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we all have good ideas. In fact, they are a dime a dozen, so how do you make them happen? In this webinar you will learn techniques for bringing your idea off the drawing board or bar stool and actually making them come alive, because only then do they really have value.

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  • Mention the new toy, inspired by a talk I saw at SxSW. Those of you who know my work, now I like to take risks, this is one…
  • Economist joke The risk-free, work-free ideas have pretty much all been done….
  • I’m a PhD linguist, I can make up words if I want to…
  • Take a moment and answer these questions, I’ll wait….. Ask yourself, when I’m tired, when I’ve maxed out my credit cards, when my spouse is yelling at me, will this be enough to keep me going?
  • Take a moment and answer this question. Don’t worry, you can revise it later if you need to, and it does NOT need to be perfect…
  • Or is it ?? Give examples? You may need to ask this question several times and you may need to get creative here… Henry Ford’s vision was a car in every garage! If your goal is to cancer, that’s easy, you have succeeded when no one has cancer. If your goal is to eat healthy local food, success may mean that you get half your food budget from the farmer’s market. If your vision is not insanely concrete, ask this question now, and again if necessary.
  • So you need a way to track progress.
  • Tracking what has been done helps you to stay motivated and to learn. Tracking what remains to be done let’s you focus your efforts.
  • Just some ideas to get you started…
  • This is a great turning point. Very few ideas come to life by themselves. You may need additional help. In addition to the accountability partner mentioned on the previous page, you may need additional help. Take a moment and think about who might fill each of these roles. They may or may not need to be compensated, and even if they are, you may be able to compensate in ways other than cash, perhaps trade, or referrals, or introductions, or practice in a new field.
  • Keep an
  • The website Reddit, a news site which bills itself as the front page of the internet, was originally conceived as an online menu service…
  • Keep an
  • What is the next thing you can do to advance your project today?
  • When something I wish I could say old Henry was my grandpa, sadly, no relation…
  • Offer two complimentary sessions. Collect business cards.
  • How to make ideas happen webinar

    1. 1. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingHOW TO MAKE IDEAS HAPPEN!David Kaiser, PhD (B90)Executive Coach and CEODark Matter Consulting
    2. 2. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingAgenda•Value of Ideas•Establish Motivation•Envision Success•Track Progress•Enlist Allies•Set Next Steps
    3. 3. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe Value of IdeasIdeas by themselves…are worth nothing.
    4. 4. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe Value of IdeasEveryone and their uncle has some great ones thatNEVER go ANYWHERE!“What if you mix the mayonnaise in the can, WITH the tunafish? Or... hold it!Chuck! I got it! Take LIVE tuna fish, and FEED em mayonnaise! Oh this isgreat!” -Bill from the movie “Night Shift”
    5. 5. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe Value of IdeasIdeas can change the world, BUT, only if they arebacked up by EXECUTION.
    6. 6. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe Value of Execution• Until you start to execute, an idea is just that, andthere is plenty of reason to doubt it.• You need to erase that doubt…• The “realer” an idea gets, the more valuable itbecomes
    7. 7. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingExecution Requires Motivation• Executing an idea can be work, you needmotivation to keep you going if it gets tedious orscary• Money alone is not enough
    8. 8. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingWhat is your motivation?• How will your idea change the world?• Whose life will be better?• What’s in it for you besides money & celebrity?
    9. 9. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingEnvision SuccessHow will you know when you’ve succeeded?•Changed the world?•Proven it can be done?•Sold your idea?•Built a company around it?
    10. 10. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe MAGIC Question!How will I know when….?
    11. 11. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingWhy is this important?You are more likely to get where you’re going if youknow where it is…
    12. 12. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingTrack ProgressWhy?Most things worth doing can’t be done in one sitting
    13. 13. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingTrack ProgressDONE!TO DO
    14. 14. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingTrack Progress - MethodsBlock regular time in your calendarHave a folder / spreadsheet to track tasksMake a Gant ChartRecruit an Accountability Partner
    15. 15. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingEnlisting AlliesLawyerConnectorCriticEntrepreneurCoach
    16. 16. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingStay FlexibleThe execution of your idea may change a lot as itunfolds.You may need to reexamine your plan, or even yourgoal!
    17. 17. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingWhy?• Louis & Clark knew where they were going, nothow to get there…• Columbus was looking for India…• Pasteur’s experiments were “ruined” bypenicillin…
    18. 18. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingNext Step• Sometimes, like Louis & Clark, a detailed map isnot available, you just need a goal and a NextStep…
    19. 19. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingNext Step• When in doubt, think about your goal, and think ofone or two steps that can move you a little closer.Do that, then reevaluate
    20. 20. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingIterateEvery so often, go through the steps again:Review your idea, motivation, vision of success,goals (& goal-tracking system), team, and next steps,then get moving again.
    21. 21. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe Temptation!!!!You will be tempted to quit,Because you are frustrated or tiredIgnore this urge, and look for the silver lining inthe grey cloud (It is ALWAYS there)
    22. 22. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingThe Temptation!!!!“Problems are only opportunities in workclothes.” - Henry J Kaiser“Every problem is an opportunity”-David Kaiser
    23. 23. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingRe-Cap•Ideas are worth diddly by themselves•Get motivated!•How will you know…”•Track your goals•Everybody needs somebody, sometimes!•What is the next step?•Problems are opportunities in disguise!
    24. 24. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingOffer(s)!•Two free white papers, on productivity and lifemission, at,when you subscribe to my newsletter•45 minute session “jumpstart to Extraordinary!”for $87 (a $225 value). Reserve your spot
    25. 25. Copyright © 2011 | Dark Matter ConsultingWant to Learn More?If you are ready to set the world on fire,contact us at info@DarkMatterConsulting.comor 773.454.7606And we’ll get you going!Woo-hoo!!! You’re gonna lovethis!