Bombs & Blue Aliens


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Dead and emerging technology from a librarian's point of view - part of the dead and emerging tech panel at Computers in Libraries 2010.

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  • Bombs and Blue Aliens! let’s get started!

  • honestly, I’ve never done one of these before ... so I started thinking, what should I do for 10-12 minutes?

  • OK. Bombs and blue aliens...
    Hurt locker = what’s bombed, or is bombing. What’s going away ASAP? what should we consider dead tech?

    Avatar = what’s too cool for school? Amazing, will change what we do ... once we figure out what to do with it?

    This is my goal, in 10 minutes or so ...

  • smartphones sure are looking different! Lots of options to choose from, too!

    Normal phones - who here doesn’t own one anymore?

    Who uses skype, a free/cheap flavor of voip at home instead? Or just cellphones?
  • very different from your grandma’s phone!!!!
  • phones - normal phones, cell phones that do primarily phone-ish things ... I declare to be DEAD Tech.
  • So ... did anyone watch the olympics?

    Did it feel a bit ...
  • ... like this? was it painful to you, too?

    No real livestreaming to speak of, primetime coverage ... well, I knew who the winners were because of twitter - real live people already watched it, and tweeted it.

    Anyone love the long commercial breaks?
  • my fam - we gather around the monitors in the family room and watch funny stuff on youtube and hulu quite a bit. Mr. Bean and Tim Hawkins are favorites at the moment.

    We also borrow from the library, from Redbox, from iTunes... Normal TV? Only the Olympics.
  • What’s around the corner? more mainstream online rentals, Hulu and other services going mainstream, mobile TV on our phones and tablet devices, 3D tv ...
  • ... without the dorky glasses!
  • Normal commercial TV - I declare DEAD.
  • What do you call these?
  • Thumb drives, USB Drive, flash drive, jump drive, memory stick, memory key ... anyone have another name for these things?
  • lots of space on these things! And they’re cute. They also get lost easily.

    CD or DVD storage? I never really did this.

    Recently discovered that, though I own a ton of these, I don’t really use them anymore.
  • I use external hard drives for storage, archiving, backups, etc ... not too much for porting stuff around.

    How do I port stuff, back up my presentations for this session, etc?
  • For that, I use Dropbox, Google Docs, and maybe something like YouSendIt...

    Much easier, don’t have to deal with a tiny piece of equipment that I can lose.
  • So - I declare thumbdrives ... DEAD.
  • ok, that one’s a bit purple ... but who’s keeping score?
  • First, let’s talk about things without hinges.
  • namely, the new tablets!

    It’s easy to make fun of apple, is it not?

  • Here’s the prototype ...
  • But it’s not just about the iPad - there are a lot of other tablets out there are almost out there, including the Joo Joo, the XO-3 (from the one laptop per childgroup), the Ezy Tablet PC, Toshiba’s JournE Touch, the Neofonie WePad, the ICD Gemini, and the HP Slate...

    Wow. Lots of them.
  • Here’s where the new tablets get interesting ...

    Would you set up your desktop by your chopping board? Probably not.

    But a tablet, following along with a chef’s youtube video? probably so.
  • Or here.

    I’m thinking there are a ton of non-normal-PC uses for a tablet. Think about all the things those original hinged 10-lb tablet PCs were supposed to do ... but really didn’t ...

    I think those things are about to be done. Even if we’re not quite sure what to do with the things yet!
  • I call this a blue alien win!
  • So we have gadgets. What do we put on these gadgets?

    Apps! Seriously, apps make my smartphone much more useful than a normal, non-apped device!
  • Apps are a bit of a blue alien for libraries right now, I think.

    We want them! Bad! But do we know what to build? I’m not so sure.
    There’s the obvious stuff, like a library catalog app. Or some type of library databases app.

    Boy, that’s exciting!
  • Goal for library apps - get the library into your customer’s pocket or backpack.

    It’s important! But is anyone hiring for that? Not many.

    Some say let’s wait for our vendors to do it for us. Think about that for a sec. Are YOU happy with the tech you buy from your vendor? Do your eally want to wait for than to build something based on extremely new tech?
  • Some vendors are cool. Sure. But here’s what I think. By waiting, you have enabled your vendor to go around you .... just like apple, just like netflix.

    Is this a good thing?
  • We need to be building apps for the library. What kind? I’m not really sure yet!

    Something that allows customers to tell their stories, and connect to your content to enhance those stories... in a fun, new, mobile way.

    Apps are definitely a blue alien win!
  • Who checked in today? Foursquare? Gowalla? Anything else? Is the mayor in the house?

    The web knows where you are! My phone automatically knows what time it is...

  • Anyone see this on April 1st? Google renamed themselves Topeka! How funny. And I couldn’t see it, because I was in the Netherlands! Google knew where I was.

  • checking in isn’t the end goal here. It’s a start, but also sorta campy, right? That’s today’s tech. Tomorrow’s tech will include augmented reality combined with location awareness ... maybe connected to local library content perhaps?
  • Location awareness is a blue alien win, too!

  • Bombs & Blue Aliens

    1. 1. Bombs Blue & Aliens David Lee King
    2. 2. ... how to do this evening session ... “be witty?”
    3. 3. make sure it’s funny
    4. 4. “be funnier than Stephen... ”
    5. 5. Maybe add some off- color language ...
    6. 6. Maybe add some off- color language ... WTFLMAOL
    7. 7. and a babe ... WTFLMAOL
    8. 8. ... or a cute puppy ... WTFLMAOL
    9. 9. OK
    10. 10. bombs
    11. 11. Cellphones = Bombs!
    12. 12. bombs
    13. 13. cable? Tivo?
    14. 14. cable? Tivo?
    15. 15. cable? Tivo?
    16. 16. cable? TV = Tivo? Bombs!
    17. 17. bombs
    18. 18. USB Drives = Bombs!
    19. 19. blue aliens
    20. 20. Tablets = Alien Win!
    21. 21. ?
    22. 22. ?
    23. 23. ?
    24. 24. apps = Alien Win!
    25. 25. ?
    26. 26. Location = Alien Win!
    27. 27. Leave with a bang ... (or just post another dog pic ...)