Point Dillon Landscape Concept - Dillon, CO


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Point Dillon Landscape Concept - Dillon, CO

  1. 1. Introduction and Project Overview - April 28, 2011 Introduction and Project Overview: Point Dillon Condominiums is updating the landscape surrounding the existing condominium building. There are 4 areas of interest. Area 1 includes a new West La Bonte Street proposed entry/exit drive on to West La Bonte Street and a remodeled front entrance landscape. Areas 2 and 3 are located on the West side of the condominium complex near the existing indoor spa. This area provides pedestrian access from the complex to the existing regional bike trail. It also includes a landscape buffer along the existing bike trail adjacent to the existing N NOT TO SCALE indoor spa. Area 4 is located on the east side of the condominium complex. This area provides a new pedestrian connection from the existing parking garage to the south sidewalk running parallel with the complex. Landscape Vision: Area 1 Enhance the landscape surrounding Point Dillon Condominiums by defining public and private spaces and Area 4 improving circulation. Areas 2 & 3 Goals: Point Dillon - Create a new entrance/exit drive connecting the existing parking lot to West La Condominiums Bonte Street. - Relocate existing trash enclosure and buffer with landscaping. - Remodel front landscaping adjacent to West La Bonte Street. - Create pedestrian access from exterior west side of building to existing regional bike trail. - Develop a landscape buffer along existing regional bike trail adjacent to existing indoor spa. - To create a perennial and annual flower garden for Patty located V I E W S adjacent to the existing concrete patio near the regional bike trail. - Improve area around existing concrete patio near regional bike path. - Propose a new pathway from existing parking garage on east side of building to existing sidewalk along south of Existing Bike Existing condominium building. Trail Lawn - Preserve view of lake.Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 1
  2. 2. Existing Conditions 1 2 3 1. Looking at the existing main entrance sign and perennial 4 5 bed with the main entrance glass lobby building in the background. 2. Looking at the existing trash enclosure located directly across the main entrance drive. This is the first thing you see driving into the parking lot. 3. Looking southwest at the front sloping landscape island leading up to the existing parking lot and drive. 4. Looking south up the hill at the landscape area west of the existing indoor spa. 5. Looking north at the area east of the condominium building where the future pedestrian access will be located from the existing parking garage.Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 2
  3. 3. Area 1 Landscape Concept Area 1 landscape Concept:Proposed Proposed West La Bonte Street A new proposed shrub bed is proposed Drive Shrub Bed adjacent to the existing sidewalk along West La Bonte Street. This new shrub bed will provide updated curb appeal for visitors and travelers along West La Bonte Street. An updated sign and perennial bed is also proposed at the existing main entrance. Two way signage is proposed for visitors traveling east and west on Proposed West La Bonte Street. Remodeled Sign Area A new entrance/exit drive is proposed to access West La Bonte Street. Wildflowers, Proposed Aspen trees and Englemann Spruce are Perennial proposed within this new landscaping island. Bed Relocation to the west edge of the existing Proposed parking lot and landscape buffering of the Native existing trash enclosure is proposed. Currently Grass the trash enclosure is the first visual element Existing Seed visitors and residents see when entering the Proposed Parking Lot complex parking lot. A new proposed Wildflower perennial bed is located in the area where the Seed Proposed trash enclosure is located currently. This Perennial Bed proposed perennial bed will be the first visual Proposed seen when driving into the updated parking lot. Gravel Path Proposed Relocated An updated perennial bed is proposed near Trash Enclosure the front lobby building and main complex entrance. Area 4 NNOT TO SCALE Point Dillon Condominiums Existing LobbyDesign Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 3
  4. 4. Areas 2 and 3 Landscape Concept Areas 2 and 3 Landscape Concept: Area 1 Resident pedestrian circulation from the N NOT TO SCALE Proposed Native Grass existing sidewalk to the existing regional bike trail is proposed in this west area near the existing indoor spa. A flagstone path and stone Seed steps are proposed to get from the complex up to the existing bike trail. A shrub bed is formed along the existing concrete sidewalk near the Proposed Natural building. Drainage Swale Proposed Stepping Stones A landscape buffer is proposed along the existing bike path adjacent to the existing Existing Stamped indoor spa. This landscape buffer will block Concrete Walk Point Dillon views into the existing spa and create a calm Proposed Lawn Condominiums space on this side of the building. This new Area landscape buffer will not block views from the Proposed Stone condominium to the mountains and lake. Steppers An intimate space is created near the indoor spa. Lawn and wildflower intertwine to create Existing Deck a visual landscape space seen from the indoor Proposed spa and above. Proposed small colorfulLandscape Chokecherry trees will be located within the Buffer wildflower seed area. Remodeled Patty’s garden is located adjacent to the fence existing concrete patio near the regional bike trail. Flagstone will be located between the Proposed Proposed Planters existing concrete patio and the bike trail to Flagstone Walk with Annuals help break up the two spaces. A new remodeled fence is proposed along the Proposed Patty’s northern edge of the existing Garden concrete patio. A privacy sign will be place within the proposed shrub bed Existing Lawn to keep non-residents from traveling down Existing Concrete into the Point Dillon Existing Bike property. Patio and Benches TrailDesign Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 4
  5. 5. Area 4 Landscape Concept Area 4 Landscape Concept: Currently there is no pedestrian circulation from Proposed Main the existing parking garage exterior door to the Entrance View south sidewalk that runs east and west along Perennial Bed the building. A flagstone pathway from the parking garage exterior door to the south Proposed Aspen sidewalk is proposed. Existing Grove A shrub bed located on the east side of the Parking Lot skywalk is proposed offering a nice transition N NOT TO SCALE Proposed Shrub Bed from landscape to building. Aspen trees are proposed along the flagstone path on the south side of the complex. The space where the Aspen are proposed now is lawn ending abruptly at a very tall building. The aspen will help transition from lawn to tall wall in this area. Drip edge stone is proposed along the building edge near the parking garage door. An Aspen tree grove is proposed for the landscape area adjacent to the existing parking lot. Currently there are many aspen trees in this area. Adding more Aspen will make Existing Lobby this area feel like a natural Aspen forest. Native grass seed will be applied under the existing Point Dillon Proposed and proposed Aspen and along the property Condominiums Gravel Path line to the east. Large annual flower pots are proposed along Proposed Aspen the southern walk. The flower pots will give Proposed Planters Trees seasonal interest and color along the with Annuals south side of the building. These flower pot will not be large enough to Existing Deck block views. Existing LawnDesign Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 5
  6. 6. Precedent Photos - Areas 2 and 3Stone Edger River Birch Flagstone Path Shubert Chokecherry Trees Perennials Plantings Among BouldersBristlecone Pine Perennial Garden with Boulders Siloam Stone Steps Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 6
  7. 7. Precedent Photos - Areas 1 and 4Flagstone Path Shrub Massing Annual Pots to Create Repetition Annual Flower Pot Newly Planted Shrub Massing Established Aspen GroveEntrance Perennials Newly Planted Aspen Grove Annual Wildflower Mix Design Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 7
  8. 8. Overall Landscape Concept Overall Landscape Concept: By remodeling the landscape areas surrounding Point Dillon condominiums it will West La Bonte Street enhance the visitor and resident experience. Proposed Drive A beautiful new colorful entrance parking lot island will be seen from West La Bonte Street. New colorful perennials will accompany the Proposed Relocated remodeled building entrance signage. A new Trash Enclosure perennial bed will be the the main focus when entering the parking lot. A new entrance and exit drive will make vehicular circulation in and Existing out of the existing parking lot much more Parking Lot accessible. Pedestrian circulation on the east and west side of the complex to the south side of the complex will be improved. A quiet private outdoor natural garden space will be created on the west side of the complex adjacent to the existing indoor spa. Pattys garden will surround the existing remodeled concrete patio adjacent to the existing regional bike trail. Point Dillon Condominiums Seasonal planters along the south sidewalk will create color along the southern end of the building. In the winter months these planters can be filled with small cut and lit evergreen trees. The proposed landscape additions will enhance the quality and look of Proposed Planters the Point Dillon Condominiums. with Annuals The updated landscape will also Bike Trail Proposed Patty’s Existing Lawn N NOT TO SCALE add to the overall value to the complex. GardenDesign Build Maintain Nursery & Floral Property Management 8