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Crafting Strategy for Kaup Beach


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How to prepare stage one strategy for beach industry.
Here we have taken the Kaup (Pronounced as KAPU), a beach from Karnataka, India.

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Crafting Strategy for Kaup Beach

  2. 2. Agenda 1. WHO-WHAT-HOW Model 2. Porter’s Five Forces 3. Context Auditing 4. SWOT Analysis 5. Exploring the Possibilities
  3. 3. WHO HOW • Domestic Tourist • Local/ Manipal Students • NH-17 • South Karnataka Visitors • Foreign Tourist • Service: Experience • Price: Free of cost • Promotion: Events, Billboard • Place: Travel Agencies WHAT • Need: Leisure • Benefits: Excellent Experience • Expectation: Clean, Beautiful, Relaxing Beach
  4. 4. • • • • Manipal students/Local NH-17 South Karnataka Tourist Foreign Tourists CUSTOMER • • • Krishna temple Shimoga forest INOX • • • • • Local vendors Restaurant & Bars Transportation Org. Light house authority Beach authority INDIRECT COMPETITOR KAUP BEACH SUPPLIER DIRECT COMPETITOR • • • • Malpe Delta Goa Murudeshwar
  5. 5. Context Auditing POLITICAL • Scrutiny and political permissions ECONOMICAL • Tier-3 city , lower scope of local tourism SOCIAL • Not seen as a heritage LEGAL • Place of public heritage
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES • • • • • • Distant from Manipal, Udupi and Mangalore • Inaccessible i.e. lack of economical transportation to and fro • Lack of any proper eating joints nearby • No sports encouragement • No dustbins around anywhere on the beach • No nearby sight-seeing places • No incentive to spend entire day there, except distance Century old lighthouse Rocks present, adding to the beauty and thrill White-sand beach Ample space nearby to construct restaurants etc. Ample space at beach for sports opportunities, e.g. a volleyball net OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • Capitalize on natural beauty, which is relatively quite high • Economic accessibility can be arranged easily, e.g. buses • Basic cleanliness measures (dustbins) available quite economically • Sports encouragement can be done at a very low cost • Festivals such as Kite flying could be encouraged and promoted • Other beaches may receive more people due to accessibility ease • Roads leading to it not well developed • Mall-culture, or in this case Restaurant-culture may take away a big share of customers from beaches • Increase in fuel prices • Littering may generate negative publicity • Other beaches may develop on sports encouragement and drive away the student crowd
  7. 7. LIKELIHOOD OF IMPLEMENTATION Exploring the possibilities POTENTIAL IMPACT ON BUSINESS High Medium 1 High 2 3 Medium 5 Low 8 4 7 6 Low 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Volleyball court on the beach Opening up a better ambience restaurant at the beach A better infrastructure in terms of connectivity via bus A Better parking facility at the beach Advertising Kaup as “All day picnic spot” Opening up water sports Opening up of a large scale resort/hotel Increased charges for the Light house visit
  8. 8. What Next? 1. To create sufficient footfall on Kaup beach. 2. To develop a selfsustaining model in terms of revenue. 3. To maintain and promote cleanliness in and around Kaup beach.