Crowd Advertising Success Stories and Challenges - Crowdsourcing Week


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Crowd Advertising Success Stories & Challenges, presented at Crowdsourcing Week 2013 in Singapore by David Berkowitz, featuring examples and case studies about Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Sam Adams, and Lincoln. Also available via

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  • My parents crowdsourced my name….
  • I crowdsourced my means of transportation
  • We crowdsourced vacation destinations
  • And now I even crowdsource what I’m wearing Go Try It On –
  • - Rushkoff, Douglas (2013-03-21). Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now (Kindle Locations 3013-3014). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition. -
  • Image credit: <a href=''>kudryashka / 123RF Stock Photo</a> Content – Patagonia - Ads (eg Crash the Super Bowl, Tongal, 99 Designs) Products, ideas, pricing, names, etc Crowdsource direction of a campaign (Oreo, Oscar Mayer) Content (Patagonia) Business trategy Crowdsource tasks Crowdsource event locations (Paranormal)
  • Image credit: <a href=''>kudryashka / 123RF Stock Photo</a> Content – Patagonia - -Ads (eg Crash the Super Bowl, Tongal, 99 Designs) -Products, ideas, pricing, names, etc Crowdsource direction of a campaign (Oreo, Oscar Mayer) Content (Patagonia) Business trategy Crowdsource tasks Crowdsource event locations (Paranormal) - Bud - - ADVERTISING Super Bowl’s 3 approaches Coke crowdsourcing the ending Dorito’s Lincoln??? Car company directing spot from people’s tweets CAMPAIGN DIRECION Oreo Oscar Mayer PRODUCT Budweiser Project 12 or Sam Adams Sam Adams
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  • •  Your tweet can air on The Game.  Trying to appeal to a younger generation of buyers, Lincoln has turned to Twitter for attention. It elicited thousands of tweets from consumers about their wackiest-ever road trips. The best have been dramatized and woven into a Super Bowl commercial mashup. "Beginning with this," says Matt VanDyke, director of global Lincoln marketing, "we plan to embrace social media.“ – USA Today -
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  • We developed a plan to amplify the conversation among this audience, providing culturally relevant content every day for 100 days. -
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  • 360i case study - -
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  • Bacon bad-ass!
  • Idigitaltimes - Budweiser Is Crowdsourcing New Beer Formula With 'Project 12' Campaign Bud -
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  • Crowd Advertising Success Stories and Challenges - Crowdsourcing Week

    1. 1. Crowd AdvertisingSuccess Stories &ChallengesDavid BerkowitzVP Emerging Media, at Crowdsourcing Weekin Singapore, June 2013
    2. 2. Why am I running asession oncrowdsourcing?
    3. 3. Whatshould wecall him?I wanteda sister!My parents crowdsourcedmy name.We’ll go to thetown square andhave peoplevote on it.
    4. 4. Who wants tohold him?Not it! Not it!I crowdsourced my modeof transportation.
    5. 5. Not theJersey Shoreagain!My family even crowdsourcedour vacation destinations.
    6. 6. 6mNow that I’m an adult, I evencrowdsource what to wear.
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. How marketers cantap crowdsourcing
    9. 9. 9One way to definecrowdsourcing…"Crowdsourcing is really just acorporation’s way of trying to focus theotherwise random feedback fromconsumers onto a particular task."- Douglas Rushkoff, Present Shock
    10. 10. 10What can marketerscrowdsource?AdsProductideasPricingCorporatestrategyContentCampaigndirection ProductnamesEventlocations Customerservice
    11. 11. 11What we’ll tackle todayAdsProductideasPricingCorporatestrategyContentCampaigndirection ProductnamesEventlocations Customerservice
    14. 14. 14• Ads to run in any kind ofmedia• ‘Runner up’ content that maybe used in various earned andowned channels• Early consumer interest intheir campaigns and productsMarketers get:• Shot at fame and fortune• Recognition by the brand• Showpieces for their portfoliosusing real brands andcampaignsConsumers get:Value exchange
    15. 15. 15The Ad Bowl brings outsome of the boldest adexperiments
    16. 16. 16“Call it the CrowdsourcingBowl”
    17. 17. 17Coke puts its ad ending upfor a vote
    18. 18. 18Doritos keeps crashing theSuper Bowl
    19. 19. 19Doritos takes 2 of 2013’s top10
    20. 20. 20Lincoln steers the ad scriptwith tweets shaping the spot
    21. 21. 21Beware of the Alpacalypse!
    22. 22. 22Wisdom of crowds (&directors) can fall flat
    23. 23. 23
    24. 24. 24• Input from consumers toshape campaigns• Focus group offering real-timeinsights• Potential for boost of earnedmedia from consumersparticipatingMarketers get:• A participatory role withbrands they like• Opportunities to see brandsact on their feedback• Social currency – somethingfun to share with their peersConsumers get:Value exchange
    25. 25. 25Oreo taps the crowd to cap100 days of culturalconnections
    26. 26. 2626Approach: act like a newsroom
    27. 27. 27Localized twists for keymarkets27OriginalU.S. TwistRepurposedTwistLocal MarketTwist
    28. 28. 28Get those submissions in
    29. 29. 29Campaign in progress
    30. 30. 30Taking it to the big screen
    31. 31. 31High fives to all the winners
    32. 32. 32Bacon: more than just socialcurrency
    33. 33. 33
    34. 34. 34What’s bacon worth to you?
    35. 35. 35Meaty results◦2,168 bricks of bacon◦3,000 miles◦43,278 offers◦+41% brand buzz◦336MM impressions
    36. 36. 36
    37. 37. 37
    38. 38. 38• Feedback focused directly onnew and potential products• Chance to pre-sell products• Story arc for ongoingmarketing campaignMarketers get:• A chance to give feedbackthat directly shapes products• Better products• Social currencyConsumers get:Value exchange
    39. 39. 39Grab your Buds tocrowdsource
    40. 40. 40Brewmasters go on tour
    41. 41. 41Cheers to the winners
    42. 42. 42Budweiser brews history“With all this feedback from consumers, Iguess you can call this the largest focusgroup in Budweiser history, maybe evenbeer history… Best of all, we listened towhat our beer drinkers told us and we letthem help us make the decision aboutwhat to bring to stores.”- Budweiser VP Rob McCarthy◦
    43. 43. 43Sam Adams Kicks offCrowd Kraft Beer Project“When we brew a new batch of beer,I feel an overwhelming excitementthat I am a part of an amazing,creative process. I’m hoping thateven though we don’t have coverallsfor everyone, you feel the sameexcitement knowing that you helpedcraft a Samuel Adams beer.”- Sam Adams blogger Bert Boyce, January 2012
    44. 44. 44Don’t use this app and drive
    45. 45. 45Sam Adams gives the recipeback to the people”As this beer wastruly created by thepeople, it shouldalso be for thepeople so we’remaking the recipeavailable toeveryone here.”
    46. 46. 46Summary:Best & worst case scenariosfor crowdsourced advertisingBest Case Worst CaseAdvertising Hit ad Ad falls flatCampaignDirectionConstant viralengagementNo oneparticipatesProduct Hot product Productbombs
    47. 47. 47Crowdsource applause!(Thank you!)David