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These are some examples of projects with Solution Blue\'s sustainable stormwater management solutions.

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Solution Blue Projects (4)

  1. 1. KEY PROJECTS Page Tar ge t Fi el d: MN T wins’ Ballp ark (1) TCF B an k S ta di um : MN G o p hers’ Stad ium (2) V o l k sw agen Dea l ership Exp ansio n (3) P r i v at e Orthodox C hurc h (4) St. P au l ’ s Upper La nd ing Re-Develo p ment (5) P r i v at e Condom i ni ums - G reen R o o f System (6) P r i v at e Fi rm ’s C orpo rate Head q uarters (7) Tw i n C it i es Arm y Ammunition Plant (TCAAP ) (8) 350 Saint Peter Street, Suite 220 Phone: (651)294.0038 Saint Paul, MN 55102 ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc.
  2. 2. Key Projects TARGET FIELD: MINNESOTA TWINS’ BALLPARK (TARGET PLAZA) Location: Minneapolis, MN Client: M.A. Mortenson Construction, MN Ballpark Authority Completed Plaza After Installation of Plants & Sod Completed Plaza After Installation of Plants & Sod Graphic Rendering (Courtesy of HOK Sport, Inc.) Under Construction: Stormwater Management System in Plaza PROJECT SCOPE: The Minnesota Twins’ baseball team was developing an open-air 40,000-seat ballpark in the Warehouse District of Downtown Minneapolis. Our Solution Blue team members worked with the MN Twins organization, MN Ballpark Authority, Metropolitan Council, HOK Sport and Mortenson Construction to facilitate the planning, design, development and implementation of an innovative stormwater management system for the Twins’ new ballpark facility. CHALLENGES: • Ballpark located within a dense, urban setting in Downtown Minneapolis. • Complex network of buildings, streets, major highways and infrastructure surrounds the facility. • Minimal space available on-site for traditional stormwater management systems. • Realignment of major roadways to accommodate the stadium added to project’s overall complexity. SOLUTION: Our Solution Blue team members engineered and implemented an innovative stormwater management system within Target Plaza. Our team designed, provided information to receive regulatory approval, produced construction documents and managed the construction process for this stormwater system. • Implemented a cutting-edge system that provides stormwater storage, filtration and re-use via passive irrigation. • Reinforced the soils below turfgrass to endure excessive foot traffic and withstand vibrations from I-394 bridge. • Provided an economical and environmental solution to efficiently achieve the stormwater management objectives. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (1)
  3. 3. Key Projects TCF BANK STADIUM: MINNESOTA GOPHERS’ STADIUM (PLAZA SPACE) Location: University of MN (Minneapolis, MN) Client: M.A. Mortenson Construction, Veit Companies Football Field Bleachers 3.75 Acre Watershed Un ive rsi ty Av en Multi-Functional ue Green Space (0.50 Acres) PLAN: 3.75-Acre Watershed Directing Runoff to 0.50-Acre Plaza Space Completed Multi-Functional Plaza Space Aerial View: Installation of Sand Profile as Part of Stormwater System Installation of Liner & Chambers as Part of Stormwater System PROJECT SCOPE: The University of Minnesota was developing a new football stadium on the University’s East-Bank campus in Minneapolis, MN. Mortenson Construction was the general contractor that worked with various designers, engineers, University officials, the City of Minneapolis and our Solution Blue team members to successfully execute the planning, financing, design and construction of this state-of-the-art, LEED® certified athletic facility. CHALLENGES: • Located within a highly developed urban setting with minimal space available for stormwater management features. • Difficult to achieve stormwater management (quality & quantity) objectives due to lack of available green space. • University needed to establish an economically and environmentally viable solution to manage stormwater on-site. SOLUTION: Solution Blue team members designed and implemented an innovative stormwater management system along University Avenue. Our team designed, engineered and managed the installation of this cutting-edge stormwater system. • Employed an all-in-one system that provides superior drainage, storage, water re-use and complete stormwater mgmt. • 0.50-acre green space accommodates 3.75-acre watershed and efficiently manages 5-year rainfall event (3.5” in 24 hours). • 0.50-acre green space provides 120,000-gallon storage capacity (within soil profile and temporary storage above turfgrass). • System’s pollutant removal rates: 90% TSS (Total Suspended Solids), 80% Phosphorus, 60% Nitrates. • Incorporated mesh materials in soil profile so turfgrass can effectively support heavy broadcasting and emergency vehicles. • Stadium was designated as the first ever LEED® certified collegiate football stadium in the country. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (2)
  4. 4. Key Projects VOLKSWAGEN DEALERSHIP EXPANSION Location: Maplewood, MN Client: General Contractor Permeable Paver Parking & Storage Area Intersection of Open-Grid & Permeable Concrete Pavers Permeable Concrete Pavers with Modular Retaining Wall PROJECT SCOPE: An existing dealership acquired additional land (adjacent to their site) to accommodate a building expansion and extra space for vehicle parking and storage. Solution Blue team members worked with the dealership owners, City of Maplewood, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District and the general contractor throughout this project. We provided complete design, water modeling, civil engineering and construction management services to successfully implement a network of permeable paving and water storage technologies, which properly achieved the stormwater management objectives. CHALLENGES: • Located in an urban setting with minimal space available for stormwater management features. • Conventional design/engineering would incorporate a retention pond for stormwater storage, which decreases the amount of space available for vehicle parking and storage. • Integrating the landscape plan with stormwater management objectives was difficult due to the owner’s aesthetic expectations and having to meet the City’s building code requirements. SOLUTION: Our Solution Blue team members provided the initial site assessment, stormwater modeling, design development, construction documents and managed the installation of this stormwater management solution. The design incorporates two permeable paving technologies with an aggregate profile that provides sufficient stormwater storage and filtration. • Provided an alternative solution to a traditional retention pond (which provides no space to store vehicles). • Created a multi-functional system that meets stormwater management objectives, but also accommodates 100 additional stalls for vehicle parking and storage. • Provided support to help obtain a $25,000 grant from the Watershed District for implementing an innovative, cutting-edge solution that achieved stormwater management objectives. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (3)
  5. 5. Key Projects PRIVATE ORTHODOX CHURCH Location: Minneapolis, MN Client: Church Location of Proposed Infiltration Trench Existing Slopes Along Rear of Church (Impaired Lake in Distance) Water Diversion Mechanism EPIC Planting Beds Concrete Pavers PERENNIALS False Forget-me-not Masterwort Foxglove Feather Reed Grass Dwarf Joe Pye Weed Sedum Black-Eyed Susan Red Switch Grass SHRUBS Taunton Yew Annabelle Hydrangea Dwarf Ninebark Arctic Fire Dogwood Fire Ball Euonymus Black Lace Elderberry LANDSCAPE PLAN: Location of Proposed Stormwater Features & Landscape Plants PROJECT SCOPE: The Church hired Solution Blue to provide solutions to help the Church achieve three (3) main objectives: (1) Provide a drainage solution for flood prone areas adjacent to the sanctuary. (2) Eliminate or drastically reduce the City of Minneapolis’ monthly Stormwater Utility Fee (quality & quantity credits). (3) Incorporate the proposed landscape plan (shown above) with innovative stormwater management applications. CHALLENGES: • Building located near steep slopes and is adjacent to an impaired water body. • Because of site constraints, additional review by the City is required for approval and construction will be complicated. • Existing infrastructure must be connected to the proposed drainage and stormwater management systems. • Topography restricts how stormwater can be managed because portions of the site are too flat to effectively drain by traditional methods and specific areas direct stormwater off-site prior to collection and/or treatment. SOLUTION: Our team provided the initial site analysis, design development, water modeling and engineering services and have been working with the City of Minneapolis to receive final approval prior to construction (scheduled for May-June of 2010). Our design incorporates several stormwater management techniques such as roof top detention, infiltration trenches, permeable paver patios and sidewalks, bio-retention basins and large infiltration tanks. • Designed various stormwater management features to effectively manage stormwater on-site. • Engineered stormwater systems to properly accommodate the 10-year (4.1” in 24 hours) rainfall event. • Directed excess water to large infiltration tanks where it can recharge groundwater and manage the next rainfall event. • Selected the appropriate native and hybrid plant species for landscape areas and stormwater features. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (4)
  6. 6. Key Projects ST. PAUL’S UPPER LANDING RE-DEVELOPMENT Location: St. Paul, MN Client: CENTEX Multi-Family Homes H.S. Kaplan Scrap Yard Site (Prior to Re-Development) Importing Soil to Raise Elevation (Along with Remediation) Completed Multi-Use Development: Housing, Retail, Restaurants & Public Park Public Park Along Mississippi Riverfront PROJECT SCOPE: This 20-acre former Superfund site exists along the Mississippi River in Downtown St. Paul. CENTEX Multi-Family Homes was the primary developer that worked with the City of St. Paul, Riverfront Corporation, State of Minnesota and our development team to coordinate the remediation, planning, design and financing efforts for this re-development project. CHALLENGES: • Highly contaminated site because it was home to the H.S. Kaplan Scrap Iron & Metal Company from 1950’s to 1989. • Site flooded often due to its location within Mississippi River floodplain and lack of control structures along the River. • Coordination of the planning, remediation, financing and development efforts was incredibly challenging because several local, state and federal organizations were involved throughout the project. SOLUTION: Solution Blue team members guided the development team in the overall planning, funding, regulatory compliance and implementation efforts from conception through final construction. Upon completion in 2002, this former brownfield site was re-developed into a successful housing, retail, restaurant and public park facility valued at over $173 Million dollars. • Developed the site’s environmental clean-up plan, which was approved by the MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). • Spent 2 years mitigating several significant environmental issues related to the H.S. Kaplan Scrap Yard operation. • Worked with the City of St. Paul and CENTEX Multi-Family Homes to obtain a $3 Million clean-up grant from the MN Department of Trade & Economic Development and a $702,000 tax-based revitalization grant from the Met Council. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (5)
  7. 7. Key Projects PRIVATE CONDOMINIUMS - INTENSIVE GREEN ROOF Location: Minneapolis, MN Client: Private Developer & Owner Completed Green Roof: (4) Separate Zones Divided by Sidewalks Completed Green Roof: Native Grasses, Decorative Trees & Turfgrass Under Construction: Installation of Lightweight Growing Soil PROJECT SCOPE: A private developer was creating a multi-story condominium structure in Downtown Minneapolis. Our Solution Blue team members worked with the owner, landscape architect, watershed district and City of Minneapolis to successfully design and implement an intensive green roof system. CHALLENGES: • Building exists within an urban setting with minimal space available for stormwater management features. • Green roof had to exist above a parking ramp with limited capacity to support an intensive-profile (12”+) green roof. • Reducing the City’s monthly stormwater utility fee required inventive solutions to efficiently manage, store and re-use stormwater on-site. SOLUTION: Solution Blue team members provided site assessment, design development, water modeling and civil engineering services in order to receive approval from the City of Minneapolis and local watershed district. Our design incorporates a state-of- the-art system that captures, filters and re-uses stormwater within an intensive green roof profile. • Employed a lightweight green roof system (12” deep) that provides stormwater storage, filtration and water re-use. • Installed a 10,000-gallon reservoir tank for supplemental storage that supplies water to irrigate plants and turfgrass. • Implemented a functional, usable green space in an urban setting that provides recreational opportunities, achieves stormwater management objectives and improves the building’s aesthetic appeal. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (6)
  8. 8. Key Projects PRIVATE FIRM’S CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Location: Roseville, MN Client: Private Corporation Completed Permeable Paver Parking Stalls Bio-Retention Basin (Plants to be Installed May 2010) PLAN: Final Grading, Drainage & Erosion Control Plan PROJECT SCOPE: A private firm was expanding their headquarters facility that exists within a corporate business park. Our Solution Blue team worked with the ownership group, construction manager, architect, City of Roseville and the Rice Creek Watershed District throughout the project. We provided complete design, water modeling, engineering and construction management services to implement a network of sustainable stormwater management systems. CHALLENGES: • Facility exists within an urbanized business park with strict guidelines regarding stormwater runoff control. • 4,000 square foot building expansion generates more stormwater runoff, which must be properly managed on-site. • Receiving regulatory approval and obtaining the building permit was challenging due to the stormwater restrictions. SOLUTION: Our Solution Blue team members provided the original site assessment, stormwater modeling, design development, construction documents and managed the complete installation (plants scheduled for installation in May-June of 2010). Our design incorporates various sustainable stormwater management techniques including bio-retention basins, permeable parking stalls, and innovative stormwater management technologies. • Implemented an all-in-one system for drainage, storage, filtration and water re-use via sub-surface irrigation. • Selected native plant species to increase the uptake of water and enhance drought resistance. • Through our cooperation with the City and watershed district, the owners obtained their building permit and implemented innovative stormwater management features that achieved the stormwater requirements. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (7)
  9. 9. Key Projects TWIN CITIES ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT (TCAAP) Location: Arden Hills, MN Client: City of Arden Hills Schutta Rd. Rice Creek Parkway MOUNDS SHOREVIEW VIEW Co. Rd. I Rice Creek Park Reserve Potential Athletic Fields High Density Offic e Wildlife Corridor Hotel I-35W Mixed Use Community Structured Scale Retail Parking Co. Rd. H Ammunitions Manufacturing Facility Potential Transit Center Co. Rd. H Urban Low to Mid Residential Rise Office 12+ u/ac 2-6 stories Potential Community/ Medium Civic Use Density -Remnant of Residential Building 101 4-12 u/ac Community Park Water Amenity/ Stormwater Treatment NEW BRIGHTON Low Hw Density y. Residential LEGEND 0-4 u/ac 01 Mixed Use: Retail and Office Community Scale Retail 60,000-75,000sf Low to Mid Rise Office 2-6 stories Transit Center Structured Parking Office Showroom Urban Residential 12+ u/ac Medium Density Residential 4-12 u/ac Low Density Residential 0-4 u/ac Public/Private Open Space Hwy. 96 Water Amenity/ Stormwater Treatment ARDEN HILLS Wetlands Surrounding the TCAAP Facilities Concept Master Plan PROJECT SCOPE: TCAAP’s 2,370-acre site is the largest and most significant tract of undeveloped land in the Twin Cites Metropolitan Area. 771 acres of this site is slated for re-development into mixed-use residential, commercial and institutional functions. The General Service Administration (GSA), Army Pentagon, State of Minnesota, City of Arden Hills and our development team are working together to coordinate the overall planning, remediation, financing and development efforts. CHALLENGES: • Site was used for the manufacturing of small arms ammunitions by the U.S. Army for nearly 4 decades. • Soils contain extremely high levels of contamination and pollutants. • Coordination of the remediation, financing and development efforts is very complex due to the City of Arden Hills, State of Minnesota, U.S. Government and a multitude of community stakeholders being involved. SOLUTION: From 2001 to 2007, Solution Blue team members played a key role in the comprehensive design, development, remediation and financial planning efforts. Our team worked with the GSA and the Army Pentagon on the land transfer from federal control; simultaneously leading the re-development planning efforts in cooperation with the City of Arden Hills. • Directed the remediation efforts to test soils, quantify contamination and design an extensive clean-up plan. • Negotiated both pollution liability and cost-cap insurance for the developer, City of Arden Hills and Government of the United States. ©2010 Solution Blue, Inc. (8)