biological sex.mismatch between • Some people undergotheir biological sex treatment so that theirand their gender physical appearance is moreidentity consistent with their gender identity. For example, a person may have the anatomy of a man, but gender identify as a woman.
  4. 4. Debates.Should the surgery be allowed? PRO: Free will, feeling better. Government allowing CON: Religion, after the surgery problems ( psychological)
  5. 5. Should children under the age of 18 be allowed to Should Transgenderims be allowed in the undergo the treatment? church? They feel trapped in their bodies. PRO: Respect, and human rights, law. CON: They do not have CON:As said in the bible, there enough maturity to make needs to be reproduction within such a decision. humans. In church it is taught that god decides your sex .
  6. 6. Some symptoms.The symptoms of gender Adults with genderdysphoria can appear at a dysphoria can feelvery young age. For trapped inside a bodyexample, a child may that does not matchrefuse to wear typical their gender identity.boys or girls clothes, or This can cause feelingsdislike taking part in of discomfort andtypical boys or girls anxietygames and activities In most cases, this type of behaviour is just a normal part of growing up, but in cases of gender dysphoria, it persists into later childhood and through to adulthood.
  7. 7. More informationIt is estimated that 1 in 11,500 peopleexperience gender dysphoria. Scientific explanation. Boys are XY Girls are XX • When this chromosomes get together it already produces the sex cells, Which immediately sends a message to the brain and the foetus is already born knowing what gender they are . • However children with gender dysphoria is when this happens , but the message isnt send to the brain properly, therefore they are mixed between their sex and their gender.
  8. 8. Another possibility. one in 100 or so babies is born with some kind of sex differentiation anomaly This can also cause gender dysphoria.This can be caused when the pregnantmother has additional hormones in hersystem, which she has absorbedfrom, say, medication or theenvironment, and which she has passed Such as :on to the foetus, or the foetus, 47,XXY, 47,XYY, 45,XO, 49,XXXYY With this it can cause strange chromosomes pattern.
  9. 9. Processes of Psychotherapy.• Psychotherapy is a series of interactive communications between a therapist who is knowledgeable about how people suffer emotionally and a patient who is experiencing distress.• regularly held 50-minutes sessions.• Psychotherapy is not intended to cure the gender identity disorder.• Its usual goal is a long-term stable life style with realistic chances for success in relationships, education, work, and gender identity expression.
  10. 10. Choices given by the Psychotherapy.Biological Males:1. Cross-dressing in a feminine fashion;2. Changing the body through: hair removal through electrolysis or body waxing; minor plastic cosmetic surgical procedures;3. Increasing grooming, wardrobe, and vocal expression skills4. Hormone TreatmentBiological Females:1. Cross-dressing:r in a masculine fashion2. Changing the body through breast binding, weight lifting, applying theatrical facial hair;133. Padding underpants or wearing a penile prosthesis.4. Hormone treatment. There needs to a psychotherapist treatment done before any sex change and also after , so that people can be sure of what they are doing.
  11. 11. Restrictions four undergoing hormone treatment .- Age 18 years;- Demonstrable knowledge of what hormones medically can and cannot do and their social benefits and risks- A period of psychotherapy of a duration specified by the mental health professional
  12. 12. The ‘sex change’.The surgery is called by many ways such as:o Sex reassignment surgeryo gender reassignment surgery.o genital reconstruction surgeryo sex affirmation surgeryo sex realignment surgeryo sex-change operation
  13. 13. What are the procedures?o complete hysterectomy,o bilateral mastectomy,o chest reconstruction or augmentation including breast prostheses if necessaryo genital reconstructiono and certain facial plastic reconstructiono In addition, other non-surgical procedures are also considered including facial electrolysis. In America benefits are given to those that wants to go under the treatment , and in 2003 there was a law settled up saying it was discrimination if the hospitals denied doing the treatment.
  14. 14. Differences between Trans man and Trans woman.• For trans women, genital reconstruction usually involves the construction of a vagina.• whereas in the case of trans men, genital reconstruction may involve construction of a penis through either phalloplasty or metoidioplasty.• In both cases, for trans women and trans men, genital surgery may also involve other medically necessary secondary procedures, such as orchiectomy or laminectomy.• For Trans man take out the breast and for Trans woman do facial surgery to look feminine.
  15. 15. The medical considerations.• People with HIV or hepatitis C may have difficulty finding a surgeon able or willing to perform surgery.• Some surgeons charge higher fees for HIV- and hepatitis C-positive patients• medical professionals assert that it is unethical to deny surgical or hormonal treatments to transsexuals solely on the basis of their HIV or hepatitis status.• Other health conditions such as diabetes, abnormal blood clotting, and obesity do not usually present a problem to experienced surgeons.• Surgeons may require overweight patients to reduce their weight before surgery and smoking patients to refrain from smoking before and after surgery.
  16. 16. Some information.Thailand is the place where there is the most amount of these procedures.There are websites for this specific changes : Has a list of the number of surgeries that could be done. Had a map of the place in Thailand so that they can get there.
  17. 17. Procedures to undergo the treatments.ONE LETTER from TWO LETTERS. From psychiatrics andpsychiatrics doctor. Two letters for Genital surgery• One Letter is for biologic males: Required for -orchiectomy, penectomy, Clitoroplasty, labiaplasty Instituting Hormone creation of a neovagina; Therapy, or for for biologic females Breast Surgery. -hysterectomy, salpingo-oophorectomy, vaginectomy,• One letter from a Metoidioplasty, scrotoplasty,urethroplasty, mental health - placement of testicular prostheses, professional• therapy or for a referral for breast surgery (e.g., mastectomy, ch est reconstruction, augm entation There needs to mammoplasty) be a approval for each treatment.
  18. 18. Requirements to undergo the treatment.- Legal age of majority in the patients nation.- Usually 12 months of continuous hormonal therapy- 12 months of successful continuous full time real-life experience.- regular responsible participation in psychotherapy throughout the real-life- 5. Demonstrable knowledge of the cost, required lengths of hospitalizations.- likely complications, and post surgical rehabilitation requirements of various surgical approaches;• 6. Awareness of different competent surgeons.
  19. 19. The youngest boy to have the sex reassignment surgery.• Name : Jamie• Nationality : Australiano The boy, known as Jamie, has lived as a girl for two years, dressing in feminine clothes using the girls toilet at school and has a long blond hair.o Jamies parents, doctors and psychiatrists feared early puberty could lead to self-harm or suicide and supported an urgent need for the child to receive sex-change therapy.o The mother said the family had started treating Jamie as a female in 2008 after her non-identical twin brother accepted her condition and announced: "I have a sister."
  20. 20. o The doctor said he was concerned about Jamies rapid-onset puberty, which was equivalent to that of a 14-year-old, and that sex-change treatment should start immediately.o At the moment Jamie can live comfortably as a girl, is socially confident and suffers no teasing or social isolation.o Court has allowed the child to undergo the treatment.
  21. 21. Legal Issues.• If you have undergone the treatment know as transition, which is- Living a year in the gender you prefer- SurgeryThen you are known as a transsexual with this legal rights come along. • In the UK, driving licences and passports may be re-issued according to the individual’s post-transition gender status. • The Gender Recognition Act (2004)has been in operation since 2005. This Act enables trans men and women to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate and (as long as the birth was originally registered in the UK) they may obtain a new birth certificate. • They are now able to marry in their newly recognised gender. • The Sex Discrimination Act (Gender Reassignment) Regulations protect trans people against discrimination in the workplace.
  22. 22. The law of Transsexuals within each EUROPE continent.SPAIN POLAND UKMarch 2007, new law in In 1964 to change ones Have birth certificate andSpain allows transsexual legal gender after their driving license changed.people to change their genital reassignment Marriage also and legal gender in surgery had beenall documents conductedThis doesn’t matter if In 1983- Court said that Parliament passedthey have undergone the some cases, when the the Gender Recognitionsurgery. preferred gender was Act 2004, which leading, it is possible to effectively granted full change the legal gender legal recognition for even before genital transgender people. reassignment surgery.There needs to be gender Anna Grodzka the first They need onlydysphoria symptoms. MP to undergo the demonstrate that they surgery have suffered gender dysphoria, and have lived in the acquired gender for two yearsIf there are health risks its and intend to continuenot allowed and age doing so until death.boundaries
  23. 23. Germany irelandOne can either obtain a change of Before it was not possible for aname alone transsexual person to alter theirproceed later with a change of legal birth certificate.gender, if possible or desired, orobtain both in a single legalprocedure.a person with only a name change After a serious case that thehas the right to be called "Herr" or government did not approve the"Frau" (Mr. or Mrs.) documents change, and it was proved that Ireland was going against the law of 2004 in Europe they changed.Job references, certifications and The Government has since droppedsimilar from the time before the its appeal and may introducechange of name may to be reissued legalisation recognising oneswith the new name biological sex following sex reassignment surgery.No minimum age so a name and legal gender change on ones birth certificate is now possible.
  24. 24. AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA The Constitution of South Africa forbids discrimination on the basis of sex, gender and sexual orientation. allows a transgender person who has undergone medical or surgical gender reassignment to apply to the Department of Home Affairs to have the sex description altered on their birth record. Once the birth record is changed they can be have a new birth certificate and identity document, and are considered "for all purposes" to be of the new sex. Thus the transgender person is not required to have had genital surgery in order to have the sex description altered.
  26. 26. ASIAJAPAN SOUTH KOREA MALAYSIA PHILIPPINESenables transsexual people it is possible for transgender no legislation expressly The Philippine Supremeto change their legal sex individuals to change their allowing transsexuals to Court has also ruled that legal gender legally change their gender Filipino citizens do not have in Malaysia. the right to legally change their sex on official documentsthe applicants be both depends on the decision of judges currently exercise serious and wide-rangingunmarried and childless the judge for each case. their discretion in legal and public policy interpreting the law and consequences, defining the gender. Family Court in Okinawa does not prevent marriage Depends on the case,Prefecture, allowed an once a person has changed the court chooses.official sex-change of a their legal gender.transsexual woman, believedto be the first court approvalunder the new change is not paid for by A trans woman can benational health insurance. registered, not only as female, but also as being born as a woman. marital status of female automatically when she marries to a man, even if she has previously been a male on paper.
  27. 27. AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA transsexuals to be re-issue passports with the new sex choice. A recent "clarification" by the Minister for foreign affairs and Trade, Mr. Alexander Downer, stated that a person may not have a new passport or interim passport issued without a birth certificate stating their gender A document of identity it is called
  28. 28. Transsexuals within religion.• I went out asking people if transsexuals should be allowed in churches:68% said no20% said yes12% preferred not to answerThis to me proves that in society and law transsexuals are accepted however not in church.I also came to a conclusion that people sometimes fear of talking about the topic.
  29. 29. Views within some religion.JUDAISM CHRISTIANITY ISLAMConservative Judaism has had Follow the bible They see it as a cure formixed views within The old testament is more homosexuality which istranssexuals there had been closed and the new testament. punishable by death underno stories of rabbinical Iranian lawReform Judaism had positive the Faith concludes that the mukhannathun is used toviews of transgender people. sex-change procedures do not describe gender-variantIt is allowed. change a person’s gender in people the eyes of the Church.Several non-denominational Changes the outside but not They believe god madeJewish groups provide the personality them that way.resources for transgenderpeople. Transgender pastor Drew Phoenix could keep his position. Some Christian denominations accept transgender people as members and clergy.
  30. 30. DEVELOPING THE TOPICPurpose: To inform people what Transsexuals are, the surgery and treatments and toalso show it is something normal.What effects I want it to have:People: That it is something normal and that anyone could have this, and that thereshouldnt be embarrassment about it.Society: to be more accepting and understand others.Word: To be informed about this, so that even them can define what they feel.
  32. 32. What type of documentary would it be?• According to Bill nichols theory my documentary would beTHE OBSERVATIONAL MODE AND INFORMATIVE• Observational objective reality with filmmaker as neutral observer. See Fly on the Wall.CONVENTIONS• The filmmaker remains hidden behind the camera, ignored by the surrounding environment• he/she neither changes nor influences the actions/events being captured.Why? :Because in my documentary I dont want to give personal opinion, i want to just send out information to the audience about the topic so that they are more informed and also to have a possible debate however never on my opinion but what is actually in the media and in people’s mind.
  34. 34. AUDIENCETarget audienceAge: 14-25Gender: Female and MaleEthnicity: British, American,Spanish, Asian, South American,and etc.Region: United KingdomReligion: Christian, Judaism, IslamSocial Class: AllInterests: in sciences, and how humans work, also about laws and ethics within religions, alsoin sex(gender)Why?• Because in this categories the peopleare in a age where they are finding themselves outand sometimes figuring out what they can do .• The religions as I will be showing what those religions think according to transsexuals, this will be good so that people are more clear even within their religion.]• Those specific interests as the person needs to want to know more about what they are already intrested. And those are the content of my documentary.• Both Male and Female as I believe this a topic that is in both gender’s life.
  35. 35. Secondary AudienceTarget audienceAge: 50-70Gender: Female and MaleEthnicity: British, American,Spanish, Asian, South American,and etc.Region: United KingdomReligion: Christian, Judaism, IslamSocial Class: AllInterests: being up to date with what goes on in the world, learningmore, biology, Sciences, Sociology.Why?• I think my secondary audience would be a older audience, as there are some elders with a opened mind and want to know what has changed, and likes to continuously keep learning.• Some scientists , sociologists that has is retired might want to watch it so that they can also keep learning, as they are already interested in the topic.• In the united kingdom as the documentary will be english.• This documentary might also help those elders that didn’t have the opportunity to show who they were, to feel a bit more relieved.
  36. 36. Audience.• My Documentary would be for a Mass audience, as I think my topic appeals to a lot of people.• As my Documentary will be on around 9pm, I cant really have a very young audience, so the age 15 is appropriate as the person is already a teenager therefore is not treated as child by the parents.The content of the documentary is not suitable for during the day, andadults go to work and usually come home at 6/7 so there would beenough time to have a shower, eat and then relax watching TV.
  37. 37. INSPIRATION.I HAVE GOT INSPIRATION FROM THE BODY SHOCK.They introduce the story first. The title comes later on. Interview with experts.What I like about it ? It allows us What I like about it ? You What I like about it ? youto have a primary understanding understand what the title can rely on theof what is going on. has to do with the information you areInspires me because I also want documentary getting, and also it provesto introduce the story first . Inspires me because I want points. to put the title only after the Inspires me because I person understand what the also want to back up what documentary is about and I say with experts they can link it together. opinions.
  38. 38. INSPIRATIONI GOT INSPIRED BY THE DOCUMENTARY OUT IN A LIMO MID SHOTS Break with name. -voice over -Natural lighting -Non diegetic Music -Ambient soundWhat I like about it ? It allows What I like about it ? Everythe viewers, to see details of the break ends with a title it is good These this meperson being filmed. so that the person can come in inspiration as IInspires me because in my case the middle and still know the think they willstudies, I will need to do mid name of the documentary. make myshots to show the person clearly. Inspires me because I want to documentary have at the end of each break the more interesting title , so remind my audience the and more link between the topic and the organised. name.
  39. 39. INSPIRATIONI GOT INSPIRED BY THE DOCUMENTARY UNDATABLESAND LIFES. USE OF SUPPORTIVE IMAGES INTERVIEWWhat I like about it ? It is much What I like about it ? It proveseasier to explain something with points.the actualt image Inspires me because in my caseInspires me because in my case studies I want to have interviewsstudies I want to have supportive with the people.images to what I say.
  40. 40. CHANNEL
  41. 41. CONVENTIONS.CONVENTION USE/DEVELOP/CHALLENGE HOW?Voice over. use We are going to have voice over when we are showing images.Commercial intervals use As a normal channel 4 documentary interval happens.Steady cam use To film the whole doc.Background music develop We may vary the type of songs depending on which episode we are.Presenter Use Our presenter will present the documentary only.Special effects editing I will use special effect on the editing, to differentiate different scenes.
  42. 42. conventions Use/develop/challenge How?style challenging The presenter in our documentary will only assist.Ambient sound use When we film in specific areas we will most probably leave the ambient soundStructure use We are sticking to channel 4 style of structure for documentaries.Interviews with the public/ Use/develop We want to gain productive opinion from interviewExperts Interview from the public and the experts, in a way that they are participating.Supportive images use I want to use supportive images, to how the surgery occurs.Natural Lighting use All the lighting used in the documentary will be natural as it will be filmed during the dayMontage editting develop We are going to use it before the documentary actually starts to give an idea of what the documentary is about.
  43. 43. PLANEstablishing shotsHow?• I will be establishing shots to show places, such as houses and maybe some clinics.• I might also use establish shot of the Presenter when she is walking in the streets.
  44. 44. Use of presenter or voice over.How?In my documentary there will be both presenterand voice over, the presenter will be in theplaces that are being filmed.Voice over used for explaining statistics.
  45. 45. Public interviewsHow?I will have public interviews because I will needtheir opinions on Transsexuals, and theiropinions is what will build half of thedocumentary.
  46. 46. Experts interviewsHow?I will have experts interviews, to provide more information.I will use the experts interviews to prove points.I will use experts interviews, to learn more about the topic myself.
  47. 47. Supporting footage/ Title• I will have supporting footage and title to give more visualisation to my audience of the information I am given.• I will have Titles to make the documentary more clear and understandable.
  48. 48. Use of statistics graphs and diagrams.• I will use this to have a more entertaining way to show information.• To make information more clear.• To show percentages of specific things.
  49. 49. Structure2 min introduction 1 min 2 min Last 10-20(series) introduction (to focus on first subtopic of seconds (episode) episode) (preview to next episode) This will showAn introduction to the whole series, A montage This will concentrate on a the nextwith montage editing to show the editing to show a debate about transsexuals and episode whichdifferent episodes. brief explanation if there should be a age limit to will be about about it. treatments. transsexuals.
  50. 50. Story board.
  51. 51. Script.