The glory of israel


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“Rise up Israel; get ready for glory: what God is about to do in you, no spirit, no human, no animal, no plant can stop” catch the vision if you can.

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The glory of israel

  1. 1. THE GLORY OF ISRAEL: INHERIATANCE AND EVICTION THE GOD IN YOU “He pointed to the nail-prints For me His Blood was shed A mocking crown so thorny Was placed upon His head: I wondered what He saw in me, To suffer such deep agony” (culled from a Hymn book)Today, I pondered what made God to assume the indignity of becoming human. Then Irealize that God loved me so much, He gave a part of Him to me!Thus He fought to preserve my place in Him – no matter the cost to him, He wasprepared to restore me, to enjoy His nature that I carry. Now, it is time to function in thatnature of God that I carry (Eph.3:20).My brethren, as you read this, remember there is something about God that you carry:will you let it perish? Thank you Jesus! The first step to getting your inheritance is toaccept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Thank you Jesus, King of Israel: LORDGOD of the universe, for bringing your people to your feet.Now to the matter at hand. The other day, I watched as the PM of Israel, Mr. BenjaminNetanyahu gave a rousing speech to the US congress and I couldn’t help saying: here isan Israelite indeed – he will have his place in the annals of heaven and earth if only hecan stay the course, if only he will bend the knee to Jesus of Nazareth.However, I also observed that he was prepared to make “painful concessions” – I fact hewent ahead to make one on behalf of Israel – recognizing the gods of the heathen. KingDavid will never do that – the rulers of Israel need to re-read the ancient accounts of theancient rulers of Israel – exclusive honour to the LORD GOD of Israel brought progressand peace to Israel. In the light of this, I say, there is no more concession to be made tothese nations, for the security of Israel; only one requirement is necessary – that theHouse of Israel accept Jesus of Nazareth. That Israel is making concessions here andthere is a calamitous sign: right from the day Israel left Egypt, none of these nations wantto live in peace with Israel; rather they either want to enslave them or to utterly wipethem from the face of the earth. Thus until Israel is ready to put all of them under his feetIsrael will continue to live in fear. It is not for nothing that Israel is the only nation onearth that is a ‘he’. However, that which must be, is not by might nor by power but by theSpirit of God – Jesus is the key. The only reason the sons of Baal are intimidating Israelis because most of the princes of Jacob are yet to recognize and acknowledge Jesus ofNazareth for who the Jewish scriptures say He is – Messiah and God. Until then, Satanmust have his say but for the sake of those princes who have acknowledged Jesus Christ,God WILL HAVE HIS WAY: This is the Audacity of Almighty Power.I speak not as a prophet or a pastor, because I am neither but as a redeemed Jew(physically and spiritually); a witness to the True God.I can not help but say that since I became aware, Israel has made me sad: how can a lioncontinue eating grass?Yes! The sin of rejecting Jesus, for who the Holy Hebrew scriptures say He is; thisobstinate refusal to acknowledge their Saviour has turned the Jewish people into cowards.
  2. 2. If you say, you are no cowards, how come a strange god has his temple upon the Holiestplace on earth – the Temple Mount, and no Jew is sufficiently angry to react? Didn’t theLORD GOD say in Psalm 81:9 and other scriptures, no strange god should be found inthee? If you had whole heartedly accepted Jesus of Nazareth, He would have broughtPsalm 81:13-16 to pass sooner. Now under a crafty captain, the confederacy of Baaldesire to bring Psalm 83:2-8, 12 to pass. Remember, as long as that temple of Baalremains on the mountain of YHWH, Israel can not have peace with God, can not live inpeace nor the Kingdom restored to Israel.The God of Heaven and Earth, the King of Israel was first insulted by His subjects inIsrael and until Israel gives Him glory, they can not have peace. Do not wait for the terrorof His anger to be unleashed: those who placed the thorny crown on His head must withtheir mouth declare Him the King of glory else a mighty terror will visit you. I pray youdo not have to find out the full weight of it. Will the House of Israel allow this or willthey quickly bow the knee to Jesus of Nazareth for their salvation? We shall soon see.To buttress the facts above, may I add that when Jesus Christ was here the first time, Hedidn’t fight the established Jewish religious Order because they were serving the wrongGod but for conducts and traditions unbecoming of the children of Abraham, Isaac andJacob – custodians of the Oracles of God. More importantly, He fought them for rejectingand preventing others from accepting THE Manifestation of the FULNESS andPERFECTION of the Law – Jesus of Nazareth. When He comes back, it will be to judgethe world of idolatry and of rejecting the pains and insults He went through to KEEP theLaw for Man.ALL who reject Jesus Christ as the ONLY NAME for salvation are idolaters and theyhave aligned themselves with Lucifer to fight against God as he attempts to rob Him ofHis glory.ALL who accept Jesus Christ for their salvation are already saved even as they strugglefor physical perfection. I affirm it so because so it is written in the Constitution of theUniverse – The Bible (ref: Joel 2:32, John 3:16-18, Romans 8:1-3, Proverbs 4:18, etc)A Jew who doesn’t recognize Jesus of Nazareth as Saviour and God has lost hisinheritance; a Christian who doesn’t love Israel is worse than a bastard: when Godwanted to become Man for man’s redemption, He became a Jew! This is my heritage; thisis the foundation of Christianity!!! If you do not value your inheritance, Esau will be gladto welcome you as his son. Those Christians who seek to destroy Israel have either losttheir faith, do not understand the spiritual significance of the battle for Israel or havedeliberately chosen to side with Lucifer in the battle for the FOOTSTOOL of YHWH.According to Isaiah 56:1-8, only those who worship Yahweh should have access to andinheritance in Jerusalem and Israel; whether physically or spiritually.As for those Jews who have lost faith in the Holy Scriptures, please kindly read Daniel11:31, then answer for yourself: who stopped you from sacrificing on the Temple Mount?Who placed that abomination upon the Temple Mount? Whose ascent to the Most HolyPlace on earth turned it into a polluted ground? Why do you seek peace with he whoseeks your death, who has been afflicting you? In Daniel 11:14, the Bible says, “…also, the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselvesto establish the vision but they shall fall”.No one ever catches a thief and lets him go with the stolen goods.No one ever makes covenant with a thief except he considers himself a coward or aweakling – Israel has no business with such appellations. I believe by now you haverealized why you are afraid.As for the spiritual and physical beautification of Jerusalem and Israel, before the King ofKings comes back: there is no spirit, no human, no animal, no plant can stop it. All thestars and all the elements of the universe will align in our favour until this isaccomplished. Those in Israel who desire to stop this, their shame will not only be like
  3. 3. that of Tobiah and Sanballat but also, some of them will become powerless and voiceless,others will be totally uprooted from Israel.The Sun of Righteousness is about to rise for Israel: be wise, join Him!!!Shalom!Michael Nkanyi Uyeh