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Msd innovation factory digital nudges


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Presentation at DayOne Experts event on digital nudges and behavioral economics in healthcare in Basel 11 April 2018

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Msd innovation factory digital nudges

  1. 1. Digital Nudges @BaselArea The power of ecosystem innovation Mauricio Campos Juan Rodriguez
  2. 2. 2 Rx industry strategic priorities 1.Improve patient outcomes and differentiate through digital tools with customers 2.Expand access through value demonstration. 3.Create patient-focused services and solutions (build holistic approaches)
  3. 3. Traditional Internal Innovation • Buy/Build & Push • Solution Centered • Not sustainable
  4. 4. Ecosystem Innovation Value Co-Creation Innovative Business Model To play to one’s strengths Partners HCPs Patients Payer
  5. 5. Design thinking as the new mindset
  6. 6. 1. Define & Empathize (Cluster Focus + Customer Need) 2019 Acceleration Phase Business Proposal Execution MSD Digital Event 2018 4. Selection Round - Seed Investment MEA President Funding 3. Co Creation – Kick Start (Co Create the Cluster pilot structure) 2. Scouting & Cluster Selection (Scouting + Cluster Selection) “Focusing on REAL Co Creation & Embracing Bottom-Up”
  7. 7. “Focusing on REAL Co Creation & Embracing Buttom-Up”
  8. 8. MSD Innovation Factory – The “Babyborns”
  9. 9. 4 Key pilots executed across Middle East & Africa Markets
  10. 10. Conclusions  It is no longer about the content we (pharma) want to deliver, it is about the need we want to solve for HCPs and Patients.  Start with the “problem to solve” and then define a business model around it. (CME Learnings)  Co Creation is no longer a “nice to have” when placing the patient at the center, polymedicated patients won’t use one app by disease (InfoVacc)  A.I. targeted treatment suggestions are now becoming available for more HCPs, however, patient profiling and environment ecology is still a missed piece of the puzzle (Blendarsys)
  11. 11. Digital Nudges @BaselArea Thank you! @MSDInnoFactory