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How Mobile Marketing Changes When Your New Car is a Smartphone - @dberkowitz @mry


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On the heels of MRY releasing its study "The Future of Mobility: How We Connect to Our Cars," this presentation at the Baltimore Digital Summit for Baltimore Advertising Week looks at the value gap between Millennials and older consumers, and why people view cars and autos in a similar way. Taking it a step further, there are 10 examples of great brands

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How Mobile Marketing Changes When Your New Car is a Smartphone - @dberkowitz @mry

  1. 1. How Mobile Marketing Changes When Your New Car Is A Smartphone David Berkowitz CMO, MRY @dberkowitz / @MRY
  2. 2. Originally presented at… #BDS1
  3. 3. What we’ll cover today • Moving from the Car Era to the Smartphone Era • Minding the Value Gap • 5 ways people value smartphones vs. cars • Lessons for mobile marketing: 10 examples from brands • Ovation (standing optional) This edition is annotated with notes to make it easier to follow on your own. You can find links and sources in the notes on each slide.
  4. 4. Different devices, dovetailing purposes
  5. 5. The most transformative technology of… The 20th century The 21st century
  6. 6. Cost of ownership ~$15,000+, ~$500-$1,000/mo ~$500, ~$100/mo
  7. 7. Access Parked nearby or on call Always in your pocket
  8. 8. The upshot Will always matter Increasingly serves similar purposes
  9. 9. Get the full study at
  10. 10. Why the focus on Millennials? The 18-35 age group gives a taste of where trends are heading. There were many notable differences in the responses of this group compared to the 35+ bracket.
  11. 11. There is a Value Gap between age groups It was particularly interesting looking at what the different age groups value. For the auto industry alone, small changes in values can impact hundreds of billions of dollars of purchases annually, and the study is applicable to a wide range of marketers and verticals.
  12. 12. The Value Gap: voting in elections 62% 74% 35+ Millennials Millennials 35+
  13. 13. The Value Gap: being wealthy 53% 33% 35+ Millennials Millennials 35+
  14. 14. 5 ways people value smartphones vs. cars • Makes my life easier • Makes buying things easier • Provides an escape from a hectic day • Helps me interact with friends and family • Helps me experience new things
  15. 15. Makes my life easier 90% 89% 83% 89% 35+ Millennials Car Smartphone
  16. 16. 3M launched an app to digitize and organize Post-It Notes.
  17. 17. BNY Mellon created Sumday (a web app that works on any device, rather than a native mobile app) to make it easier for anyone to save and invest money.
  18. 18. Makes buying things easier 75% 60% 86% 87% 35+ Millennials Car Smartphone
  19. 19. As Apple Pay rolls out, people can consider leaving their wallets at home. Early adopters next year may start making payments via their watches.
  20. 20. Practically every retailer needs to create shopping experiences that work well on mobile devices, often by streamlining options and minimizing steps (those best practices often work well regardless of the screen size).
  21. 21. Provides an escape from a hectic day 77% 63% 72% 76% 35+ Millennials Car Smartphone
  22. 22. Hyundai showed off how tough and culturally relevant its cars can be when it integrated them into a Walking Dead zombie-killing game.
  23. 23. Cultural institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) can hook consumers by creating guides that can be downloaded or streamed. The days of the separate radio guides and questionably hygienic headphones are almost over.
  24. 24. Helps me interact with friends and family 90% 64% 84% 82% 35+ Millennials Car Smartphone
  25. 25. Jagermeister’s Jagerbonds connects friends to capture video roundups of their nights out together.
  26. 26. Coca-Cola’s Placelists let friends share songs from Spotify that matched up with any location all around the world.
  27. 27. Helps me experience new things 83% 89% 85% 90% 35+ Millennials Car Smartphone
  28. 28. Bank of America’s Merrill Edge Face of Retirement app urges you to start saving by showing what you will look like at your retirement age (assuming most users have a ways to go).
  29. 29. Mercedes was one of the first brands to create an app for the Pebble smartwatch, offering alerts that can be accessed faster on one’s wrist.
  30. 30. More research:
  31. 31. Thank you! David Berkowitz @dberkowitz / @mry Also, thanks to Silverback Social and the Baltimore Digital Summit for having me. Review the tweets by checking out #BDS1.