Service delivery governance


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Service delivery governance

  1. 1. Customer Service Delivery ManagementBest Practices for Delivery GovernanceMasaf DawoodPracticesOverviewInsightsExecution
  2. 2. Overview – Delivery Governance The purpose of this presentation is to record best practicesand insights in regards to delivery governance. Delivery governance is the management framework withinwhich decisions are made and executed. Delivery governance is a knowledge base of any servicedelivery organization’s Operational processes and productionsupport procedures. Delivery governance provides a single coherent set ofpractices, processes and people to manage the delivery ofservices account wide.
  3. 3. Overview – Delivery Governance The governance should be focussedon triple bottom line – people,planet and profits. For the purpose of this presentationfocus in on people and profits. Managing the people for delivery ofservices to generate profits!!!!
  4. 4. Delivery Governance – Balancing Act Service Delivery Governance is theart of balancing between the needs ofthe customer while optimizing thecosts/unit for the delivery org. The services are to be delivered withthe units of effort that delivermaximum gross margins for the deliveryorg. The plane of happiness is dynamicand lies somewhere in there…..whenboth requirements are met!!!
  5. 5. Delivery Governance – Key Roles & Responsibilities Ensures a single point of accountability for the success ofthe delivery organization. Provides the client with a clear org structure for the deliveryorganization. In order to have clear and concise accountabilities deliverygovernance process has to be outlined and defined. Delivery Governance manages the contract SD, execution,and operational issues. Service Delivery Manager is the key role that acts as a gluewhile managing internal team and delivering externalresolution and remediation to client issues and problems.
  6. 6. Delivery Governance – SDM Single Throat…Desktop andDeskside supportorganization.Owns image,depot, anddeployment.ClientOrgClientSDMAccountExecutiveTeamsInfrastructuresupport for allaccount wideservicesApplicationsupport for alltiers and relatedmiddlewareNetworking andconnectivityservices providergroup. Service Delivery Manager (SDM) acts as single point ofclient interaction and owns the operational relationshipwith the client. Is the single throat to choke…!!!! All internal team report to the SDM for all technology servicesand silo’s including 3rd party vendors.
  7. 7. Delivery Governance – Process PortfolioDeliveryGovernanceData MiningTrend AnalysisContinuousImprovementFocusedExecution
  8. 8. Delivery Governance – Secret Sauce….??? Team based delivery model requires focusedexecution to continuously improve the servicesdelivered and products developed.
  9. 9. Delivery Governance – Metrics and Reporting To report on the performance, measurements ofthe services should be supported by accurate andagreed upon instrumentation and SLA calculations. "If you can not measure it, you can not improveit.“ Lord Kelvin
  10. 10. Delivery Governance – Summary Delivery Governance is not only about meeting service levelagreements (SLA’s). Smart Delivery Governance is about providing “Value” to theclient that improves the business functions and providesinnovation and transformational improvement in business andIT operations. Happy customers are repeat and reference-able customers!!!