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Collaborative tool workshop


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Collaborative tool workshop

  1. 1. Collaborative Tool Workshop David Gracia
  2. 2. My Background
  3. 3. Efficiency
  4. 4. Quality
  5. 5. Joy
  6. 6. What’s happening in the Internet?
  7. 7. Collaborative Tool Workshop The goal of this workshop is to provide students with an overview of the main online collaborative tools that allow them to improve their communication to facilitate case discussion and project management 1 Online Surveys for Decision Making Social Bookmarking 5 Online Document Sharing 6 Online Collaborative Wikis 7 Online Meeting with Screen Sharing 8 Slides Sharing, Slide Casting and Screen Casting 9 Session 3 Collaborative Project Management 4 Session 2 2 3 Session 1 Video and Audio Conferencing Online Discussion Forums (*) Advanced features for professional use *
  8. 8. Sharing & Collaborating What Kick-Off Conference Call Work Planification Election of Group Speaker Research about Collab Tools Collaborative Business Case Consolidation of Information Online Meeting Preparation of the SlideCast Online Discussion Forum How When
  9. 9. Box Document storage and selling 1 Store all your documents online in the cloud instead of in one single device 2 Synchronize your content seamlessly and access from any device 3 Share your documents with your collaborators, colleagues or clients 4 Have a secure back-up of all your content 5 Avoid attachments to emails and manage multiple versions of a document easily
  10. 10. Skype Video and Audio Conferencing with Screen Sharing 1 Create video calls with any of your team members to prepare the assignments 2 Organize audio conferences with as many people as you want 3 Chat and share files while you are in a video or audio conversation 4 Share screen with other team member to present or discuss about a document 5 Find back previous conversations to recover any specific data you miss
  11. 11. Skype Basic Functionalities 1 Create an account, add all your team members as Skype contacts and create a group including them all. Create a personal profile and configure your preferences. 2 Create an audio conference inviting all members of your team. Give a title to that conference. 3 Chat privately with some members of your team during the conference to discuss some topics off-line without interrupting the general conversation 4 Share your desktop with your team so that they can see your documents or you can conduct a guided demo of an application 5 Exchange files with your colleagues when needed during the conference. Advanced Functionalities 1 Revisit previous conversations. 2 Call some team members that are not connected to skype yet (coming late) establishing a call between Skype and their mobile phones. 3 Forward Skype to your mobile phone numbers to receive calls even when you are not online. Further information here
  12. 12. Basecamp Collaborative Project Management 1 Plan the work with your team organizing who does what and when 2 Assign to-dos with deadlines and schedule project milestones 3 Communicate with your colleagues posting messages instead of sending messy e-mails 4 Identify bottle-necks and dependencies among inter-dependent tasks 5 Get an overview of what is due for the next days and weeks in a clear and intuitive way
  13. 13. Basecamp Basic Functionalities 1 Open an account and create a project to organize who does what and when. 2 Invite your team members to your projects so that you can build together a project plan. 3 Identify the key tasks of this project and structure them in to-dos and to-do lists (what). 4 Assign each to-do to a responsible (who) and assign a specific date (when). 5 Create milestones and assign them to the corresponding to-do lists. Monitor which milestones are upcoming, due in the next 15 days or completed in the “Milestone” tab. Advanced Functionalities 1 Synchronize your milestone calendar with your Google Calendar. 2 Write messages and comments in to-dos and milestones. 3 Get e-mail notifications or subscribe via RSS feeds. Get a daily report of your projecto progress. Further information here
  14. 14. Surveymonkey Online Surveys for Decision Making 1 Gather information from your team members for democratic decision making 2 Send invitations automatically so that people can fill the survey online 3 Get results in real time and in an automatic way 4 Process the results filtering and segmenting by multiple variables 5 Create online surveys in an easy and quick way using different kinds of questions
  15. 15. Surveymonkey Basic Functionalities 1 Create a survey using different types of predefined questions 2 Invite people to fill the survey online in an automatic way 3 Gather and manage results in real time 4 Segment and filter the results using multiple variables 5 Display results using graphs and download results for further processing Advanced Functionalities 1 Use predefined survey templates 2 Personalize the look & feel of your survey with corporate colors and logos 3 Share online the results of a survey Further information here
  16. 16. Delicious Social Bookmarking 1 Keep track of interesting web pages you find during your research process 2 Tag them to easily find them when needed using multiple tag for a single bookmark 3 Access to your bookmarks from any computer 4 Find relevant content using web pages tagged and categorized by other people 5 Connect to other people with similar interests and get notifications when they add new stuff
  17. 17. Delicious Basic Functionalities 1 Create an account and install the add-on buttons in your navigation bar. Create a profile linking to your profiles in other networks. 2 Do some research and find 3-5 interesting web pages about the topic “collaborative tools” and bookmark them. Edit the title, add notes and tag them. 3 Use tag combinations to discover not only new relevant information on del.ici.ous but also people who share similar interests. Save those pages as your own bookmarks. 4 Create a network including all your team members and send an interesting page you are tagging to some of them. 5 Subscribe to tags of specific users to get updates about new web pages bookmarked by those people. Advanced Functionalities 1 Manage bundles of tags, subscriptions and networks to access to your information in a more efficient way. 2 Embed a del.ici.ous badge on your blog or personal page. 3 Share your bookmarks on Twitter. Further information here
  18. 18. Google Docs Online Document Sharing 1 Create, upload and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets and drawings 2 Share and collaborate in real time with other team members 3 Safely store and organize your work and access from everywhere 4 Control who can access you documents and manage read/write permissions 5 Create a site to aggregate all the information of your team work
  19. 19. Google Docs Basic Functionalities 1 Create a new spreadsheet for preparing a business case of investing in new collaboration tool in a company or business school. 2 Share it with your whole team but allow only of your colleagues to edit the document with you. 3 Work with your colleague in the document in a collaborative way editing it in real time while you are chatting and discussing about it. 4 Archieve the document in the corresponding folder of this session and tag it so that you can easily find it later. 5 E-mail all the team members once you have the first version of the business case to discuss it with the whole group. Advanced Functionalities 1 Publish your document in the website you have for your team using either a link or a widget. 2 E-mail the document as an attachment or include the content of the document in the body of the email. 3 Use advanced searching options for finding all your documents and see the revision history af any document (in the File menu) to recover a previous version. Further information here
  20. 20. Wikispaces & IE Wiki Online Collaborative Wikis 1 Create and edit a wiki to prepare team assignments in a collaborative way 2 Manage access and permissions for every team member 3 Tag the entries and attached documents to easily find content 4 Get messages and notifications when changes are made in any entry 5 Recover previous versions and establish discussion around any topic in the wiki
  21. 21. Wikispaces Basic Functionalities 1 Open an account in wikispaces and create a profile linking to your linked-in or facebook profile. 2 Create a wiki and invite your team members allowing them to edit any page except the homepage. 3 Create a new page and link it from the home page. Edit that page giving format and attaching a document (as a link or widget). 4 Establish a discussion with a colleague about a given topic using the discussion tab of the corresponding page and getting notifications. Configure notifications of changes in a given page by e-mail & RSS. 5 Recover a previous version of a wiki page. Advanced Functionalities 1 Promote a member to organizer and then demote him back to member. 2 Get statistics of your wiki in general, at a page level and at a user level to get an idea of the contribution of each team member to each topic. 3 Get a pdf version of your wiki and print it out. See the revision history of a document (in the file menu) to recover a previous version. Embed your wiki in your blog using a badge and import a blog post. Further information here
  22. 22. Vyew & Adobe Connect Online Meeting with Screen Sharing 1 Organize online meetings with your team members 2 Share documents and allow other people to edit them in real team 3 Give online presentations or webinars walking through a presentation in a synchronous way 4 Share your desktop with your team members to conducted guided demos of applications 5 Leave content available to be accessed over time
  23. 23. Vyew Basic Functionalities 1 Open an account and invite your team members to a pre-scheduled online meeting. 2 Import the content to be presented and discussed in the online meeting. Import the draft of the presentation, the spreadsheet with the business case and a screenshot. 3 Allow your colleagues to annotate and draw on the shared documents during the discussion. 4 Attach sticky notes (text or audio) to facilitate contextual discussions about the content of the presentation. 5 Change between synchronous to asynchronous modes depending on whether you are presenting or discussing the document. Advanced Functionalities 1 Share your desktop with your team members to enable a guided demo of an application. 2 Communicate with colleagues using integrated text, audio and video chat. 3 Leave content available to be accessed over time. Further information here
  24. 24. Slideshare Slide Sharing, Slide Casting and Screen Casting 1 Share publicly your presentations to reach many global viewers 2 Share privately your documents with your colleagues for team collaboration 3 Publish slidecasts combining visual presentations with audio explanations 4 Connect to other people with similar interests to grow your professional network 5 Check out talks from events you missed and create your own events
  25. 25. Slideshare Basic Functionalities 1 Upload and create a presentation, document or video and manage user permissions 2 Browse and look for relevant information sorting search results by different criteria 3 Favourite the best presentations to find them back and download them to your computer 4 Create a slidecast synchronizing the slides with the corresponding audio explanation 5 Join a group or plan an event in a specific date and location Advanced Functionalities 1 Create a branded channel aggregating all your content and measuring the sources of traffic to your channel 2 Embed a slideshow widget into your blog, website or social network profile 3 Upload videos with presentations you have conducted and link them from your linked-in account Further information here
  26. 26. Zoho Discussions & IE Discussion Board Online Discussion Forums 1 Create online forums for preparing a case discussion or team assignment 2 Structure your forums into threads and subthreads and manage permissions 3 Create your own topics and respond to those created by your colleagues 4 Follow a topic or an author and bookmark any topic of particular interest 5 Create a user profile and send private messages to specific colleagues
  27. 27. Zoho Discussions Basic Functionalities 1 Open an account and invite your team members to the online forum. 2 Structure the online discussion creating threads and sub-threads for different topics. 3 Add new content by responding to a topic, commenting a response, attaching images an audio files. 4 Sort the posts by author, date, topic or read/unread to easily follow the conversation. 5 Print the unread posts or the whole discussion forum to work offline when needed. Advanced Functionalities 1 Get statistics of the activity in the online forum by topic or by author to assess individual contributions. 2 Use an integrated chat to discuss one-to-one or in group while writing your entries. 3 Get e-mails and notifications about changes in a given topic or by a given author. Further information here
  28. 28. SharePoint by Microsoft
  29. 29. Trello
  30. 30. Benchmarking vs vs vs vs vs
  31. 31. Using Multiple Tools Together Holding an online meeting For chat, video, audio, screen sharing For online surveys and polls For sharing documents and collaborating online For doing online meetings with all the functionalities above Organizing the work of the group For breaking down the assignment into small pieces For wrapping up and assembling all the pieces For providing additional sources of information Increasing the audience of your presentations Slidecasting your presentations to reach a larger audience For spreading virally comments about your presentations
  32. 32. Efficiency
  33. 33. Quality
  34. 34. Joy
  35. 35. Collaborative Tool Workshop David Gracia